Incredible Megaprojects That Never Happened

Incredible Megaprojects That Never Happened

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5 Best Add-Ons for Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser used by a number of people worldwide. The browser gives many additional features to its users that are not possible with any other browsers. High reliability and security are the key features of the browser. In spite of various default features a browser has to be configured for some special features that may be unique for every people.

Television Apps

As tablets and smartphones become more popular, app developers are thriving. As we get used to the convenience of tablets other forms of technology are beginning to feel outdated, one of these forms being television. We find ourselves flipping through countless channels to find a good movie or a certain sports game. We still rely on remote controls and tv guides to navigate our television set but things may be changing soon. Soon we may have a series of apps on our television screen.

5 Best Add-Ons for Google Chrome

Google chrome is the web browser by Google Corporation. The browser contains minimal required design. It uses the sophisticated technology to make it faster, easier and safer to be used. An additional technology supported by the Google Chrome browser is the facility of add-ons. They can easily add much more to the features of the browser and making it really attractive for the users.

Setup a Printer on Your iPad in 4 Easy Steps

In this article we will assist you to setup your printer on your iPad. If you need to have something printed or copied (a document, tickets,etc) when you’re out and reached for your smart device and tapped print and nothing happens, this short post will help you resolve the most likely problem.

What Computer Should I Buy?

My philosophy on purchasing a computer has changed many times over the years. It has been influenced by the available technology at the time, if I was currently selling computers or not, whether I was on a budget and pinching pennies or, if my employer was paying for my computer. It’s hard to be objective!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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