Security & Smart Home Year in Review | Looking forward to 2021

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– We have covered some pretty
cool things here in 2020 but what are we expecting for 2021? We're going to be talking about both of those
things in today's video. So stay tuned. (background music) Everyone welcome back to another video. My name is Steve from the
YouTube channel, Steve Does. And I wanna to thank you for
joining me here at Well, 2020 is finally over. Being the end of the year means that I've been with this
channel for almost a year now as your smart home hosts. I want to thank you guys for joining us on all of the smart home tech
that we have been covering and reviewing and topics. And for everyone who has commented and liked the videos I
want to thank you guys for being a part of that
to community with me. Now in this video, I want to
talk about some of the products that I have gone over this year and then also kind of give a forecast on what to expect in 2021. So we've gone over things
like home security systems from simply safe in
ADT to security cameras like our Arlo Google and even real link.

We've even done some
smart lighting from Ring and Phillips Hue, and we've
even covered a speaker or two. Now there have definitely
been some reviews that I have done that have opened my eyes to new products out there,
which is what I really enjoy about being a part of
this community right here. The first thing that I
really enjoyed reviewing were the Google Nest cameras. I had never experienced
their cameras before cause they were always high budget and their subscription fees
were just astronomically priced. They were just way overpriced $30 a month for one camera was just ridiculous. There was no way I was going to do that. But what Google did this year is that they redid their
subscription service. So now you can pay anywhere
from $6 a month or $12 a month.

And that covers all of your cameras. It is such a great deal now but what I really enjoyed
about that, which is getting into the Nest ecosystem, not
only did I cover those cameras and we've done quite a view versus videos Nest versus Arlo, Nest versus Ring but that's also opened me up
to other Google Nest products. I did a review on my channel for the Nest Hub and I
absolutely love that product. It's essentially a Nest
Mini with a screen. So if you're not familiar
with the Google products it's like the Echo Show of Amazon but it is just a fantastic product. You can control all of
your smart home through it. It's a digital picture frame
and you can watch shows on it from Hulu to Netflix, to YouTube look up recipes, set timers. It can just do it all. But I absolutely love that product. That has probably been my
favorite product that I've added to my smart home this year. In addition to that I found my favorite new
budget security camera and that is the real link artists three.

I absolutely love that product. The quality that you're
going to get out of something like that it's
about a 100$ camera. I think maybe a 100, 120,
but you can get a solar panel for the solar panels come in 15, 20$ and you have a whole system
up and running for under $150. Quality, like I mentioned
was absolutely amazing. I really enjoy using
that product right there. In fact, I even still
have it out in my yard. Some other products that we tried out that I wasn't sure I was
going to like where all of the Ring smart lighting products. So I've done all of the
Rings smart lighting. Yours can check all those videos out. We'll link it up above,
but they've got path lights and spotlights and light
bulbs for your porch. We've also got additional
motion sensors that can trigger your re video
doorbell or other cameras. They've just got a really good ecosystem for connecting all of
their devices together. And it's really cool that their lighting can
trigger their cameras to start recording earlier. So I've really enjoyed that but what are we expecting for 2021? It's pretty standard now that all security cameras
come in 10 ADP quality.

I think that we're going
to see a much bigger push towards 2K for the mid range
type cameras out there. And I'm expecting to see a bigger push for say the big companies like Ring and Nest to push to 4k cameras this year. I've also noticed things like Google and Amazon dropping their prices for all of their smart displays. So the Nest Hub that I
was just talking about and the Amazon Echo Show has seen
drastic price drops this year which leads me to believe
that we're going to see better more improved maybe even 4k Retina screens on this things they're
going to look amazing. So that is something
that I am looking forward to and hoping to see in 2021. So I also have a bold prediction. It's going to be my fearless forecast for 2021 is that Apple is going to come out with their own home security camera.

And it is going to blow everybody away. Look at the cameras that were getting out of our small little
iPhones, how small they are. The quality is absolutely amazing. My bold prediction for 2021 is that Apple will come out with
her own home security camera for all of you, Apple users out there. If you guys want to know any more about the current at 2020
product lines that are out there check the link below for I want to thank you guys again for joining me on this journey.

I hope that we see all of
that cool tech in 2021. If you guys want to see more
from me checking my channel Steve Does or I do a lot
of cool tech reviews. If this video is helpful,
give it a thumbs up. Let me know that you liked it. As always I want to
thank you for joining me here at and I will see you guys next time..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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