Introducing the second-gen Nest Hub from Google

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This is the new and improved 7
inch Nest Hub from Google. It’s a smart display that gives
you access to your favorite entertainment and smart home devices in one
connected place. Which makes it super helpful in
any room you put it in. Kind of like a conductor that keeps your whole home in
perfect harmony. First up, let’s see how Nest Hub
works in the living room. Just set it up, and when you
need to pause the music, you can stop the tunes with your
voice or even with a simple gesture. Ready to pick it back up again? Just say, “Hey Google, play some
music.” And the Nest Hub’s enhanced
speakers will get it pumping. When it’s time for a real
cinematic experience. “Hey Google, dim the lights.” What about when you get
interrupted? It shows you who’s at the door
and even lets you talk to them. Next up, Nest Hub in the
kitchen. Need a pasta recipe? Just say, “Hey Google, show me
how to make a ragu on YouTube.” It also keeps your family on
track and on beat.

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“Hey Google, show me my
calendar.” And reminds you about important
things on your to-do list. And when dinner’s ready, Nest
Hub helps let everyone know. “Hey Google, broadcast it’s
dinner time.” And the last stop on our tour,
Nest Hub in your bedroom. Setting an alarm and playing soothing sleep sounds has never
been easier. It even wakes you up with gentle bird song and a soft
change in light. Or you can just snooze with a
wave of your hand. Shhhh… And with a preview of sleep
sensing, your bedside Nest Hub can
effortlessly track your sleep and send personalized tips on how you can get a better
night’s rest. So yeah, keep your home in
harmony with the new Nest Hub from

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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