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I think it's safe up here. As long as I stay quiet, they'll never find me. All I want is to enjoy some sweet, sweet chocolate. I've been waiting for this all day. Mom. You in there? Can I smell chocolate? Maybe if I'm quick. No, don't come in here. Mom? Please no. No. Mom! Mom! We're coming mom. Hey, mom. Gimme. No, me. I just want some 'me' time. Drawing is so fun. Oooh this is pretty. Got to stay in the lines. Honey, guess what? Bath time. No I don't want to, I'm drawing. Excuse me? You're having a bath young lady. No. Quit it mom. How are you so strong? Hmmm, there must be a way to get her in the bath. These crayons could be useful. Sweetie, look what I have. Huh? Ooh… crayons. I want them. Come and get them. Crayons! Ok, here you go. Now I can draw more pretty things. I like bath time. Look mommy.

Hmmm, I don't like that. That's better. Time to come out. No, I don't want to. I want to stay here. Not again. Wow… look at that. I want to be a basketball player when I grow up. What's all the noise? Grandma is trying to sleep. Look at this room.. This is a mess. I'm watching tv. Well I never… Young people today. Fine, I'll tidy up. Wait until I tell your mother. Oh.. oh no…my back. Be a dear and help grandma. Wait, what's this? I think I know how to get her to keep things tidy. I'll stick this basketball hoop to the wall, over her toy box. Look at this. Do you want to… what is it the young people say… shoot some hoops? Cool! Come on. It went in. I want to do it again. And grandma doesn't have to tidy up. Ah-choo. Bless me. Ooh, candy. I'll treat myself. That doesn't feel right.

My teeth… they're gone. This is great. Look grandma. No… my teeth. I think that's everything. You're welcome grandma. Nice and quiet… can't let mom hear. Phew. Made it. How do I look? Amazing. My hair looks so good. Ooh, I'll need to get rid of these hats before mom sees them. Can't have them ruining my hair. There, time to go. Not so fast. Get back here. Where do you think you're going dressed like that? It's cold out there. You need a hat. Uh… mom, there are no hats. So… guess I'll be going. Hmm, I could swear the hats were there earlier. Never mind, time for mom to improvise. All I need is these scissors. I'll cut the sleeve off this hoody. Fold over the end and tie it in a knot.

Hmm, this works the biceps too. There, a cute hat. Stand still, mommy will put this on you. Awww don't you look adorable. I look like a gnome. No need to thank me. On you go, have a great day. This is so embarrassing. Vrooom, vroom. Beep beep, look out mommy. What? Not now. Mommy's trying to watch her show. Vroom. What did mommy say darling? Go play over there. Vroom, beep beep. Arrrgh. Ooops. I like this game. Mommy is so silly. Look out, mommy your head is the road. Ok, that's it. Come here. Sorry mommy, I'll be quiet. Too late. I'll stick a strip of tape onto the floor.

A few more strips of tape should do it. There. Phew. Is it safe to come out? Not yet. Mommy's working. I'll use this marker to add some details. I should have thought of this earlier. Finished. Sweetheart, come over here, mommy has a surprise. I love surprises. What do you think? Wow. It's a road. My cars can drive on that. Thanks mommy. I can't wait to try it. Vroom, vroom vroom. Vroom. She's so precious. Now I can watch tv in peace. Ouch. This is so sore. Mom. Mom! Help. What's wrong? Oh my. Are you ok? My poor baby, what happened? Oooh, don't touch it mom.

Mommy will make it all better. Wait a minute, I think I have an idea. Can I have your phone? Ah, pop-it. So addictive. Uh, mom? I'm bleeding over here. Hey… What? Oh, sorry. I'll be right back. Wow, does she even care? Mom? You there? How's my special girl doing? Look what I've got. That's for your elbow, your knees and we can't forget about your head. Wow, thanks mom. Now I can fall off my skateboard all day and not be hurt. You look wonderful… and safe. Can I go back out and play? Of course, go for it. My mom is the best. Weeee. There's nothing quite like a warm cup of cocoa. Now for the milk. Mmm, it smells delicious. Darling, your cocoa is ready. Thanks mom. Just what I need. Help yourself to cookies too. Mmmm. Ouch, too hot, too hot.

It burns. Oh no! I'm sorry. What do I do? Just stay there, mommy will fix it. Quick mom, it's so sore. These ice cubes will help. Don't worry. How's that? Ahh, it feels so good. Thank goodness. Hmmm, this ice cube tray could be handy. I know what to do. Put some cocoa powder into a jug of water. Give it a good stir. Until the powder is fully dissolved. Pour the mixture into an ice cube tray. Then put it in the freezer until set. Want some cocoa? What? No. Anything but that. Oh you, don't be silly. Watch. I'll fill this glass with warm milk. Next, I'll pop in a cube of cocoa. Look at it melt. I'll just give it a stir. Try this, it'll be the perfect temperature, I promise. If you say so. Oh, it is. It's great, thanks mom. Hopefully these hacks help make life go smoother.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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