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A conventional household costs EUR 13,500
and EUR 5,320 for a networked house. The prices are the same throughout Germany. Hello and
welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a new video bus. In comparison, a house with a knx is
fully networked versus a house with conventional cabling without Kalex it's about the costs
it's about the possibilities i have chosen a floor plan for you this is a floor plan
of ours a typical detached house 130 square meters the same could also be an apartment
the same could also be on several levels just sitting for the sake of simplicity once done
to have everything you can on one floor in total there are nine roles so with technology
you hardly have in the living dining area we have the office because the study we have
two bathrooms and we have a bedroom with a bond children's room so the whole could of
course also be two children's rooms that is now completely not s ag no matter what, we
don't want to compare anything with conventional electrical installations, from our point of
view we don't want to compare so future-proof with future-proof so let's just get in, by
the way, what happens he sees the square meters arrived that is an example is a real example
so there can take a look at the size of the rooms 35 square meters is the wellness area
to 20 square meters the office works room or the children's room there are two children
with you there is also there are 13 square meters bedroom 15 square meters children's
room the loan must be completely forgotten with the victories square meters And there
are eight square meters of ban, that means for us the ban is simply the fact that parents
ask ne so seven square meters of technology comes and the heating is through the ventilation
electrics inside then we have 14 square meters of hallway and the terrace I now have as For
us, the outdoor area as a garden area is only the a outdoor areas in the evening therefore
it was not included in terms of area what we have we have new rooms where we can record
things in the rooms with the sensors that can be presence detectors smoke detectors
touch sensors for heating ventilation and so on shading we come to that then we have
new windows All in all, there is little that is also a small building, of course, there
was a lot more back then, of course, the window contacts, the alarm system and so on and so
and then we have two doors that you have probably also seen we have the terrace door and of
course the entrance door is again very crucial door contacts what I took with me again as
a basis for you we have four zones multi room audio is maybe now for such a house and the
size something is quite small for his apartment, maybe it is already good equipment and again
the boundary conditions to make it clear what we actually want we have a total of eleven
areas s means for us trades that is the lighting that the shading that the heating is the ventilation
the burglary protection is actually already there you have to say that for me it is a
bit of health care the topic multi room audio entertainment door communication who is in
front the door where the whole thing also leads we have an energy management system
there are people who have photovoltaics on the roof who have absolute here from the roof
of the mine electric car and then of course I want to charge the electric car with my
energy flows, maybe charge the electric car today you don't know with the participants
really is not is not part of this contribution and then the controls also have a crucial
central control that can control everything either in the room itself or outside the building
or in the garden then let's take a look at catching it let's start with the lighting
so now i have written down the functions in you Then there is something like automatic
light, so that's standard for me that you switch conventionally versus dimming knx of
course I have to switch, dim or switch First of all, where you have the line where you
have the line that you can see that always works with the conventional electric not with
the lighting, it just looks like that because the automatic light is implemented with motion
detectors, so the number of those who see and there is nothing is of course clear in
addition to the presence detectors switch in all rooms so also like here we have the
new rooms so also in the technical room in the corridor everywhere we have the lighting
control then separate the backlight automatic with both conventional calix there are the
number of pensioners i want the systems now too not go into detail because we could make
a real two-hour contribution, it was for us, in principle, to compare what now costs knx
more so costs more and what does it cost more what does it bring me and so on so now we
go sometimes I go into the post, for example, because I also have the alarm functions in
the convention ellen wiring I simply added an alarm system that can be something different
as you can see I have an injury with the lighting when the knx continues, I then have the buttons
and the sensors in there and that's why 00 00 comes along i have no follow-up costs for
the other functions i just don't have any follow-up costs you can go to the shading
with the shading it is also so that is not quite true what i wrote there that we have
an automatic sun control with the conventional is actually not that easy to implement, of
course In the table you can see that I have not now included the price for the led lighting
that doesn’t work because it’s completely individual, you can also accept an example
price, I definitely didn’t want it to be just about this one panik style that the dalí
light stripes whatever are is actually clear and that of course you have a different st
in the bathroom Immung than in the living dining area as a children's room, you should
also be aware of all of you who know us all the posts have made so much too dense lighting
is, from my point of view, what concerns the far from the sea that could also see these
many functions that we have these these scenes moods what really makes the house emotionally
that is a key feature in my opinion, nothing can do with this because the control and we
also see it is 0 0 everywhere in the prices so it is just it is cost-neutral if I add
some initials so what we have in terms of actuators, what I have in the control cabinet,
we'll get to that in a moment, so I'll move on to social blinds and roller shutters control
here is simply assumed we have nine different windows and we have two doors or a terrace
door that is of course shaded conventionally I wrote in the 50 euros as a calculation for
the radio Doesn't work like that, of course, but that's because you can use radio stories,
for example, if I also give you one to stay in the conventional area now, so if I can
now name my company, there are stories from the company velux dot one can be not at all
comparing the quality of the quality if you look like a push button from the cinema ix
area i didn't want to go to his son now let's go through that we can in the conventional
area we can't do all that we have no weather protection at all no position of the sun there
are also systems according to guidance but not here for us even only 30 square meters
single-family house automatic door opening what does that mean i now open a patio door
and the blinds open automatically and facade control, that means i am east west south different
facades shaded independence where the sun is good that I can then control the blinds
nn of course here now again on the right side about it I can of course there nothing can
control the world super so there we have our weather station there we have all our electronics
work perfectly heating heating as you can see there is nothing area nothing because
we have the above that we already have all the costs in the buttons we have such a control
cabinet control cabinet follows immediately we have also included that if you do it conventionally,
you have to have room temperature controllers so I assume now individual room control you
would probably in apartment building or even condominiums at the builder do not even make
costs save costs so 1200 euros I wrote in that is simply that we have new ones such
as I would have said something analog room temperature controller individual room control
cover so there is also the zero justified so and there you come to the ventilation system
ball in our house there is also a central ventilation system so not the decentralized
one with these holes but a central ventilation system happens yes it is video 0 why is that
only because it is also back through our sensors above through the buttons and the electronics
d ow we have in the control cabinet that is already included in principle if you can't
do that we don't want to do that so quickly there is of course a ventilation control as
I said I don't want to go into detail now you see the prices we then have 54 euros for
the automatic in the bathroom that means that the humidity increases you can also regulate
with the timer 150 euro then I get that in the conventional also regulated so that the
next item is the burglar protection that is the stand-alone alarm system with the conventional
one for retrofitting 200,000 euros that can be, for example, an abb alarm center, it doesn't
have to be with the appropriate contacts this admitted we need when it can't be soon we
have the window door contacts are also included so the next level smoke detectors are mandatory
five pieces can be built ks 600 euro costs 480 euro with injured royal house well there
are from different manufacturers what happened in the conventional house so big topic also
besides light for me the topic music in the house is so multi room audio music in different
rooms since i once wrote down that could also see events through loudspeakers that i can
output that can it could be the bell the doorknob that I also do a post already shown someone
is standing in front of the door or an alarm whatever in combinations then that is only
possible with knx that I can then drink the lights in certain colors and as light, others
suddenly know yellow so whatever you have specified multi-client capability multiple
users so authorizations etc.

Everything does not work in the conventional but we have nothing
but inca nix environment and then always where 0 means that it is included in the costs I
have it times 6000 euro we previously said four zones so four stereo rooms and one panic
ste The next story is the door communication, here there is a small house, there is such
a stainless steel outside, such a stainless steel is blinding out the comrades the fingers
burn and the intercom system that it can of course also be networked 2200 euro conventional
video door intercom, island solution 2500 euro there is everything still there is also
much more expensive i just wrote it that way that is simply that you have that as an example
as an invoice of course here comes 500 euro nor the fingerprint sensor also proprietary
system in the conventional system so what else do we have the subject of energy management
many of you are interested in what do i need the electricity where are my power guzzlers
what is my electric car outside now how far is the charge that of course maybe have on
the bus system have on the touchscreen have on a smartphone so have the whole hi of course
i included it in my injury anyway i need it of course with the conventional system there
are very special ones for the top-hat rail you can't measure the total current at all
Measure the individual electricity circuits because honestly they don't have the same
way as we do with the bus system and then we're already living with the last ninth that
the eleventh is the tenth control system who has been with us for a while simply knows
there are different control options there are from basalte from gira there are different
servers with us everything is already integrated in this multi room up there we have everything
the control is already integrated that's why it is zero again so we can do that we can
tick off the whole topic of remote control I want to look like from the ski hut from
somewhere far away I want to look something what energy consumption I see what I want
to control I can do everything with conventional there is the possibility in this all-encompassing
story anyway not that's why I'm there even in the bottom line you can with a lot of effort
that already knows that some of eu I say yes but in the conventional we can do that too
if you are retrofitting clear for the list were even longer the prices the sum will be
even higher so our overall improvement of the garden of you always asked very often
I now have the pool and let out the sauna and the special garage because we have a smaller
house there you just see 450 euros for the automatic irrigation that is the irrigation
computer without these cables now we don't need the computer in this case either because
we do the war-wounded house We have the control with us where we end up, even in the rooms
of the conventional house it ends up again at 13,500 80 euros and in the networked house
at 5820 euros I once again attributed the culprits to the electrical planning concepts,
so at this level the conventional house will also be for you as an electrician, nobody
will do that for free.


I once wrote 2500 euros to the ve rnetzt house as I said everything
right right right label lola look so 5000 euro so from my experience awarded today my
experience southern germany munich area where the prices are the same nationwide are similar
20,500 euro in postage electrical installation for this conventional house with 130 square
meters that is a price me believe a market-driven price only then there are the cans the cables
as work performance and everything can be completely ne and next to that we have again
the electrical installation with kx which experienced 26,500 euros but simply at 6000
euros price difference so and then of course there is that the control cabinet and the
cabinet there are nationwide there are also a few specialists who can build control cabinets
there are people who farmers themselves the electricians some of you write here that you
keep saying that I have everything good in the control cabinet and then I'll have it
with you 5500 euro are set there are the automatic circuit breaker bf s that's all there is lightning
protection is also included and this good one and both in the networked house I now
have to have the 130 square meters again at 7500 euros these are our experience values
​​so if someone tells you now, I can do something cheaper or I make it much more expensive
or it is slightly more expensive that is the price of our experience now the question in
the round what do we see we see 35 functions 13 of which we have made conventionally implementable
in the form of isolated solutions that was what you wanted, meanwhile, the isolated solutions
are now omitted and says this is just a completely normal house there is maybe the blinds here
with straps and then i have the lighting that i have a diagonal in the room in the middle
then a single led comes one with a single sentence can not work you can also do it I
of course much further down with the price what you are now in total this 42,000 versus
almost 51,000 which is a difference d so almost 20 percent but my conclusion for you is simple
here we have for 30 percent of the functionality i pay 80 percent of the price and what you
have in addition i am not sustainable i am not detrimental i can not expand and I don't
even have a standard, you don't even know, so maybe I had the heating control from that
and the correct control from that, and then I might have motion detectors that will all
be such a total mishmash I don't want to say conceptless but it is simply not sustainable
my opinion is we have created an emotional house with this circle house we have these
moods we have the scenes that would all be networked with each other that is much more
comfortable on the one hand on the other i can access data from a wide variety of devices
I can make settings, I don't save a login, you don't know everything you can do with
it, and I have a much higher range of functions that grows with my wishes and also with mine,
I once lived in there and can't sell the house I always say here look this is simply a sustainable
house to be parked up to date is only 2020 20 21 and on the other hand I have saved maybe
eight 9000 euros then everyone makes some island solutions together and it works too
and there the question is sold again what sells better this morning the day after tomorrow
as I said the question should be to you answer myself if I have expensive reason today then
of course I am also building what then fits together I would say the really big question
is never scaled kmk nix system nothing at all because the ip system you have to say
that it has several systems and my statement is with the size of an object with the equipment
it is getting cheaper so you can say per request or per function everything you have seen now
with the tower and human centric lighting dalí dt eight who you know from it I know
I can do a lot because I can do that in the conventional 0 because I can't do anything
I can adjust the blinds in certain areas driving up and down so you will find it extremely
difficult for yourselves that I no longer have it present as a simulation holiday situation
I think that is very important that nothing system can scale a house with the size all
the more and that is, too My experiences with you if we now have a building that is 300
square meters 400 500 600 so up to 800 square meters there are buildings on different levels
and they have a bit more outside, too, that just looks like it is totally value for money
again The ratio is very, very good and nobody questions it because these functions that
we have could not be implemented at all and that actually wish in the wish now I have
one I have you or I omit the programming and commissioning I now assumed that is why I
did not write anything in because that he would like this contribution more to the people
of the j a takes your life into your own hands your construction life takes your family life
and that's why i left it out normally we would also have normal numbers and what the hour
of electrical installation costs this 60 euro net that we have in germany so what about
a good electrician that is everything is included here in these numbers and if you are still
interested in what construction costs are, I have also made a big contribution and there
is also an article in our blog that is updated again and again construction costs per square
meter to look at you can actually be there today house should be fully configured I am
looking forward to your comments on this comparison conventional house it wouldn't be anything
injured house write me your experiences let's also write that you calculate that because
we thought about it for a long time and I was not so I know I didn’t like that when
we talked about this topic that’s not my thing because it’s conventional To be honest,
I don't even know Mer for many, many years and the topic is not on our table either.
I'm looking forward to the comments I'm looking forward to subscribing.

If you haven't subscribed
to us yet, I'm looking forward to hearing from you don’t forget to ring the bells
for the ladies until the next time, you will find out when the next post comes not so post
from again at the starnberger see until the next time.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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