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Today I'm going to show you how to make
this gorgeous looking wooden desk lamp using simple hand tools. For material I
used two solid wood boards, one board 3 centimeters wide and thick, and
another board 1 centimeter wide and thick. To create the lampshade, I used a
piece of paper and the linen fabric. I also need a light bulb, a socket, and a
cord. So, let's get started! First, I marked all those dimensions needed for the lamp
base. Then I cut the board using a handsaw. You can find the exact
dimensions down in the video description. Next, I'm sanding the edges of the pieces
that I've cut to make them even, so it would be easier to work with the glue.
To get the desired shape, I glued all the pieces of the wood
together using a wood glue, a square ruler, and some clamps.

You need a lot of
patience, because you can't glue all at once, but it's definitely worth the time.
Before gluing the last piece of wood I marked the center point of the lampshade
and drilled a hole for the cord 4.5 centimeters deep using 6 millimeter bit.
I extended the hole from the backside of the same piece of wood at a 45 degree
angle, so it would be much easier for the cord to pass through. Then I glued up
this last piece of the lamp base. Now let's move on to the lampshade frame. I
marked the dimensions of the second board.
I made a cuboid frame 20 centimeters high and 15 centimeters wide. So, I cut
four pieces 12 centimeters long and eight pieces 13 centimeters long.
The last and most important piece of wood is the frame support with size 5
by 13 centimeters.

I used a 30 millimeter bit to
countersink a hole 1 centimeter deep. then I used six millimeter bit to drill
a hole all the way through, so that it perfectly matched
the center of the base. The next step is building the cuboid frame.
I glued all the pieces together and used square ruler along with the clamps to
make a perfect right angle. To make everything nice and level, I'm going to
hit with 120 grit sandpaper which should make a quick work of all the unevenness.
then I finished it off with a spray paint. I painted both the base and the
frame with the chocolate brown spray paint, because I wanted to create more
contrast between them and the lampshade. I applied two coats of spray paint and
left it to dry out.

After that, I moved on to making the lampshade. I used a paper
roll and cut 62 by 21 centimeters of it. I also cut the linen fabric 63 by 23
centimeters, so that I could easily glue it to the paper, and fold the edges to
get nice and smooth look. It took me some time until I finished gluing the fabric
to the paper, because I wanted to make sure everything was lined up. I decided
to use a wood glue and it actually turned out quite well. The glue wasn't drying too fast, so I had some time to adjust the fabric to the paper with a ruler. I glued up the lampshade to the frame.

is very important to do this carefully, one side at a time, because you need to
align the edges of the frame with the edges of the shade. I folded the fabric on the top of the
frame to get the desired look, but you can skip this step simply by cutting the
paper 20 centimeters wide at the beginning now. I can finally put all the
pieces together. I'm mixing up some 5 min epoxy to
stick the socket.

I made sure everything was lined up, and
then used wood glue to stick the lampshade to the base. I held it with
finger pressure for only a few minutes until the glue started to harden. I
suggest you use LED light bulb, because it produces a very small insignificant
amount of heat. This is the final result, and I ended up really liking it. Thank
you so much for watching, and if you enjoyed this video hit the like button,
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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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