KNX Licht steuern – mit smarten IoT Lichtquellen koppeln | iHaus Smart Home App | mobile Steuerung

Control KNX light Welcome to the next iHaus tutorial. As we already mentioned, the biggest change in our new version of iHaus is the integration of KNX. This integration is the perfect possiblity for us to create a bunch of new features with benefits like time and cost savings or comfort and safety increases The question is, how you can integrated your existing KNX-solution? Basically you have to create a KNX-LINKIT. There are 3 different typs of KNX-LINKITS: Light, heating, window shade. How to create a KNX-light LINKIT will be shown in this tutorial, window shade and heating in the next ones. To create a KNX-light LINKIT, tap the "+ button" in your desired room. Choose "Devices and Services" and search for your KNX-device For light choose "KNX-light" Now there are two different ways to integrate your KNX-device. You can ad them manually, which I will show in the next tutorial, or you can train them, which we will do now. Simply follow the instructions on the screen and press the multi-switch for 5 times. The uniqueness of our app is that you can simply add smart lights like the philips hue LEDs to your existing KNX-solution.

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To control them together you have to create a SUM-IT[UP] or a device group. Go to settings, tap "Add Devices" and choose the device you want to add. In our example we add Philips hue spots to our KNX-light. The device group is ready. You can now switch on an off all your lights together and at the same time. See you in the next tutorial!.

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