Homematic IP Türschlossantrieb: Der Schlüssel zu Ihrem Smart Home

Shouldn't a smart home also have a smart front door? The smart door lock from Homematic IP. One tap and the front door opens. You decide who has access and when. The children at any time, the domestic help only at set times. Locked out? Lost your keys? No problem. With Homematic IP you no longer need a key. The device is mounted on the inside. Quite simply, without drilling, without cables. Nothing is visible from the outside and existing keys can still be used. Is the door really locked? A glance at the smartphone provides certainty. Another practical function: automatic locking. So you can be sure the front door locks itself every evening. Speaking of security, Homematic IP has been awarded by the VDE for protocol, IT and data security. The smart door lock from Homematic IP. The key to your smart home..

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