These Coolest Rings Are Definitely Worth Seeing #shorts

These Coolest Rings Are Definitely Worth Seeing #shorts

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Computing Au Naturel – A Study on Multi-Touch and Natural User Interface (NUI)

An analysis and breakdown of the shortcomings of current multi-touch interface layouts. Also a look towards developing natural user interface (NUI) as a better overall solution.

Back To School Computer Help

Need a computer to go back to school? It doesn’t need to break the bank. These suggestions can help get you in the right shopping frame of mind for your back to school computer purchase.

How to Use QR Codes Effectively

Scanning QR (Quick Response) codes has fast become prevalent in society. In fact it can be looked as somewhat of a phenomenon: using your device to scan the mysterious code and seeing just what message, deal, or information is contained in it. It’s a great marketing tool but in the eyes of consumers, they want something out of scanning the QR code. If business can step up to this requirement there is much to benefit from.

A Word of Warning About Free Software and Add-Ons

A look at ethical programmers and Free Software. Avoiding Malware is easy when you disable unwanted add-ons. This article explains how to eliminate Junk from cluttering your system, by not installing it in the first place.

Seven Tips to Keep Your Smartphone and Other Gadgets Protected

In this era of information technology Smartphones are used for storing information and other content. All this is vital to the individual who possesses it. This is why it becomes essential to take utmost care of Smartphone or device as if it falls into wrong hands then the data can be utilized for illegitimate purposes.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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