Ich Richte Mein Erstes (günstiges) SMART HOME Setup ein

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I went shopping retail come on I'm pink space and
today it's all about smart home I bought it today 14 smartphone I already know the one
from the videos of this light and this one but maybe you
don't know this one yet I've already unpacked it and they are actually already there but i
can still show you the packaging but that's how i got here know the campaign
does it exist in germany yes i got it from there and it's such a cheap retail
store i think but in any case they mostly have a range for smart home lights that are pretty
cheap and that's why I got a team, so smartphone very simple,
I think most of you know it anyway, it's actually not just light, but also
cameras, etc. that you can actually only use with today's cell phone or with a high
and then you have a smart home and lights that you can control anywhere, even when you
're not at home t all about an app I think it's pretty important in any case this one here recognizes this
blue light this backlight and blue light and it safely measures what is absolutely wrong and
broken I think I don't want to in any case that's important for me because I yelled at
myself up with the camera and then i have a good background with good lighting and
that's why it's also pretty nice for streaming it looks something like this with the one with the
light and then it also looks pretty cool ok so i think it's mine mobile phone and have here
the all smart connect app that you download and then you can actually already
connect your lights here somewhere up here, so that 's all that tilts now there are also plugs
that I bought for the led strips because unfortunately they are nothing what then are there
surveillance cameras or sensors i.e.

Things that you can calm down for the water okay i
have now activated this lamp you see now in the background it's actually quite simple
you just need the app and press the plus in the meantime this lamp is
actually activated and it flashes brightly then you will see this from here rgb that should then
actually be this the world here off and then she looks in your network to see if she finds her
normally finds the lamp directly and then she could name her and also choose where the design should be
bedroom two bedrooms and so on I have everything here now and then you can
turn them on so turn them off and turn it on and of course also choose the color as you want
the saturation very easy or brightness as well as wanted the lamps are not that expensive after all
I think one costs 6 95 and fans even give the discount on it then it costs 395 don't know now for
how long I haven't tested the stop yet I've had the
five meter led strips for a couple of days now but a fair price but costs 20 euros is actually okay too,
so smartphone is actually quite fire, so if you compare it with philips, that's
a good number and it works as you can see, everything lights up and maybe they could be a
bit brighter back then, so see no stress is enough for me and yes and that's
how I get this result very quickly that here is a bit different to a cool one
than with smart control everything at the push of a button is really hot I bought it from shares
I think it's one of those French discounter or something like that we definitely have I bought here
the stop isn't sponsored or anything I bought free or share we can
donate more lamps and smarte and so on so yeah that's it with my video
I hope I liked it if so press the like button and subscribe me if
you want that's it for your skin clean Rundschau

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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