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Can Indigo Gain Popularity Over Siri?

Ever since Siri has been introduced by Apple in its iPhone 4 S and its advanced versions it is the most popular voice assistant. User was able to manage calendar entries, compose messages, conduct search and much more. Since after that there have been many variants released in technology market that offer voice assistance. However, none seemed to be favorable across all platforms, then came an app called Indigo. This app is capable of functioning across all platforms including Android and Windows 8 phone. It supports your pre-installed apps on your device like, reminders, calendars, weather, contacts and alarms. You can even compose text messages and send them, update your Tweets and post Facebook status messages using Indigo.

Is Padfone a Breakthrough in Convergence Technology?

Technology users have been witnessing a lot of advanced gadgets and convergence that made it possible to merge phone and tablet. Additionally now we see gadgets such as Padfone that incorporates a Smartphone in a tablet to enable the functionality of both gadgets in one. Asus too has come out with its own gadget called, Asus Padfone Infinity. The Infinity was introduced at MWC 2013. Let us find out about this latest dual-purpose gadget by Asus.

What to Expect From Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has arrived; this has come as the latest version amongst the Note 10.1 and Note II that is a convergence of a tablet and a Smartphone. The Note 8.0 too is capable of performing dual functions as tablet/ phone. It is enabled with Stylus for better communication and providing a good user experience. Let us find out what goes in favor and what is against it.

The Perks of Having an Action Camera With Built-In Wi-Fi

Shooting with an action camera can be fun and helpful especially if you need to capture extraordinary moments. It would be nice if you can transfer files seamlessly from your camera to any other device without difficulty.

My Exchange 2013 Nightmare

Have you thought about deploying Exchange 2013? You may want to read this first!

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