Nintendo at E3 in 12 minutes: Zelda, Metroid, and more

Nintendo at E3 in 12 minutes: Zelda, Metroid, and more

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Technologies Shaping Business Today

There is no denying that we live in a technically motivated world. If you own and operate a business, it is likely that you use technology to a certain extent in promoting and operating your business as well. If you are able to do so effectively, you will find that it offers many benefits but if you are lacking in this regard, you may end up left behind.

Best Deal on Cloud Storage

Finding the best deal on cloud storage is a process that deviates some from conventional wisdom. You actually have to try out the services to get access to the deep discounts. In this article, you’ll begin to learn about some of the marketing techniques cloud data storage providers use to entice you to buy, and how you can turn them to your advantage by knowing ahead of time what you are looking for.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

How much cloud storage should you purchase? Do you try to save on costs by going for the limited storage accounts or do you spring for the unlimited option right off the bat? In this article you will learn why it’s at least worth checking out the price list on unlimited cloud storage.

Is Xperia SP Worth Purchasing?

Sony has recently unveiled yet another phone the Xperia SP. However, this phone is not exactly the marvel that one would wonder about but it still seems to steal the limelight by the features it incorporates. What more, you need not burn holes in your pocket in an attempt to purchase it. It is said to be amid-range phone with all the impressive specifications that will keep you hooked on to it. It is said that this handset is a bit of combination of its previous versions that include Xperia P and Xperia S.

Four Most Essential Tips for Android 4.2

Android 4.2 has made it to the Verizon Galaxy, although it has been more than a couple of months now but there are still things that you need to know. As soon as an upgrade is available, you are notified for upgrade. For all those who are still wondering if this version has something nice to bring to their handset then they need to probe further. Though we know that the latest version is Android 4.2.2 but even 4.1 have a lot to add and make your Smartphone experience better. Let us take a look at 4 most essential tips that you can apply and have enhanced user experience with Android 4.2.

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