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– Do you want to make money with your Cricut from home? Today, I'm gonna show you how. (upbeat music) Hey everyone, it's Christina
from the I've had my own business working from home since my first daughter was born in 2009 and I have never regretted that decision. Today, I am so happy to be
partnering up with Cricut who is sponsoring this video today. And I'm gonna share with you five steps to starting your own business from home with your Cricut machine. I'm also gonna share seven
items that I have seen trending right now this year that you
could get started making. Before I had the DIY Mommy blog and then the YouTube channel, I had my own little handmade
baby goods business. So I certainly learned a lot from having my own handmade business. So I wanted to share those
tips and tricks with you today and how you could
incorporate a Cricut machine into your own handmade business. In case you're new to them, Cricuts are a craft cutting machine.

You can cut a variety
of different materials vinyls, heat transfer vinyl,
so that iron-on material, you can even cut what's
called infusible ink and apply that to things like pillows and Cricut just released their
new machine, the Mug Press. So you can apply that to mugs as well to get a really professional look. I've been using my Cricut
machines since 2017, I absolutely love them. And I think they would be
such a great tool to invest in if you want to start your
own handmade business.

Step number one to starting
your own business with Cricut is to do your product research. Check to see what's trending right now that you could make with your machine, and that's gonna help
you to get some customers right away, because you know
what people are looking for. So I did all of this
research for you already. I checked out Etsy. I checked out other online
marketplaces to kinda see what was popping up the most, in a products that you could
cut with your Cricut machine. So here are the top seven
products I'm seeing, use this information to make
your own unique products and really get your business going. Number one are sweatshirts, everybody loves personalized sweatshirts with fun sayings on them. Number two, our personalized tumblers, I love a tumbler like this just a simple personalized
one with your name on it. These are so easy to make. People love their on the go cups, so they're not using disposable cups and I think they would be a
great thing to start with. Number three, our
personalized cutting boards. I've been seeing these everywhere.

I made a really fun cutting
board for fall last year and these are also simple to
make with your Cricut as well. You can cut a vinyl and
apply it to a cutting board. Pillows are also still really popular right now with Cricut. And the modern farmhouse style
as long as it's been around is still trending. Creating a pillow is really simple, I like to use infusible ink for mine. This one, I use infusible ink and I really love that professional finish 'cause the ink kind of
blends right into the fabric and makes it look so professional. The next one I'm seeing is doormats. You can make a stencil with
the Cricut's stencil vinyl and make a really fun and cheeky design or something more personalized, and those are selling
really well still as well.

The next one are t-shirts people love fun personalized t-shirts and those are really simple
to make with Cricut. Again, I prefer the
infusible ink for these for a really beautiful
transfer that lasts. But you can also make these
with heat transfer vinyl. And the final product I'm seeing that you can make with your
Cricut and sell are labels.

People love to organize
their pantries, their closets or they might even want some labels for their own handmade business and you could create those with Cricut and permanent vinyl or removable vinyl. This is also a really great DIY to do if you're relatively new to Cricut When you're researching your product check for any regulations
around selling your product. You might have to look
into safety regulations where you live and marketing
regulations as well. Also, check to see how much your product is going to cost to create. How much time you're gonna
have to put into your product, and then how much you can sell it for, based on the cost everyone else is selling a similar product for.

You wanna make sure that
you're going to get a profit from what you create. Step number two, to start
your Cricut business is research your competition. So once you have done
your product research you have an idea of
what you want to create. Check out all of the other sellers online and locally who are
selling a similar product. Check to see what they're selling and how you can make
your product stand out. So for example, they're selling
some personalized tumblers with their Cricut as well. Think about how you
can make your standout. Are you gonna have a
specific style that you use, a specific type of vinyl? Are you going to maybe
create your own artwork upload that into Cricut design space and put that on the
tumblers to make it unique.

You definitely wanna stand out from the rest of your competitors. Number three is customer research. Try to find out who exactly
is gonna buy your product. How old are they? Are they a man or a woman? Where do they live? What kind of income do they have? Researching is all of that
is gonna help you create a product that is perfect
for your consumer. You want to know who they are, imagine exactly what they're looking for and create a product that
they're going to love.

Number four is establishing your brand. Now that you've done those
first three important steps which are research, which I
think is a really important before starting any handmade business, you wanna create branding so that your product and
your brand is memorable. I used to be a graphic and web designer, so I totally geek out on this stuff. I love this. You're gonna want to create
a name that's unique. Definitely check out your
local trademark office do a search, make sure nobody else is using the name you're thinking of. You can also search on
Etsy, on the web in general to make sure your name is
really unique and sticks out. Then you want to create a unique logo. You can do this yourself or
you can find someone locally or online to make one for you. Decide what the feel of
your brand is gonna be. Is it gonna be more farmhouse,
more modern, kitschy, retro, and then find some
colors that you're going to use in your branding every single time to make people remember who you are and match those colors
with your brand every time.

You're also gonna wanna buy domain names and the social media channels
that match that domain name. Get all of those purchased and reserved so that everything is all the same. And the fifth and final step to selling your products with
Cricut is to start selling. You want to start selling
and marketing your product after you've done all
of the previous steps, the research, setting up your brands. You can start at places
like local craft fairs or maybe virtual craft fairs
are happening a lot right now, and just kinda test your local
market first if you like.

Or you can start right
away and venture into opening up an Etsy store,
it's really simple. I'll leave a link to setting that up in the description box below. I've had a couple over the
years, they do take a commission but then you have an automatic
huge audience to market to. There's also Amazon handmade and there's even a Facebook marketplace. I've also seen people selling
their products directly on Tik Tok, on Instagram, on Facebook. So social media is a really fantastic way to get your product out there. I'd also highly recommend
having your own website from the beginning,
it's not very expensive. You can buy your domain,
set up a WordPress site, you can install that,
get someone to help you. And then you can sell products right there through something like
Shopify, which you can connect to right to your WordPress
site and sell directly.

Even if you don't want to
sell directly from your site it's always good to have
kind of your own home base, that's your very own that
isn't part of social media. I'd recommend though definitely
marketing your product through social media, it's such a fantastic tool. My business now the DIY
Mommy is based solely off of social media. So I definitely know that
you can create a business using social media as your marketing tool. Tik Tok is huge right now. And if the target
demographic you want to sell to is gen Zed, millennial, even
gen X is on there right now, you might want to get on Tik Tok and start showing behind the scenes video of how you're making
your Cricut products, showing your finished product and seeing what kind of
reaction you get there. So those are my five steps on how to start a handmade
business with Cricut. If you've ever thought of doing
this, I think there is a lot of opportunity out there to make products and sell them locally or online.

Thanks again to Cricut
for sponsoring this video. Let me know down in the comments below what you think of these steps. If you sell handmade items
and I've missed something I would love to hear your suggestions. Let everybody know the tips and tricks you have for selling handmade items. We will love to hear them. If you liked this video,
please give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to my channel for more DIY and decor ideas on a budget. I'm gonna leave some
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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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