Inside Amazon’s Massive Data Center

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The Leap Motion Controller

On the fence about the Leap Motion device that uses an input device that uses 3D spatial tracking? The Leap Motion Controller Review can help you decide.

Make Your Move With Permission Marketing

Every single message matters for digital marketers who unfortunately have to face spamming very often. But with the new concept of permission marketing, it has become easy to earn the attention of potential buyers or customers.

Install Guide and Warnings for Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft has made a strategic move by introducing Windows 10 as revert to all the criticism about its previously released Windows OS version (win 8). The company announced to launch this numerically questionable successor to Windows 8 during an event in San Francisco. Soon after Microsoft announced Windows 10 and discussed about its features, the ‘Windows 10 Technical Preview’ was made available for download and that too for free. Considering the growing demands of users about the missing Windows features, Microsoft decided to make the preview available for work, immediately after installing it.

The Digital Revolution

Forget being a paper holdout. I’m all about e-everything!

Factors Necessary to Make a Data Monetization Strategy Successful

The process of data monetization can be defined as the activity of value generation from the data inventory of a company. Both individuals and corporate entities need to have recognition of the hidden insights present in a database and how it is reflected in personal use, locations, profiles and activities.

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