HANDIG: zo gebruik je zelf NFC-chips (ook in je smart home)

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hi I'm Merijn van Bright yes nfc chips can
be found almost everywhere in sticker smartphone soundbars you name it they are genius all-rounders that
cost almost nothing in this video I tell you what an nfc chip is exactly how they work and what
you can do with them you can take your smartphone with you, well this is one of those nfc tags and I
have a whole list of 25 pieces to be exact that I bought for 15 euros so they are
very cheap and if you buy through hundreds or thousands they become much cheaper but
they are so handy the chip is yourself by the way one can hardly see what you mainly see
the antenna attached to it with which the data is sent or received this nfc chip is
passion of use so no power and the data you get the setup that stays up for years
and then something happens when a reader comes near the nrc reader the active
nfc chip sends energy and a command to the nfc tag e n then really that nfc tag
hey tip and I and I have this information on my and if you now have two active nfc chips
then they can also exchange data with each other what exactly happens with the nfc chip depends
very much of the situation in which it is used, take the public transport chip card, for example, it
also contains an nfc chip as soon as you keep a reading, read the balance of the
public transport chip card and also slide the reader onto the public transport chip card at which station I I am next
step  I am on the train and I get off the reader somewhere else then check where I got on and
calculate the price and deduct that amount from my balance he then writes that information back
on the chip and this is all possible without connection is made with the internet
eventually that happens, of course, because that is handy because on the website of
the public transport chip card you can see exactly where you have traveled and when and how much it cost
we pay Otherwise the nfc chip actually contains all the information about you and
what account number you have and the payment terminal that checks online whether you have enough money in your
account and then lets you know whether the payment is approved or whether you
have no balance so nothing will be written on your chip nice thing to know about nfc chips'
the world market leader in producing these things come from the netherlands is because
nxp nxp used to be part of philips but split off in 2006 and is very
successful in nijmegen there is still a factory where wavers are made, but by far most
chip tastes like nxp in asia nowadays nfc chip the chips are relatively simple but they
are being further developed and so they mean get better encryption so that your data
can be stored securely too treated for example because we might increasingly open cars
with our smartphones and then you do n't want that t anyone with a smartphone
can open your car   we all need to be well secured    for example there are even nfc chip
so you can wirelessly charge small devices with it and you can imagine that you will have
a charging case for your wireless earplugs on their qi charging explains that in the case the
earbuds themselves are wirelessly charged with an nfc chip, that still happens with those contact points,
but they could disappear in the long run how can you get started yourself with this cheap
nfc chip they what for you can do nice things with it   I will tell
you that in a moment but first  I would like to introduce you to a rotterdam company you call it curing that they make tanks
with an nfc chip in it that you can hang on your bunch of keys or in sticker form
in your wallet and then register those products where you
hang that sticker of the tank on in the app of curing you write a very nice message check it out and
then if your keys are lost once and the honest finder thinks I want him to
go back to the owner then scanty or the qr code or the nfc chip and find the can for
example call you right away to say where you got the key ring or your wallet but it goes
one step further because you will immediately receive a message as soon as the finder has scanned the key ring
and if the find gives permission for it    the location of
the key ring it is a lotek solution for the what more advanced tag such as the apple airtex and
the theo's for example, but the big advantage of the qr codes and the nfc chip is that it
works on every smartphone and those stickers are almost impossible to get off they cost 4
to 2 euros each depends a bit on how many you buy at the same time and such a tank that
can hang a bunch of keys that cost 13 euros but what curing does you can also partly do yourself
and a piece of g cheap copper you just order from those nfc takes online you download a free nfc reader
and writer app in the app store and you're done you can get started let me show you and
apps i used to scan the nfc tags hot nfc tools and nfc for iphone this is possible
nfc for iphone and then you can select here what you want to write to that chip and it can be
for example a business card or a location a web address a text phone number sms email you
can't think of a thing that just set up in the app so let's put for example
the instagram page of bright on that nfc chip so that's instagram.com slash bright hun
the score nl then it's here in the web link in the app and then I'll grab a nfc chip and then I say I want
it in the attribution is going to know something group lighting was successful and now the so that everyone
who scans this nfc chip you automatically go to our instagram page but you can also use your wifi
data o p put such a tag so that visitors who are at your home only have to scan those churches for a while
to access your wi-fi network or a day of a surprising walk
where you put the location of the following tags on each tank so that you eventually have a nice look around
you see here yes but still very basic what you can also do is let your nfc tag perform certain
actions so suppose you have an iphone and use the commands app then you
can ensure that a nfc tag that you admire on your bedside table it is pasted when you scan it that
the lights in the bedroom go out and your alarm clock is automatically set or you can set that when
you leave the house and you scan and nfc tag at the front door that already a lamp go out in the
house and that the smart locks on your back door   lock the door and another example
you  while we're at it at the bank is fixed side table stick an nfc take under that too
as soon as it scans the lights go on the movie mode so you can enjoy your movie the
annoying thing about these assignments is that they only work with your device an
iphone disc because nothing is stored on those tags they actually only read the serial number
of the tank and link an order to it so if my wife
would like to use the same nfc tags at home yes then I have to enter that separately on her device because the
apple commands app also does not support swiss family sharing, for example, so
commands are equally valid for the whole family at apple you use so the commands app but for
android are the countless apps with which you can also have this type of actions triggered by nfc tags
one of those apps is called trigger, for example, one from the Netherlands is more fun
solosto works a bit more complicated you have to namely a url on a put a tag to make it
work but then you can bring very nice things with you because via l isto, for example
, you can also control your sonos equipment or your nest thermostat good then a nice joke to end the
video with somewhere at the media park in hilversum I hid an nfc tag the
first to scan it wins a Bright t-shirt and of course I made sure it's all taken care of
automatically until the next video bye

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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