Smart Home #2 – DIY Touch switch with TTP223 module and Relay module to control your home

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Hello everyone, like the previous video, I have introduced the ttp223 touch sensor module today I will do a demo of a switch, based on this touch ttp223 switch I made of mica material using a laser cutter to cut the video Today I just introduce the method of making a touch switch to use the touch button ttp223 touch to turn on and off the switch and the next video I will add another function is to add a wifi module to control the switch via wifi and switch. Touch this ttp223 this is the switch after I have finished and test it for you to see the process of laser cutting the frame and the current touch switch face, I am taking advantage of the available sino sino base , I laser cut.

This switch face fits the current sino recess of the house here are the details after laser cutting is complete, if you need this design please comment below the video I will send the design but this design. Only suitable for laser cutting, this is the touch switch face, we start to go into the process of joining details now. g I go grafting the details of the switch after the transplant is complete, the switch would like this next we will transplant the frame of the face followed by the protection and fixed modules finished the frame switch to For the connection of the connection modules like the previous video, we use the ttp223 module to control the relay to turn on and off the video device later, we will add this wifi module to control the switch from the phone and computer to use a combination of on and off.

By induction of the switch, we start connecting the modules after the connection is complete, we check that the circuit's operation is correct, we start to pair the complete switch this is a rotating 220v low voltage module. DC into 5v DC used for the module, we check the last time the switch is working before using the device control.The last step is to connect to the electrical system controlling the device thanks everyone for watching the video Like and Subscribe to the latest video updates.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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