How to make a DIY pallet bench

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Hello I am Craig Phillips and in this video
I am going to show you how to make your own bench out of recycled pallet wood. The tools you are going to require, a cordless
drill with drill bits, a set square, clamps, screws, hole cutter, tape measure, chop saw,
and if you don't have a chop saw a hand saw is fine. Now the standard size of one of the pallet
slots is usually about 1200mm which is what I am going to use for the seat of the bench. All I need to do now is cut two legs to size. Now I am choosing them to be about 400mm again
you can pick your own size that suits you.

Quick mark on it. I am going to do my cuts with the chop saw,
it is a lot quicker and easier when you have got to do a lot of cuts. Of course if you haven't got a chop saw you
can always use your hand saw. Now just place those legs across here and
here and then place the bench section on the top and we will drill a couple of pilot holes
in there, glue them and screw them together and then stand it upright and double check
the size. Now it is very important to make sure your
corner is nice and square when you are fixing these together. Once you have got one side glued and screwed
in nice and firm do the same on the opposite side. Now the opposite side is fixed together you
can stand that up, double check that you are happy with the height of the legs and of course
the length of the bench. Then you can start cutting yourself a kit
of parts. All you need to do now is cut about at least
eight of these for the minimum width of the bench, of course you can make it wider if
you prefer.

Now we need to cut 16 legs. Now the 16 legs are cut you can start fixing
them together. What I have done is cut some little off cut
pieces which I'll just put under temporarily to keep it level and help square it up. Again using your set square double check that
you have got your corners nice and square. Drill a couple of pilot holes in them, and
apply a small amount of glue. One thing to consider when you are doing the
corners, each timber that you are lapping on top of one another, you are putting two
screws in, so once you have put them in at one angle, the next piece of wood put them
at the opposite angle so you don't drive them in to one another. OK, that is the 8th piece now put on the top
of the bench. You can stand that up, double check that you
are happy with the width of it, you have got your eight legs either side of it all glued
and screwed together. Once you are happy with that you can then
cut some off cuts to put down the face of that to keep it nice and flush there to the
floor and then the same again on the opposite side here.

We can cut a piece tight into there all the
way across. OK, get a small bit of glue on the back of
that piece, level it up with that front leg, couple of little pilot holes and then drive
a few more screws right the way in so it is nice and tight. The same again on the opposite leg. OK they are the two front pieces in, now the
same again with the top section. OK so that is now the whole structure more
or less complete. We have got all the slots in, the legs are
in position, we have got the reinforcement bits on the two front legs and also the reinforcement
bit on the back. You are now at a point where you can take
the rough edges off the timber. You might find that it has got different colours
in some areas and splinters as well where you have been cutting it. The best way is by using an electric sander.

And of course if you haven't got an electric
sander you can always use a hand sander. Now all the edges are nice and smooth the
next stage is to stabilise the base of the legs. Now of course you have got a gap in there
so you will find a tiny bit of movement. We could of course cut some small pieces of
timber and simply slide those in. However, it is nice to be creative and cut
out some little circular pieces of wood and slot them in there. You will see that it not only looks good but
it will make it a lot more stable. Really quick and simple to do by using a hole
cutter. Now all my circular pieces of wood are cut
I am just going to apply a little bit of wood glue on both sides of them and then slide
them in between the legs. Now at this point I don't have to worry to
much about getting them level until I clamp them and then IO will square them up.

Now once they are all placed into position,
of course the glue is still wet on them. I am going to get a clamp and start to gently
tighten it up. Once I get a bit of grip on it I can then
focus on getting these to look relatively level. OK. OK, so now you are happy that you have got
them level, squeeze them together with the clamps and then you can get yourself a little
damp cloth and just try to wipe off any of that glue that is oozing out. Perfect, now once that glue is dry simply
remove you clamp and that is your bench complete. Now of course you can varnish, stain it or
put wood treatment on it if it is going to be outside.

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