Sony A7 IV review: A nearly perfect hybrid powerhouse

Sony A7 IV review: A nearly perfect hybrid powerhouse

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8 Tips to Improve Your iPad’s Life

Battery life is always an issue when it comes to portable devices like the iPad. So, to enjoy the apps and other things that the it can offer, here are eight tips to extend the iPad’s battery life.

Three Career Accelerating Strategies for Women in Information Technology

In this article you will learn why women are especially suited for a career in technology and data regarding the future of women in the field of IT and why there could be a problem. Most importantly it has three solid strategies for overcoming obstacles and moving ahead in your career, in spite of gender bias that still exists in some corporate cultures. The suggested strategies are backed up with examples based on research and twenty years of experience in Information Technology.

Are You Comfortable With Your PC or Laptop?

We all take them for granted, but can they affect our health? Well, yes. A well documented problem is repetitive Strain Injury or RSI. But have you considered the bacteria living on your keyboard or your back posture whilst seated in front of your computer? They and other factors do affect our health and well being.

Recycling Your Empty Ink Cartridges – How and Why

We live in a world where raw materials and resources are precious. Most modern households across the world have recycling schemes that are in place within their communities and countries. These schemes help reduce the carbon footprint and recycle the waste that would normally be thrown away, buried in mass land-fill sites or incinerated, poisoning the atmosphere and causing damage to the planet.

Automated Home Theatre and Entertainment

Home entertainment just got better and cooler. If you have ever got together at your place to watch football matches or enjoy movies, you must know how irritating it is to grope around the dark for the remote control, or when the phone rings, and you have to pause the movie. Oh wait, turn on the lights so you don’t trip over yourself.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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