How to Use Apple AirTag as Automation Trigger

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Apple AirTags can be used as NFC tag that
can trigger iOS Shortcuts automations. Don’t worry an AirTag is still going to
work as an item tracker even when you are using it as automations trigger, but let’s
find out how. Hello Kiril Peyanski is here – let’s first
clear what are Apple AirTags? AirTags are small, battery-powered devices
that can be used to track almost anything, from keys to pets.
You can use many AirTags and they are all monitored using the Find My app on an iPhone.
On top you can use AirTags as NFC trigger for the automations that are available in
the Apple’s Shortcuts app. To make this work you will need an Apple iPhone
XS, or newer and of course at least one Apple AirTag.

To start a Shortcuts automation you simply
have to touch your iPhone with your AirTag or vice versa and you are done. Before we
continue further I just want to say that my channel reach 10,000 subscribers last week
(FIREWORKS) To celebrate this I prepared a giveaway for you. All of the details can be
seen later in the video. Just keep watching. Now, let’s see how to setup an automation
in Apple Shortcuts. So when you tap your phone with the AirTag it will show you the directions
from your current location to your home for example plus it will set do not disturb mode
and it will send a custom text message to a person you wish. Of course you can customize the actions in
the automation as you prefer. All of the iOS functions are available for you. Before we continue to the giveaway details I just
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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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