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Here we are able to live completely self-sufficient
from civilization in quotation marks witness our own electricity in the 230 volt network
we generate the water ourselves you can live completely self-supplied here hello and welcome
ladies and gentlemen today we will show you something very special We'll show you today,
as already announced, if you clicked on it, of course, I clicked on a house that is completely
self-sufficient in its energy supply and water supply and what details you are about, which
we are about to show you which details are important, which I will show you would not
be like that knows we are smart is also that we ourselves deal a lot with the networking
of houses in new buildings buildings in new buildings was the renovation we deal a lot
with kx with the programming with the conception and planning you don't have to be like that
you don't know what we show you today you can be really excited about that to be suspicious
because that is of course something completely different than when something new is built
we are now here in the middle of the mountains there is no electricity there is no water
connection and we will now show you how it works anyway and on a very minimalist level
not like us otherwise we do everything where we design and lan, but here we show you how
to do what is also very simple level and then right at the beginning we show you that they
are glowing at night, they work here so that they can not really see yet and they have
a photovoltaic cell up here and they are charged by the fact that maybe they are playing in
the sun because it really is a house that works very easily and now the first thing
we do is show you the shower the shower has it all so it is completely different from
how you know it from us this is here our shower take a look at that this is totally madness
and in this you Sche in this shower we have a water supply that is super blast, we can
now take a shower here in which we have a battery-operated shower and the whole thing
with our own electricity that we have in the house here, how do I show you this here take
a look at it at so and so we can shower here here So of course that has little to do with smarthome
now, but the thought of how can I minimalistically supply myself with electricity and water in
the mountains completely self-sufficient and that is the content of this article and I
have to briefly show you again here is one pump inside and this pump of course sees the
water out of the bucket here and that is actually newer with some of you who always say yes,
well, you can do everything very cheaply in the case that it is really cheap and the shower
here is completely itself built that was the shower and now let's go further the power
supply I have to show you that is actually the transformation so here we go into the
house one has to say that is 100 years old there is no power connection there is no water
connection here then we take a look up here we already hold our light so here is really
real electricity and that's really the clou that old he basement of this house can really
be completely empty now you have to take a look, we have our own
230 volt power supply via photovoltaic cells on the roof overall we need a kilowatt hour
between 0.8 and one kilowatt hour per day what you see here here we have the converter
the change that changes the All current direct current from the photovoltaic cells in 230
volts alternating current so that we have 230 volts here we can also operate in the
refrigerator we can charge smartphones as normal here we can operate notebooks and that
actually makes a lot of sense and fun and everything is on it little apple if you look
again down below we have two such solar batteries and with these solar batteries it is enough
to operate the house all day, i.e.

To supply light and sockets especially during the night
and that is quite different from it otherwise always from us these smart home stories knows
that you really have to say and yes I mean the herst eller you can calmly see the people
are that is a lead gel battery and a battery has a total of 130 ampere hours of 12 volts
and it stores the electricity for the whole thing and what is of course important for
you, we have an uninterruptible power supply here have here have sad that I'll show you
again we have the refrigerator over here so here the refrigerator works all year round
we have the light up here that also works that is 8 watt led lights the refrigerator
itself actually shows that 25 watts of i think to myself that the that we are here with the
ad not quite with real consumption with real power consumption of the refrigerator are
I guess with 30 40 watts for the first time on the best way I still have the charging
controller so here this charging controller that of course now regulates what comes from
the photovoltaics and goes into the battery or what goes directly it will go straight
into the grid, of course, even if now look so we are now at zero watts what pulls me
out of the batteries the whole thing is much different than we are used to saying we switched
correctly so switched it correctly differently than we did it always say with buttons if
you are now really facing the smartphone with can i do it that it really is we have to say
your smartphone with nothing so we can also say instead of smartphone with nothing with
we show you again the photovoltaics outside on the roof that can you take a look at that
we now have a little bit of the sun up here on the roof we have 22 cells that is kind
of like that to me 500 watts in total what the system has to achieve according to the
data sheet but overall it simply looks like we end up somewhere at 300 watts 350 watts
and we store these 350 watts in the hours of sunshine, and we have a total of over a
year here in the year 2200 hours so you have to say that you are not in Germany and what
you have not yet shown is where the water for the shower comes from we collect so that
we can get water at all we collect the rainwater from the roof in the gutters themselves and
that will then derived and is inserted here into a water barrel and we will show you that
now, so you have to hold this barrel has 420 each content and we consume per shower process
we use 25 to 30 liters you have to say the bucket that we saw before the 1st that is
completely sufficient, of course, everything on a minimalist level, so if we are now our
beta that we showed you at the high end bathroom luxury bathroom is of course a completely
different world but this house here again the basic statement of everything here we
are able to live completely self-sufficient from civilization in quotation marks that
means we generate our own electricity in the 230 volt network we can charge everything
i have it showed charge controller we saw the charge controller you also saw the voltage
converter and we catch the rainwater here because there is no water here there is no
connection here there is also no sewage connection but ultimately you let that seep away and
the water we win ourselves or we use it ourselves and we also get the energy ourselves what
was i haven't shown yet what i don't think is so important that when you cook we also
need energy because we have gas only the gas you buy in bottles and there is a stove both
inside and outside and i always come wi eder to the point you can live completely cared
for and we know from yours the communication with you that is interesting for many of you
you don't have to connect a public electricity supplier dvu to the public utility company
then i don't have to get water but i have my own water i use the rainwater what is still
there that shows i will still do it We'll show you that again at the end, of course,
we also have minimalist pumps again, maybe some of you still know a little bit from grandmother's
grandfather's time people who live in cities will say that is nothing for us here it keeps
popping up the self-sufficiency thought that we can live completely self-sufficient and
here, of course, the industry is a hand pump, even with one energy, no electricity is needed
stove and here in this mountain region we don't need to be so afraid of winter, but
rather it w ird is not that cold it is a mild winter that we have and that's where I come
to the end.

I am interested for the first time you liked
his contribution self-sufficient living in the house in its own water with its own electricity
and I'm looking forward to it the thumb if you liked the post i'm looking forward to
the subscription, although not a specialist until the next time, many thanks for watching.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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