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All right, now what is inch inch-and-a-half So what are these marks for? So we're gonna cut that notch out to put the beam through Go all the way down Flip it. No you're good, you're good. You got a skill saw? Better hang on You don't have a jigsaw do you? Nope, just that. Jigsaw is too "finesse-y". Yeah, this sure ain't! If you go too far either way you can't see it. There's a notch! Whose bit is this? Mine You find them? You got one bigger? Aren't they 5/8 bolts? Yeah I got the 3/4 one. I think we could use that. The bit? Yeah. A really big pilot hole. This is the daughter my drill has… my daughter has one of these. She's 9. She got a toy like this at home. Summer has toys like this man. Alright see if them bolts will go through there. I like it sloppy That'll work. See if you can shove them down in there.

There we go. Some slop. There you go. Alright. Next. What we have to do is shave one of em, put em up here. Gotta make sure we got them level. Shave the inset? No no no What are you talking about? Take it up and shave the bottom. Make sure this sits level. You're talking about right in here. Well, then the holes won't be the same then let's just shave this in here. I think we're pretty pretty level We'll find out. We should be level, the difference would be with these brackets. Ok. Measure where to drill the holes. Make sure it's level before we tighten these up. When you're in a pinch… and need a 16 foot board, you just have to make do You want the real saw you get the Dewalt saw.

I think it just needs a real blade. No it's the motor. Oh yeah… does sound kinda weak. So what are the measurements we did on these? We made a pattern. This must be a standard pitch because it's set on here. 31.6 We didn't make no pattern. Yeah we did! Someone said get the saw and cut it. We did the 31.6 We did the 31.6 and we got lucky.

Come on Hey what was our uh… you wanna take this one… oh no. That one's wrong. I got about a mile hanging out the back. But remember these things are probably not square. Make sure this overhang is the same as this one. So what are we measuring? 16 inches? Yeah this one's gonna be a hair off because it's going to be right against this post. Maybe a half inch off. Alright. So that's where the… We're gonna put it here, here, here, and then continue on normal. OSHA's gonna come around here and be like "What the hell is going on?" Alright, pick it up.

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Push it up. Push it up. I think you're way crooked That looks more straight. Use your left eye Aaron, the good one. I'd say this is going quite smooth. DON'T SAY THAT! Yeah you just jinxed us now. Now we're dropping everything. OSHA inspector is gonna come by now. Make a template board to trace for the rafters Now you want to make a template one for each side because that side is not necessarily square with the side Six sheets of 5/8 OSB. It would be 4… 8… Another sheet… I Would say six sheets a side. And per side. Yeah, you might need seven but I think you can do it with 6. Okay, our next step is we are going to trim these Corner cross beams here right there in the center of your screen Just a hair so that they are flat so when we put the plywood on top they won't interfere, so if I come down Here you can see that they just barely Stick out.

So we're just going to chop those off as well as the Two Center beams here there that are gonna be in the way Okay, so in order to do this, I just rigged up a string line Across these two rafters so it will show the flat area where the Board will lay so we know we can draw a line here cut it diagonally up to the top Okay, I'm doing this part myself, so I can't film and cut but there's our cut line and the beginning of the cut using This guy right here And cut and just repeat these for the other three Okay, very little needed to be cut from this one Doesn't have to be pretty because you're not gonna see it.

Hey guys, I really hope you're enjoying this project so far It's been a lot of fun to do please if you have not click on this little cute kid here with the coffee cup and Subscribe super simple to do and helps me out a lot. Thanks.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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