HP Elite Folio review: A costly hodgepodge of mobile-centric features

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Tips to Organize With Siri

Siri is undoubtedly the best offering by Apple creators. There are many ways you can utilize this voice assistant to help you manage your routine activities. Activities like reminders, calendar schedules, appointments, taking notes and sending texts are few of the major activities that can help you with a lot. It can help you stay productive and organize your daily activities. Let us find out four simple steps to utilize Siri for performing tasks for you.

Taking Care Of Your Laptop Or Tablet Computer – Save On Expensive Computer Repairs

The advancement in portable computer devices such as laptops and tablets means you can use your computer wherever you go: on trains, planes, in bed or on the sofa. However, carrying these devices around does mean accidents are more likely to happen. Breakages and spills are all too common and can be easily avoided. We have put together a few tips on looking after your laptop or tablet and preventing unnecessary trips to the computer repair shop.

Why Is BlackBerry So Popular?

BlackBerry has launched its Z10 and BlackBerry 10 series recently. However if you are the one who is in dilemma over purchasing any one of them then you need to find out the pros and cons about what the BlackBerry has to offer on technical as well as software aspects. Listed here are the upside and the downside of the phone. This brings to another question as to why is BlackBerry so popular. Read on to find out all about what BlackBerry has to offer.

Should You Purchase Samsung Galaxy Fame?

Samsung has recently been launching many phones that are impressive on terms of technology and the software. Recently Samsung has come out with Galaxy Fame. This is less spoken of but it is the latest launch in the flagship phones. Much has not been spoken about this Smartphone. However, there are a few things that you should know, especially if you are interested in investing your money in this Smartphone. Let us find out if this phone is worth purchasing and the technology is up to the mark.

Smart Buying Guide for Printers!

A printer is an indispensable office machine and is sure to make everyday work operations more efficient and easy. That’s why making the right choice becomes even more important here. Take a look at our Buying Guide for useful information and tips.

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