How Do Electric Vehicles Work?

How Do Electric Vehicles Work?

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Choosing the Right Castor Wheels for Your Robot

The number of wheels on which your robot will be mounted on is the next factor to be assessed. Just bear in mind that more wheels mean more stability but at the expense of mobility. Three wheeled robots, for example, are easier to maneuver as compared to four wheeled ones since it will only take fewer wheels to control in order to make turns. Moreover, less friction with the ground means reduced drag. On the other hand, more wheels are less mobile but have greater stability on the account that the robot will have more contact with the ground. In extreme conditions, for instance, where the robot has to go over a pile of rubble, the robot would require six wheels or more so that on the event when some wheels are airborne, the robot will still have enough contact with the ground to move along.

Business Apps With the iPad

The iPad looks like a big toy. Indeed, plenty of people use it solely for entertainment purposes. They play games and just surf the net and watch movies. They do not take advantage of the capabilities of the iPad to the max!

Best Budget Notebook in 2012 for School

Getting back to school is probably the most sad time of the holidays. However, you can make his first day very exciting by getting him a nice gadget such as a new notebook. So, here are four notebooks that we recommend getting.

Common Signs You Need Help From a Computer Repair Expert

Be on the look out for signs your computer may need repair. Taking your machine to a local tech support pro can help keep your system running smoothly.

Asus Outsells Apple

So how would they beat Apple? To compete with Apple’s electronic eye candy they will need to create beautiful products across their complete range, from their PC’s to their new smart phone. Asus with their expertise in hardware and Microsoft with their new multiplatform OS, maybe a combo that can really challenge Apple if they ever choose to work together.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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