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– Watch this. Hey Google, show me the kitchen. – [Google Assistant] All right,
streaming kitchen display. (happy upbeat music) – Sorry ladies, he's taken. I'm Jamie, and I'm a
video producer at Asurion. I've spent the last year getting married, buying my first home, and
combating social isolation with my Nintendo and my psychic Bella. (cat meows) My next adventure? making my
new home sweet home, smart.

Follow along as I figure
out my new technology, sometimes with a little
help from my friend, and maybe if things get really tough, one of our Asurion experts. This is Home Smart Home. (upbeat music) Here she is, the new house. We've just moved in a
little bit over a month ago and really excited to make
this place a smart house. So I started this completely
normal thing, no judgment, of
collecting smart home devices. It started with this Google Mini speaker. Got it from some promotion. It was free. Thought this might be a good thing to have when I eventually have more than one room. So I got it a friend. Then a co-worker of mine
got a Google Nest Hub and heard I was adopting
little baby Google homes.

So got this guy and like
it 'cause it has a screen. The speakers don't have that, so, thought that'd be a nice
addition to the collection. So when our wedding came around and we were putting
things on our registry, we registered for this guy. This one's super exciting. It has a big screen and a camera and this much bigger speaker, so, I'm expecting better
sound quality from this guy. We were in between this
and the Amazon Echo Show. And they're both really
good smart home hubs. Both will let you control
smart lights, security cameras, and other connected devices
with voice commands. If you're a big online shopper, the Echo is probably the best choice. I went with the Hub Max because the screen can
automatically adjust brightness and color, making it a better digital picture frame. And let's be honest, I have
like 500 Google devices already, so might as well stay in the family. So let's start with setting this guy up. Let's make this the brains of
the operation for the house. I would love to set up lights
from the sound of my voice and be able to play music
for friends coming over whenever they can do that again.

Enough talk, let's get
these guys in action. All right. I opened the box and there
were three things inside: the Nest Hub Max, power adapter and these instructions,
of which there are two: connect the power adapter and download the Google Home app. Let's get started. It just went in the water (chuckles). (peaceful upbeat music) – [Google Assistant] Hi, to get started, download the Google Home
app on a phone or tablet. – Already on to step two, downloaded the app, and let's
see what it's all about here. Welcome home. It's got a little video, but
ain't nobody got time for that. We're gonna go ahead and get started. Editor Jamie here. The next few steps in
the app are really easy. I believe in you. You can do it. I'm gonna give you 10
minutes back of your life. Let's skip ahead. (gentle upbeat music) We got another tutorial.

I think I'm ready to just
get my hands in there and figure it out myself. Looks like it's pretty straightforward. Let's go ahead and skip the tour. That is definitely a
photo from my photo album, and I see my little
face in the corner there so it looks like it's
linked to my account. Let's put it to the test. Hey Google, let's make some lasagna. – [Google Assistant] Here's
some recipes I found. (gentle upbeat music) – There's a lot of options, and looks like I can tap on them. We'll have to pause on dinner. We got about three more
to set up of these, so, let's move on to the living room. (gentle upbeat music) All right, we're in the living room ready to set up the Nest Hub. Little bit smaller than the Nest Hub Max that we put in the kitchen, and this one doesn't have a camera.

Just says to download the Google Home app. So let's check it out. Let's see if it's just as easy. (gentle upbeat music) All right, let's try this one out now. Hey Google, show me pictures of my cat. – [Google Assistant]
Showing your photos of cat. – There she is watching
a video on my phone. Okay, that wasn't so bad. Took less than probably 10 minutes. So we got two down, now two to go. (gentle upbeat music) Moving on to the bedroom
to set up our Google Mini. It's so cute and so small and, hopefully, really easy to set up.

Go ahead and plug it in. – [Google Assistant]
Welcome to Google Home. To get started, download
the Google Home app on a phone or tablet. – All right. Going into Google Home. (gentle upbeat music) We're all set and ready to go. – [Google Assistant] Hi,
I'm your Google Assistant. It's great to meet you. There are a lot of ways I
can help you get things done. – This is gonna replace my alarm clock, so let's go ahead and set an alarm. Hey Google, set an alarm for 7:00 a.m. – [Google Assistant]
Tomorrow at 7:00 a.m., set. – We are down three, got
one more Google Mini to go. I'm gonna go, go, I'm going to go, go, go gadget (chuckles). I'm going to get started on
that Google Mini in the office, but this house is very quickly
becoming a smart house. (whistle music) (gentle upbeat music) I just set up four Google
devices in less than an hour. If someone like me who usually just throws the
instructions to the wind can get it up and running pretty quickly, it's really not that hard. Everything lives within the app here.

I am going to enjoy these
devices for the week, see how much easier they make life, and report back to you guys. (whistle music) So I have lived with my smart
speakers for a week now, and I want to tell you it changed my life, but it didn't. But it did make things
a lot more convenient. The feature I find myself using the most is the routine feature, and that can be used on
any of the smart speakers. I use it most in the kitchen. We created a routine for cooking. So I'll say, "Let's cook," and Google will bring up my cookbook and start playing music
so I can start cooking and follow along with the recipe.

Finally, my favorite feature
is the built-in security camera on the Nest Hub Max. We have it in a place where
we can see a lot of the house. So we have eyes on people coming through, we can see what the cat's doing
in the middle of the night, it's awesome to have that peace of mind. And so phase one has come to an end, but our journey is just beginning. No cats or drywall were harmed, it was a pretty painless process, so I'm excited to get into phase two. I'm thinking a video
doorbell for phase two. Thanks for watching the first
episode of Home Smart Home. Be sure to like and subscribe
and follow along on my journey as I build my own smart home. And hopefully my cat's meowing
didn't get in (chuckles).

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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