Inside a $5,998,000 Los Angeles Modern SMART HOME with Glass Infinity Edge Pool

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– What's up everybody, its Enes here. This week, we're gonna tour this newly constructed
modern home right behind me and this week's video is
sponsored by SimpliSafe but more on that later. This house has six bedrooms, eight baths, 5,800 square feet of interior space, built on 8,255 square foot lot and this property is currently
on the market for $5,998,000. We will leave more
information about the property down in the description
and before we get started I wanna thank the developers Ciscowil for allowing us to tour
their amazing development. Now let's begin. (upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) (upbeat music continues) (upbeat music continues) All right guys before we start our tour, I wanna briefly talk about
this week's video sponsor SimpliSafe.

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Also, I will leave a
link in the description and pin a comment down below
for you guys to check out. Now, let's get back to the video. From the street level, we have a beautiful
smooth stucco fence wall, gate that opens up to the property and right here is where we
have the gate for the driveway. Now, the reason we wanted
to shoot this home is it has a lot of cool features and electronics throughout the property.

And the first one we wanna talk about is this one right here. Mikey, does this gate look special to you? – [Mikey] I mean, it
looks like a nice gate, what do you mean? – Well, it looks like a
normal gate but it's not. You hit the clicker. – [Mikey] Oh, wow! – There you go, it actually
goes down to the ground instead of swing opening or
being on a track, really unique. – [Mikey] That's a first. – That's a first on a residential home. And obviously this gate opens up to this grass pattern driveway right
here and right in front of us is where we have the two car garage. In fact, let's check that out next. Since we're right here,
two-car garage, high ceilings, they have a nicely organized
little tool area right there. But more importantly, we have an elevator access from here, from here you can go all the
way up to the fourth floor where we have the rooftop
and throughout the house, I wanted to mention that as well. Now, let's go back out
to the front lawn area.

Again beautiful house,
modern details continue, we have the staircase taking us up to the front entry of this home. Let's actually close
the garage door as well. Beautiful modern architecture, smooth stucco finish
complemented with a composite wood decking on the second
floor of this property. Floor-to-ceiling glass
doors, sliding glass doors, glass railing all around. And why don't we take the stairs so we can take a look at the property. (upbeat music) All right, everyone here
we are at the entry, beautiful glass pivot door. As soon as you walk in, you see the wide plank
white oak hardwood floors.

Alarm system right there
and on my right-hand side, let's call it, it's
actually here, there you go, elevator access on this level. And up on my left-hand side, this beautifully flush
finished door right here opens up to the front facing office. I love the window design
right there, floor-to-ceiling with a casement design
on the right-hand side and fixed window on the left. Good-sized room, we have the
built-in closets on this side and this bedroom has its own bathroom. Beautiful floating vanity
design with the countertops and backsplashes nicely recessed in, mirror with LED lighting and on this side we have a
beautiful walk-in shower, nicely tiled with a shampoo
niche and a bench seating. Now, getting out of this bathroom and going back to the hallway. (upbeat music) Now we are in the living room area so this house on the first floor has the gym and a movie theater, second floor is where we
have the dining room area, living room, kitchen as well as the access to
the beautiful backyard that this home has.

Third floor, we have all the bedrooms including the master suite and lastly on the fourth floor we have a beautiful rooftop deck. Now, let's start with the first floor and we go this way take the stairs. Stairs are nicely lit up on each side with these recessed LED lighting and as we go to the halfway
landing of the stairs, we have a door right here
opening up to the garage of this home that I showed it to you guys at the beginning of the video.

Now, let's go this way. And now let's talk about the first floor. Starting right here, wine cellar,
this thing is pretty cool. So obviously it is temperature-controlled, we have a peekaboo glass right above us that's actually the
landing of the second floor underneath the staircase
will show that as well. Also check this out. You can turn this around,
how cool is this right? – [Mikey] Good little space saving design. – Exactly and it just looks
cool, it's a modern home, it goes well with it, it's nicely enclosed
with this glass design. And going this way, small hallway, closet
right here, check this out. And next door, the gym has its
own bathroom, good-size room, we have a pull-up bar right here and a window with egress access, so this actually counts as
one of the proper bedrooms.

Also happens to have a walk-in closet, pretty straightforward we have the open shelving
design right here. And right next to this room, is where we have the en suite bathroom. Floating vanity design,
nicely tiled floors and a beautiful walk-in shower
you have everything you need. Now, let's go back to the hallway. Right underneath the
staircase they utilize it as a great storage, I mean, they're making every square inch count. And going this way, this is
where we have the movie theater. So what's nice about this movie theater has a really cozy seating, has no window so it's a proper one, all the walls and ceilings
covered with cloth and we have 120 inch screen right here when you're ready to watch a movie. There you go. – [Mikey] That's nice to have. – All right guys, that's
it for the first floor, now let's go upstairs
check out the second floor. All right everyone, here we are back at the
second floor of this home.

This is where we have
the beautiful landing of the staircase and this
is the peekaboo glass that I just talked about
looking over the wine cellar. Right here, we have the beautiful
staircase design of this home, floating steel design, open riser, each thread is a nice single wood slab, beautiful glass railing,
ceiling heights are crazy here. And check it out, Mikey can we pan up and show that amazing
modern light fixture, that looks incredible. And check out that beautiful
picture window right there bringing natural light
into the second floor and the third floor of this home. Now on my right-hand side, we have the formal dining room area. Seating for 10, complemented with this
modern chandelier right above and you get a sliding glass
door right here floor-to-ceiling opening up to the side of the property. Now right across, we have a small hallway and I wanna show this detail this house is full of technology. Check it out, this is
the brains of this home. This is where you have all the good stuff. – [Mikey] The mainframe. – And of course, second
floor you need a powder room, beautiful floating vanity design, I really like the sink design
that they have right here, textured wall tiles continue
on the back as well, nice mirror, we have these chandeliers
coming from the ceiling, some open shelving on this
side, wall mounted toilet and lastly we have this
window design tucked above with a pattern finish
bringing natural light in even to the powder room of this home.

Now, let's go back to the hallway and talk about this
beautiful living room area. Nice and open floor plan, we have the sliding glass
doors tucking into the wall and that side opening up
to the incredible backyard that this home has. And we have a feature wall right here, clad with slate stone slabs. And as we go this way, we have a little shelf design right here and a feature wall where
they cut up pieces of wood and painted with different colors, you can actually see the
grains of the wood as well. And going this way, we
have a linear gas fireplace complementing this beautiful
living room area of this home. Now, Mikey I have a question for you, what do you think we're
missing in this living room? – [Mikey] You seem to have everything, you got your gas fireplace,
you got your open floor plan, you got your big windows looking
out of your awesome pool, what do we got? – Well, how about the TV? – [Mikey] Oh, yeah that,
you do need one of those.

– Well Jayson hit it. (acoustic music) There you go. – [Mikey] Wow! – Nicely tucked behind that feature wall, we have the motorized TV
coming down, there you have it. – [Mikey] Another first. – I told you guys this
house is full of technology and talking about technology,
if you go this way right here. This is where we have the iPad, you can literally control
anything in this house, your pool equipment, all the good stuff, they have it right here. So, I guess next thing let's
talk about the kitchen area. Very sleek, very modern, we have three tone cabinetry
contrasting beautifully with each other. Let's start talking about the island.

We have the island set up here, with bar seating, pendant lights above. We have one of the two
sinks on the island here with a nice water filtration system, is really nice to have these. And if you go this way, this is where we have the
base cabinetry starting, they used the same
countertops slabs also here, also as a backsplash with
some open shelving design. Let's show every detail starting here, we have the Miele dishwasher, main sink. Check this out, so we have this window in
front of the kitchen sink tucking into the wall and we
have a screen right here right, another cool feature.
– [Mikey] Wow! – I mean detail after
detail in this house. – [Mikey] We got a lot of
comments about bugs in LA, we really don't have many of them but it's nice to have the
option to have a screen. – Well said, well said. And they use the same countertops also on the windowsill, as well as like a little part extension that opens up to the outdoor
dining area of this home.

Let's close the– – [Mikey] It's a little hot today. – It's a little hot today, that's right. Now, kitchen continues here, dark wood cabinetry starts right here and wraps around this
section of the kitchen. I kinda like the design
that they did here, instead of having upper cabinets they used these shallow
cabinets tuck to the ceiling and they kinda left this area all open. They used the same countertops
also as a backsplash and they make the backsplash
as a statement piece on this section. Beautiful built-in gas Miele stove, let's not forget your modern pot filler, vent clad with the
cabinetry that they used, overall this is beautiful kitchen design. And let's not forget fridge nicely paneled, Mielie built-in appliances and the freezer right
here you have it all. Now going this way, we
have an exterior door here opening up to the side of the property, in case you have caterers or people who wanna just bring the grocery straight to the kitchen they can do that.

Little bit of a desk set up, open shelving and this is where we have
the pantry of this kitchen. Now, let's go back out to the living room area and
open up these glass pocket doors so we can talk about
this incredible backyard, this backyard is something else. And trust me you guys do
not wanna miss this backyard because it's incredible and of course these glass
doors pocket into the wall, opening up to your living room area to that incredible backyard,
which we're doing next. (upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) (upbeat music continues) All right guys, so we have a lot to talk
about in this backyard. Although it may not be the biggest lot developers managed to squeeze
in a lot of cool features throughout this level and the
upper level backyard area. Let's start right here where
we have the grass section. So we have the living room glass doors pocketed into the walls right there opening up to this section and from your living
room, you see the grass and all you see is this infinity edge pool with a glass front.

Looks really cool, something very unique and we don't see this quite often, honestly it's really difficult to build pools with a glass inserts, so I wanna say kudos to the developers tackling a big project like this, but it looks awesome and
it's definitely worth it. So the pull infinity edge overflows and there's like a little
bit of water feature here with these planters and going this way the
grass section continues. After the living room, you step out to the concrete
patio deck that is nicely tiled and that patio deck brings you right here where we have the
outdoor dining room area, built-in barbecue set up and going this way we have the third floor over extending a little bit
kinda making this area covered as well as opening from
the living room area.

And this is the bar section
that we were talking about kitchen sink is right there opening up beautifully to the space. Now, on each side of the backyard we have these stairs taking
us up to the upper deck of this backyard so let's go check it out. All right, so we're on
the upper deck right now, again nicely tiled, this
is where we have the pool, pool cabana and the pool house. I really like this
smooth stucco fence walls that they have on the
inside of the backyard. They have these nice LED
strip lighting, built-in, recessed into these walls,
at night they look great. And going this way before we
start talking about the pool, let's talk about this area
right here, the pool cabana. You got a little kitchenette,
some open shelving, your fridge set up, your
TV is nicely recessed in. Again nice composite decking
material was used here, exterior is great, overall a great space, I don't wanna sound
like a sleazy salesman, but just imagine watching TV here, you have the water feature
running behind you, your friends in the pool, you can see your living room from here, overall this backyard is
just very cozy, very inviting and just has a great features.

Now, I have another question
for you Mikey, you ready? – [Mikey] Yeah. – So this section and we have
these kind of bar stools here, they look a little bit odd, right? – [Mikey] Yeah, I was
kinda wondering what– – It is kinda look out of place there. Well what if I tell you, I can bring in a bar. – [Mikey] What! – It's crazy.
– [Mikey] All these features. – All these features the developers thought of literally
everything, check this out. – [Mikey] Wow!
– Welcome to your bar. – [Mikey] I've never
seen anything like that. – I've never seen anything like this. – [Mikey] So not to
throw you off your flow but like why wouldn't they do
some of these cooler features on like these bigger
$30 $40 million homes? – Because it takes tremendous
amount of engineering and you need to really
think these details through before you even start building, so that way you can have the
right space for the motors and all the details.
– [Mikey] Yeah – It just takes a lot of work and a lot of people
like to just skip them.

pexels photo 920382

Another one, ready? This glass shelf right here,
looks a little high, right? (water splashing) There you go. – [Mikey] That's cool. A little slower than the
shelf but still good to have. – Exactly, it's a little cool detail. There you go coming down. – [Mikey] So it's like you
can have everything put away, have this look however you want, seamless and then if you wanna
have a party you just– – Drop the bar. – [Mikey] Drop your bar and hire a bartender, you're good to go. – Exactly hire a bartender, just enjoy this incredible backyard. Now right next door, we have this incredible water feature, coming down from the
retaining wall above us. The water overflows here goes underneath this glass walking path right here and actually overflows into the main pool. Again another cool detail, from here the house looks really cool, floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, just a really cool modern architecture.

Now, let's talk about this pool. On the left, we have bar
shelves, simple white plaster, glass tile coping, that glass
infinity edge right there and on the right-hand
side we have the spa. Going this way, this is
where we have the pool house, currently stays as a massage room but Mikey let's show it, you have the split A/C system right here. Honestly, this could even be an office. Floating vanity design,
huge walk-in shower, again being close to the pool, it's nice to have a pool shower and pool bathroom. Going out, pool deck continues right here, and we have these gas fire
pits on each side of the pool, at night these things
glow, looks very cool. And that's pretty much
it for the backyard, I hope everybody's
enjoying the video so far, if you do make sure to give us a like, if you have any questions or input always leave us a comment below.

And I wanna take the time to
thank each and everyone of you for the continued support, we're almost at 250,000 subscribers, it's amazing the amount of watch time, likes and comments we get, I love engaging with you guys, I try to respond every single
comment to let you guys know that we really appreciate all the feedback and support we've been
getting from you guys. We have big plans for the future, we have a lot of projects
that we're working on.

We're gonna make sure that
we keep you guys entertained and informed and I hope
you guys stick around and share this journey with us. And that wraps the tour for the backyard, now let's go inside take the stairs so we can do the third floor. (upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) (upbeat music continues) All right everyone, so we're
at the base of the staircase, I actually forgot to
mention this but as I up, you guys can see these LED strips nicely recessed into the walls lighting up the staircase of this home. And before we go up to the third floor, we actually have one of
the bedrooms right here, at the halfway landing of the staircase, let's go check it out.

Good-size room, gets ton of natural light thanks to the corner glass detail and that beautiful slider
opening up to the balcony of this room. We have the built-in closets on this side and interesting detail we have the elevator access right here. This room can actually
work great as an office, people can come up from your
garage straight to here, you can have this room secluded
from the rest of the house. And let's talk about this
balcony design right here. Nicely tiled floors,
beautiful glass railing, this is a front facing balcony design, we can get a closer look
to the composite decking that they used on the second
floor and the third floor of this house.

Now, let's talk about this
bathroom of this bedroom. Beautiful vanity design, LED lit mirror, nicely tiled floors and we have this walk-in shower right here with this texture tile
design, handheld shower-head, you got everything you need. Now, let's go back to the staircase and go to the landing of the third floor. Let's not forget this
beautiful modern chandelier right here as well. And this is where we have
the third-floor landing. Now on this side we have
one bedroom right here, another one right behind me
and we have the laundry room and the master bedroom on that side. Let's start this way. Right here is the elevator
access on the third floor of this home and go in this way we have another front
facing bedroom right here. Another corner glass detailed bringing ton of natural light in. I like this design right here, we have the casement window above with a fixed window on the
bottom, ton of natural light, built-in closets on this side. You kinda have it all and coming this way, we have a different
vanity set up right here with this sleek design, with a black accents, circular
mirror with LED lighting.

We have frosted casement window right here bringing some ventilation and another walk-in shower
with this pattern design and handheld shower-head you have it all. Now, let's get out and let's go back to the hallway so we can take a look at the
second bedroom on this level. Actually, Mikey can we come
in I wanna show this details with you guys probably have
to come inside to show it. These door handles, did
you not have any latches, so check it out? No movement, right? When you close them, they're magnetic. Check it out, no latches, right? – [Mikey] Wow, we've
never seen that before. – Never seen that before, you release it, there you go, you have
the magnet right there. Flush another unique detail. Well, also we have another
bedroom right here, again, built-in closets, nicely
organized, nicely tucked in.

They also further down
the ceilings to flush these built-in closets as well, I thought that was a unique touch too. Casement windows on each the side, another bathroom design,
kinda the same finishes. This one actually gets a top set up and they used the floor tiles to clad the surround of the top as well, tile above, you got it
everything you need. Now, let's go back to the
hallway and continue our tour. Actually, we have an access to
the rooftop deck right here, we'll talk more on that later. And this landing right here, Mikey can we show the thickness of
this glass railing right here? This is actually Starphire
glass that is 3/4 inch thick and it doesn't have any tints, so if you look through it,
it's actually super clear. Now going this way, this is what where have the laundry room, you get your sink set
up, base cabinets uppers, washer and dryers side by side, they did a nice little shelf right here, with an awning window and check this out.

– [Mikey] What we got here? – We got details Mikey. – [Mikey] Oh! – There you go. You got a little ironing table right here. – [Mikey] That's cool. – Yep. – [Mikey] Nice little touch. – Every detail was
though out in this house, like I mentioned, developers
took extreme pride building this house. Now, master bedroom, come on in. Very spacious, gets a
lot of natural light, you get an awesome view
of your backyard area, we have the master bed situated right here and this room is so spacious that it makes this massive bed look small. We have windows on each side
bringing natural light in and I wanna talk about this detail, we have this beautiful
sliding glass door right here opening up to the balcony right? In these modern home lot of glass details and privacy can be an issue, that's why the developer
left these recessed areas all round, all the bedrooms
as well as the bedrooms that we just toured for you
to tuck in one of these, motorized shades.

– [Mikey] It's always nice to have. – It's always nice to have, so
they left this gap right here throughout all the bedrooms in this house. – [Mikey] And they black
out as well, right? – Yeah. All right, let's push that back up because we need to talk about that beautiful balcony that they have. So let's go check it out. You have the balcony right here, they used the same composite
material as decking as well as the exterior
walls and the ceilings on this balcony.

Of course, we have glass railing because we wanna look at
that beautiful backyard of this property, very private and I mean, it's nice
to have a master bedroom complemented with a massive
balcony like this one. Now going in, on this side right
in front of the master bed, we have a beautiful venetian plaster wall with a linear gas fireplace,
TV is nicely recessed above, overall a good-sized master bedroom. Now, check this out. Beautiful Barn Door hardware right there, this is a painted glass, and it opens up to this
little section right here where we have a makeup area. LED lit mirror and check this out, they have this side makeup
mirror right here again, even that is LED. Another cool detail, look at
the drawer, they have a plug inside of the drawer so you
can have your hair dryer and everything you don't
need to leave it exposed. – [Mikey] That's really cool. – Nice little detail right? Now, next door, walk-in closet.

Very sleek, very minimalist but it's also very well-thought-out space. You have your hanger design,
you have your open shelving, you have your drawers,
shoe racks on this side, you get a centered island here
with a beautiful glass top so you can see all your
jewelry, all that good stuff. I mean, it's definitely spacious and let's not forget
even here natural light, Mikey can we get a pan up? We have a beautiful skylight right in the center of this room. – [Mikey] Gotta have it. – Gotta have it. Now, another door here opening
up to the master bathroom. Come on in, now this is a
good-sized master bathroom. Starting here we have
a double vanity set up, darker tone cabinetry complemented with these light countertops. They used this texture tile right behind the mirror on this wall. We have the mirror in here with the wall sconces on each side. And let's talk about
this freestanding tub. This freestanding tub has an awesome view, thanks to this floor-to-ceiling
glass window right here looking towards that incredible backyard, frosted window on this side
and in case you need privacy and another one of these
built-in shade right here, like a mentioned throughout
the whole house, there you go.

Now, this may look like
a regular towel hanger, it's not it's a heated towel hanger, so when you get out of the shower, you can cozy up with some hot towels. – [Mikey] Who doesn't like warm towels? – Who doesn't right? All right, let's walk in to this massive incredible walk-in shower. I use those words because this is not your
everyday walk-in shower, starting with this crazy bench design that we have on each side,
these are heated benches so you can sit down and relax here. We have a steam shower here, linear drains beautifully
tucked underneath, you have the shampoo niche on each side, this whole shower is nicely
tiled and let's not forget, you get dual handhelds
and three rainheads, Mikey, can we get a pan up? – [Mikey] Oh, yeah. – It's crazy, so we have
these, one on each side and we have this big center one.

Even the ceiling is nicely tiled and anti-fog mirror right here, so you can take a shower,
shave in the morning and you will not even fog up. – [Mikey] That's nice
have, I wish more people would put mirrors in the shower. – I cannot agree more, I feel
like every walk-in shower has to have one of these. Now, getting out of the walk-in shower, we have the water closet right here. I mean even the water closets
pretty spacious, fancy toilet, has all the bells and whistles and let's not forget
casement window right here to bring some ventilation. Now you take your shower,
you dress up, you get ready, you wanna see yourself, check out this fancy mirror right here. You can actually see the
whole crew from here as well. – [Mikey] That's right. – There you go, we got
Jayson and Mikey as well. Now, let's get out of
this master bathroom, overall I love the master
suite of this home, I feel like it's spacious, it's nicely tucked on
this side of the home so it's very private and you can look at that
awesome backyard that you have from your master bed.

That wraps our tour for the third floor, now let's take the stairs and talk about that beautiful rooftop. (upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) All right everyone, let's go tour this
incredible rooftop deck. Starting right here, we
have the Ipe decking, outdoor seating area. Another cool feature, check it out. – [Mikey] Oh. – Well motorized shutter action and there you go your outdoor TV. – [Mikey] Again something we've never seen so I guess you don't need to
have an outdoor TV specifically you can have an indoor TV that's protected from the elements. – Right here, exactly, now check this out, putting green right here,
another cool detail. Now, deck continues here and on this side we have a
little outdoor kitchenette.

Your sink design check this out, have you seen one of these before? – [Mikey] What! – I know, right. (water splashing) – [Mikey] Really really cool, what's the purpose of that exactly? – Honestly, I don't know. – [Mikey] It's just fun – It is fun, it is fun exactly. You have the countertop, outdoor fridge, gas barbecue, even the knobs are nicely LED lit up, I thought that was really cool. Now, outdoor dining area and right above us we have this cool canopy design bringing some shade to this area. And this is where you
have your elevator access, here's another detail I really like. You have this little overhang design keeping the elevator access waterproof, I feel like a lot of rooftops that we see, they have these short overhangs and elevators can leak some time, so it's nice to have this extended overhang design right here. And on this side, we have a
beautiful concrete gas fire pit complemented with the seating area. And of course since we're elevated, look at this incredible view, you can see all the way to Downtown LA, we're nicely elevated, we can even see the
peak of Hollywood Hills.

We live in LA, it's nice
to have an outdoor space and it's nice to make the
best out of the weather that we have in this city. And that pretty much wraps our
tour for the rooftop as well. Now, why don't we fast forward few hours so we can see the property in the evening. (upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) (upbeat music continues) (upbeat music continues) All right guys, I hope everybody enjoyed
seeing this property at night and the architecture of this home is really magnified at night so I hope everybody enjoyed seeing that and that wraps our tour. I hope everybody enjoyed the video, if you did make sure to give us a like, if you have any questions or
input leave us a comment below, if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to our channel, we only post one video a week, if you don't wanna miss that
hit the notification bell.

Lastly, I wanna thank and
congratulate the developers Ciscowil for building this
incredible modern home. And we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) (upbeat music continues).

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