LG is done making phones

LG is done making phones

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Top 5 Technology That You Can Wear

Everything in innovation is transforming into keen contraptions, and wearable tech devices are the absolute most prominent. These more intelligent advancements can do anything from reading a clock to cautioning you of potential harm, and they’re hot things in the tech world.

Protect Your Computer From Being Hacked!

The thought of people being concerned that NSA is listing and monitoring their activities is a hysterically funny concept to me. Whatever you think of Edward Snowden, know that he is a day late and a dollar short. Most of these very same people that worry about the NSA, have a “Tracebook”, Twitter, Instagram or a half a dozen other social media accounts that should be significantly reducing the NSA operating budget.

Don’t Look Now But You Have Been Hacked!

Most every home and business office now has a firewall that separates your internal computer network from the wild west of the world wide internet. The good news is that firewalls have become increasingly more sophisticated and properly configured can do an excellent job in securing your internal computer network devices. Modern firewalls now include intrusion detection and prevention, email spam filtering, website blocking and most are able to generate reports on who did what and when.

5 Types Of Connectors

Are you planning of installing cables in your device and looking for connectors? There are many types of connectors that you can go for. Some of the best ones include: Quarter Inch Jack Connector This is common in electric guitars and amplifiers. The plug is usually ¼” with a single black “hoop” known as insulating ring which aids in indicating whether the connection is “mono” or single. The connector is usually used in connecting speakers. It also aids in connecting amps and guitar heads to the cabinets.

Computer Support: Using Hotfix to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Crash Error 0x0000007e

If you are using a computer running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 that gets crashed intermittently, then there can be various reasons behind it. One of the reasons can be the error 0x0000007E. This error causes sudden and intermittent crashing of Windows 7. This article will provide you a better insight of the error and also suggest the computer support tips to fix the error.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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