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In recent years, increasing digitization has also left its mark on your own four walls. This is particularly evident from the increasing demand for individual smart solutions in home planning smart system on for many builders, these systems have functions at first glance that are not absolutely necessary, but at second glance it quickly becomes clear what advantages the smarthouse technology has and that comfort is not the only priority in this video you what intelligent living is all about, what advantages and disadvantages there are and how it works, if you equip your home with a smartphone system, it ensures that certain processes in your house are automated and run according to your individual needs b lighting heating windows and doors roller shutters alarm systems and surveillance cameras or entertainment systems are intelligently controlled a network of building technology and household appliances is created which is defined by certain rules the focus is on increasing your quality of life your security and efficient use of energy but how does it work smarthome the prerequisite is that the interaction of the individual components runs smoothly first of all the end devices that are to be controlled, such as the coffee machine, the television or the radiator valves, you can communicate with your smartphone system via input devices, which can be simple switches or a permanently installed touchpad operation via your smartphone or tablet offers the most flexibility.

Another option is to use highly automated systems that do not require their own control, many sma rtphone functions also use sensors that are necessary, for example, for triggering motion detectors or measuring room temperature. the gateway can be seen as the brain of your intelligent home. the sensors receive data from this central control unit and are sent out as control commands to create a network end devices connected to the gateway via cable or radio the smart home topic came up around the turn of the millennium since then new innovative system solutions have been constantly tested and further developed the possibilities offered by smartphone systems are diverse and their function can be optimally adapted to your needs and everyday processes which is an advantage Is it when you choose basic equipment that can be expanded at any time with additional smartphone products? there are some differences in the individual processes when we talk about home automation this means the control of the device that is directly connected to the house examples of this are heating, blinds or lighting smart metering is about intelligently measuring and collecting data with with the aim of reducing costs, the consumption of electricity, water and gas, among other things, is measured, logged and regulated household appliances automation is a network and remote control electronic household appliances such as the washing machine or the coffee machine entertainment electronics can also be networked centrally via wifi so that your music photos or call up films at any time from anywhere and play them on your end device could provide more security sensors that alert you to dangers with a signal if, for example, the stove is still switched on with the topic of security we will come straight to e the first major advantages of smart home in your own home you want to feel safe a smartphone system in your hanse house can make a major contribution to this, on the one hand reliably protects against uninvited guests and on the other hand warns of dangers such as fire, smoke, water ingress and storms when you leave your house it can switch automatically to security mode it is even possible that you will be automatically notified on your smartphone in the event of an alarm and your smart home itself can also react to dangers and prevent risks, for example by closing the windows in the event of sudden rain or if water is running out the inflow there are such an outdoor area can also ensure that burglars are deterred by different signals if that is enough you can install panic custody next to your bed in an emergency can trigger an alarm the light goes on and the blinds go ho ch that should finally put burglars to flight so that burglars don't even get their sights in the first place, a presence is particularly practical in situations such as while you're relaxing on vacation, for example, your smartphone uses lighting and sound to pretend that you're at home when you use a smartphone systems new hanse integrated into the house, it can help you to save valuable energy and thus reduce costs.

A statistics function offers you the possibility of visualizing the power consumption of your devices and thus recognizing energy-saving potential in your home. with the push of a button you can switch off all power-eating standby devices in combination with a photovoltaic system with storage, the smart home shows its full potential your washing machine can, for example, determine the optimal time for the wash cycle in order to make the best possible use of the sun's power with appropriate smartphone products k When your heating learns how long it takes to bring a room to a certain temperature, it heats with pinpoint accuracy and no unnecessary energy is consumed so that the heating does not have to be switched on in the first place.

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Solar energy can also be used optimally here roller shutters shaded when it has reached the comfortable temperature you leave the house can be switched off at a smart home with a triple click on any button in the whole house , the temperature is lowered and the power supply of standby devices can be interrupted [music] intelligent smart home solution in your hanse haus you can also help with simple and everyday things in the household all functions are always available in your area, whether it is switching the lighting on or off, controlling the electric shutters or displaying the room temperature if you feel like it If you use an app for your smartphone or tablet, you can even control your smart home while on the move and, for example, preheat it in the oven before you come home. A smartphone system can also ensure that your home is always at your ideal temperature regulate and adjust the control of the shading to the position of the sun if you define seeing light for certain situations , you can, for example, create a cinema atmosphere in the living room at the touch of a button it is also very practical that all functions and actions in the smart home can be combined with each other it collects permanently information from all sensors, buttons and motion detectors, and is available for house control cost savings through higher energy efficiency more security in everyday life and an increase in living comfort that all sounds very good of course, but there are also disadvantages that we have to reckon with if you choose e a smart product is what decides most of the relatively high acquisition costs for smartphone systems are an aspect that many builders shy away from the advantages of such intelligent systems are obvious, but it is often difficult to assess whether the investment is actually worthwhile difficulties often arise with the compatibility of devices from different manufacturers, so you should pay close attention to which products can be integrated into your smartphone system.

Many people interested in smartphones are concerned that their data will fall into the wrong hands when using a smartphone, the fear of theft of data is not entirely unjustified after all, there is always a risk that data collected through the use of apps or mobile devices will reach unauthorized third parties and be processed further without your knowledge as a user of a smartphone system you have a number of options Opportunities to protect your data more strongly The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) recommends that when buying smart devices, you always weigh functionality and convenience as well as data protection and security. The best way to experience which data is collected and stored is to pay particular attention to whether personal data is recorded that are not at all relevant to the function of the smart home product. this information can be found in the declaration of protection of the martin system. in order to be protected against attacks, the company of the device must also be automatically updated by the manufacturer on a regular basis installation is guaranteed also make sure that your wlan network is secured by firewalls and encryption if you inform yourself in advance about the individual smartphone providers, their references and empirical values , you can get information from one producing such a system in your home smart home systems help you to save costs in the long term through the intelligent use of energy and end devices with their land sweeping controls they make a positive contribution to your living and quality of life and ensure security in your home at hansa haus geht as smartphone technology, the system from the established provider loks and for use it offers components for controlling all common scenarios and devices as well as intuitive usability both on stationary wall switches and on smartphones and tablets if you are interested in your hanse house with a smart system, our consultants will support you in putting together a perfectly tailored , safe system that is suitable for everyday use if you would like to experience live how a comprehensive smart and solutions can work, you can see it in some of our show homes in the ready haus welt in günzburg, for example, has our model house variant 35 172 in which we have implemented a smart solution, whether you want to achieve all three major goals of comfort, efficiency and safety with your smartphone and you only want one of them, you can design your smart according to your personal requirements and also change again we hope that we were able to give you a good overview of the subject of smartphones with this video if you still have questions or are interested in other houseboats you are welcome to write them in the comments you don't want any tips on the subject of houses then let it be a little easier and subscribe to our channel other house building tips can be found here otherwise see you next time

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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