[Smart Home Automation DIY] Make 1 and 3 phase Power Distribution Box

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Hello! everyone, we have make many videos about Smart Power Distribution Box all these Power Distribution Box based on KinCony's ethernet relay module and this AC Contactor, such as 3 phase and 1 phase so we just according to power loader chose AC Contactor's model we can make many different kinds of Power Distribution Box today we will to see how to make a Power Distribution Box with 3 phase and 1 phase together there are 3 channel of 3 phase power supply 23 units AC Contactor for single-phase power supply all these together have 26 channel power supply so we can look at how to make it We use KC868-H32L ethernet relay module , 1 phase and 3 phase AC contactor and breaker to make Smart Power Distribution Box this DIN Rail will fix all device we need install DIN Rail on the metal board firstly This is "N" line terminal now I will tell you how to use this AC Contactor to control device the principle is very easy,just use our relay box connect with AC Contactor 3 phase or single-phase when controller give AC Contactor power, such as AC220V or AC380V then L1–L3 will be ON when no power, L1–L3 will be OFF, will be closed so according to principle, you can chose which AC Contactor according to your country's power line so you can use mobile phone,PC ,voice or other control way for remote control device now we use 1 phase AC contactor , work power is AC220V if your country not use AC220V,such as AC110V or AC230V, just replace with another model this black device is 3 phase AC Contactor this DB have 3 channl 3 phase power main controller: KinCony's KC868-H32L home automation module 1 phase:23 channel 3 phase:3 channel install the 3 phase power income breaker it's very large for power in AC 160A fix controller ready to install manual control keyboard The main wire uses multiple lines in parallel to reduce the impedance Use hydraulic tong to make the line interface Install insulation to prevent sparks Thanks For Watching!

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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