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Smart Home Technology and Disability Series

Hi there! Welcome to the first video of the smart home tech and disability series! This video introduces smart home technology and the possibility it holds for people with disabilities….

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Part 2: Start Your DIY Smart Home – Smart Lighting + Home Automation + Amazon Echo

– Trying to figure out where to start your smart home? Today we're going to review part two of How to Start Your Smart Home with lighting and switches, stay…

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Wink Hub vs. Wink Hub 2 – Performance Comparison of the Smart Home Hubs

If you're not familiar with what Wink [stutter] [slap] [music] Hey everybody, it's Rich, with 2GuysTek. Today on the show, we're going to take a look at the second generation…

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Introducing the second-gen Nest Hub from Google

This is the new and improved 7 inch Nest Hub from Google. It’s a smart display that gives you access to your favorite entertainment and smart home devices in one…

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Ultimate Smart Home: Episode 2

Hey guys this is Austin and welcome to episode two of the Ultimate Smart Home. Kicking things off we have the Google OnHub router. While it doesn’t look like a…

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Smart Lights Can Offer Both Perks and Hassles for Your Home | WSJ

– I never really understood smart lights. There are so many other smart home ideas that I totally get. Coffee that's just magically ready in the morning. A front door…

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Control Lightwave smart dimmers and sockets with Apple HomePod and Siri

It might be time for bed. Yeah, I'll go and put him down for a nap. Hey, Siri, set Fin's room light to 20%. [Siri] All set! With the Lightwave…