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[Music] Welcome to Smart Home TV, we have lasse with us today, lasse has realized his Smart Home with KNX and will give us first-hand information today on how the construction went, how it came about, whether he is happy and yes Let me tell you a little bit about everyday life too. Please take us a little bit with you and explain to us what kind of house you have Construction started in June 2020, yes, then it was a year of construction and then moved in in 2021, so it has been a little more than a year in this house and yes, from the inside it is very open if you imagine it now, a floor like that just as an example, the living room, kitchen and dining room are in one room , so the whole floor is clear, there is still a small storage room and guest toilet, but something like that is very open, you can actually go through this floor once s house that you can perhaps imagine a bit there get a few more impressions if you are the Instagram and you can see the house there the page is called @the.concrete.dream it is and a concrete house as I said black black completely black and the large windows me was lucky enough to be there myself who is impressive now you have a KNX smart home how did it come about to basically say I want a smartphone have you approached the topic we made the decision yes I have a bit of an affinity I'm still on loan with this technology, but I'm interested in it and then I said to myself that if I build one day I'll need a smart home where I can control more things and also simplify my life a bit, so that's actually how we said it or I then said to my girlfriend let's do Smart Home that's good, he said yeah what's your thing doing to you um how is it always It's like that when building a house and then at some point there's a cost calculation and then it's always just like that as input from all sorts of places where you've read Karl X yes, calculate 20 30 000 € more ok then unfortunately not something like that at the beginning and what already said we designed the house very openly and then afterwards they were my electricians and fortunately Karl X too I don't know what we call ourselves integrators and then pointed out why I do n't take a good one too expensive for you and says he yes but you have very open rooms you want to dim as much as you want apparently very many light sources you will have many switches batteries on the walls if you come up now I have to control the blinds once the music so I had to Controlling the heating I just have to control all the light sources because nobody can see through afterwards and I think then said I don't think it's that much expensive r will be with you because the wiring is just simple you save you don’t need 12 switches it can be realized with one switch let me calculate it ours we are not possible because it was still lucrative in terms of costs afterwards the advice was then but in the end it was essential that I was actually implemented you always hear that it is more expensive it is certainly so that you have to invest something but at the end of the day it makes sense and doesn’t matter that much if you at least look at individual Objects that now calculate this quite normally for you, and especially if you want to do more later, uh, you already have the basics for it and tell me, we just came to KNX, but uh, why? nothing that was there for you the pro arguments that you then so not only that the electrician can happen nothing integration probably there will be meh r depends on it, so I already said [ __ ] we had already said that before, of course, you can also do it somehow, but then I always said when you build something new, of course, I would also like that not everything is necessarily wireless now, you also mentioned a lot I forgot about fair-faced concrete we have quite a lot Fair-faced concrete, which also means there are not many rays that often go through between floors and yes, they are actually open.

There are also other manufacturers who don’t want to name everyone now, but it’s always the case which is very nice for ages and of course you have a great selection also has an assortment from different manufacturers and is constantly being further developed that was reason for me not to go to anyone else now a manufacturer because there is the risk of course first of all not being tied to certain products and who knows how the company will continue to exist in the future, of course there are also big ones, but nothing came up very quickly , uh, this standard has been around for a long time and there are also many options if you have already addressed options what are you doing right now everything is smart in your house, what gives for it, what functions do you have for Sz enaria maybe implemented take us a little bit through your smart everyday life yes so if you basically of course have a lot of natural light and also switch sockets if you say something like that we control it as an example of course we can use it to turn on the light sure and um that’s clear what a bit of a special function that you can of course implement is, for example, if we come to the front door, there we can on the switch is a coming home function that I press because a certain fundamental affects the entire house, so I have the hallway on I have the stairwells are already on and in the living room there are a few light sources that now give a basic light, this is a function that I don't have to switch over now, but right away with the whole house where I'll move, just like we have of course when we leave the house which we use a lot which makes it easier a leaving home function that just takes everything off switches what doesn't have to be on at the time or I have so I just forgot to turn off the top fabric for the light I don't have to go out then or or I maybe you don't even notice it's all just burning like that I can just be me I'm sure that when I go out, I press the button, everything should be off, something similar, we've also done something similar in the bedroom, there's [music], so to speak, that lights up the lights we have there, but the rest of the house goes off completely, and for example all our blinds throughout the house and shutters from the skylights, which then go to the windows where they were ordered, we had the equations delivered with sensors , which we have also integrated, so we can also see even when we leave the house, which are so small Status lights that also show us that similar windows are open in the house and we have also implemented this to have an overview because it is closed or not and we heat with underfloor heating, we have it throughout the house, of course we also control it, so now the temperature would be controlled up to now, we realized that, of course, we switched on, we also thought about it in our Christmas tree, for example, yes, that they Being able to switch lighting over it and now not having to plug an extra timer into the socket you just said you still have a little plans could you take it with you a little bit what are you planning what other projects do you have for yourselves Yes, heating, because it was a keyword that just came up.

We have an air-to-water heat pump that can also be easily integrated into KNX. That was still planned, to put a PV system on the roof and of course you can do a lot with kalx do that to control energy management for the house, so to speak, to see when do I need where how much energy or how can I use it I better use it to get a good overview, so we're slowly starting to pick up all the meter readings where we really use something in the house and then be able to react to it – that's a big topic that we still want to tackle because that's of course also marked for the future energy is also becoming quite expensive and of course we want to use it as optimally as possible [music].

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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