Morning Routine (10 DIY Ideas, Makeup, Healthy Recipes)

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and so many of you said morning routine. So
I thought : ' Why not!' But you guys know how I love my DIYs so today I'm not just going to
show you my typical weekend morning, but also 10 epic DIY ideas that make my mornings happy
and special. Breakfast recipes, DIY decorations, clothes, shoes, makeup, nail art and much
more. Check it out! Oh god! What a nightmare! Does it happen to
you that during the week when you have to get up, you would give everything for an extra
10 minutes sleep, but on the weekends when you have no pressure to get up you wake up
super early? Well it happens to me a lot. And since I am awake, I decided to get up
and make the most from this morning and you guys are coming with me. First I head to the
bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. My skin is super thin, sensitive and rosacea

Warm water usually makes me flare up a lot. Although it calms down right after.
On top of that my face is very dry so I have to put on some moisturizer. Now it's time
for the food! On the weekends I like to work out in the morning so I usually have a proper
breakfast after… But I have to eat a little something to give me energy for the workout,
so today I'll make myself a smoothie. I just grabbed whatever fruit I have in my fridge
and some milk. I've found raspberries, strawberries and a banana. I really love making smoothies
because they are literally done in seconds and they taste delicious! And they are also
healthy, which is a bonus. While sipping on my smoothie I like to check emails, answer
your comments and watch some YouTube videos. Oh and by the way, I actually decorated this jar
myself and I think it looks so pretty! Here's how you do it: Pour some glue in a container – I am making
three different colors, so I need three glasses.

Then simply color your glue using acrylic
paint or food coloring. Give it a nice stir and voila! You have a glue paint which you
can use to decorate any kind of material. Now you can put the paint into a squeeze tube
or a plastic bag and make a knot. This way you'll be able to draw with the paint just
like when you're decorating the cake. But seriously, how amazing are these colors. As
you may have noticed in my videos : I do have a tiny neon obsession at the moment. Bright
colors just make me so happy! Simply cut away a tiny piece of bag's corner and you can start
drawing. I decided to make colorful hearts all over this jar. Normally, I use my jar
to drink but this can be a beautiful decorating piece too.

Use it for pencil holders on your desk,
as a vase for flowers, whatever you wish. When you're done just let it dry for a few
hours and you have the most beautiful jar ever! Oh and if you want you can just buy
these glass paints and create super cool designs on your jars. Here I making a fun landscape
picture with a shiny sun, clouds and flowers. These jars are completely safe to wash and
will last you many years. Made a pink flower and now let's give her an orange friend so
it won't be as lonely. These jars can also work great as a little gift to your loved
ones. You can personalize it, make it funny – the options are endless. When drawing on
a glass just try to keep your hand steady and move slowly. Resting your elbows on the
table helps a lot too! Ok, after I drink up my smoothie it's time
to put on my sporty gear! During the workout I like to drink a lot of water and today I
decided to make it a bit special so I am going to infuse it with a lot of fresh fruits.

be careful with that knife Sara! I've got some strawberries, blueberries, kiwi and lemon.
In they go in the bottle. I love experimenting with different fruits, sometimes I add raspberries,
mint, lime, whatever I find in the fridge. I drink a lot of water, about two to three
liters every day and this is a great way to spice it up a bit. To finish off I pour in
some fresh water and I am ready to go out. I live in Bergen, where it rains a lot. On
such days I like to make some strength exercises inside. But when the weather is fine as today
I like to take the advantage of it and go out for a run in the fresh air. Running shoes
– check, pony tail – check, windproof jacket – check and I'm off! Taking half an hour
in the nature really clears my mind and gives me energy for the day.

The fruit-infused water
tastes so yummy! Seriously superb, you have to try it! So I like to run for a while until
I get distracted by something like taking pictures or this cute little ducky. I play
with it for a while and then usually decide: 'Sara you've run enough today!' and I head home. Back home I need to take a quick shower first
and then I put on my favorite red robe, which I basically live in. I brush my hair and lately
I have been loving the heatless waves, which are very easy to achieve. All you do is separate
your hair in two sections and twist each section away from your face to get swirls like these.
You can clip them, but I just leave them like this and swirl them whenever I remember.

my plan for the day is to chill in my apartment I normally just stay in my pajamas, not going
to lie. But I do have some plans for later so I decided to put on denim shorts and
cropped top. I made this cute graphic tee myself and I'm going to quickly show you how. First you have to find or make a picture you
want on your shirt and print it to a transfer paper. I decided to go for this adorable elephant
in heart with bunch of flowers and colors. Cut the picture out leaving about half an
inch edge and just follow the instructions for your transfers, because these can be different
for different producers.

I had to iron the paper for a while, let it cool completely
and then I removed the paper to reveal this gorgeous Mr. Elephante picture on my top.
This was actually the first time I made a graphic tee using transfer paper and I loved it. I will
definitely make more of these on my shirts. Alright, now it's finally time for my favorite
part of the morning, which is a big tasty breakfast! Today I'm having avocado and cream
cheese cracker plus, yogurt with granola and berries.

You can just buy these seed crackers
in the grocery store or you can easily make them yourself. Take a big bowl and pour in
sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and pines, whole flax and grounded flax seeds, chia and
sesame seeds, some almond slices, psyllium husk and salt. For the precise measurements
check the info box. Mix all the ingredients together and pour in 5 deciliters of water.
Stir well and put it on a parchment lined baking sheet. Flat the mixture down with a
spatula making sure it's nice and even. Mine crackers will be about a quarter of an inch
thick. Place them in the oven preheated at around 300 Fahrenheit or 160 degrees Celsius.
Bake for 10 minutes, then shape your crackers in the desired pieces and bake for another
50 minutes.

Keep checking them though, because you don't want them to get burnt. First tray
done, let's cut these guys as well. Here they are, all done and smelling delicious. You can
now store your crackers in a box or in a jar and they make for a super healthy and delicious
breakfast or a snack. I like topping mine with some cream cheese
and sliced avocado. Besides that I am also making myself a berry and granola yogurt.
Time to add some delicious blueberries and pour in my favorite granola. Add another layer
of yogurt, and top the healthy mix with yummy strawberries.

A lot of strawberries.. as much
as I can possibly fit in the jar! And finally I can enjoy my breakfast. While eating I like
to think about video ideas… or I would just check my social media and answer to you guys.
Let me just say… This berry granola is so good! And what I like about it is that you
can just make it at home, put the jar lid on and take it with you to school or work.
Oh and in case you wondered what kind of granola I use – well I made it myself! Pour in a
bowl: 3 cups of oats, half a cup of pumpkin seeds and pistachios, sunflower seeds and
almond slices, a tea spoon of salt and some cinnamon.

pexels photo 5691597

Mix it all together and add half
a cup of maple syrup and quarter of a cup of olive oil. Mix well until all the ingredients
are nicely incorporated and pour the mixture on a parchment lined baking sheet. Bake in
the oven at 300 Fahrenheit for about 40 minutes. You can stir it every 20 minutes so that the
granola will be nice and evenly baked. I swear you guys, this is hands down the best granola
I have ever tried, and on top of this, your house will smell amazing while baking it.
You can of course change the ingredients according to your preferences – add hazelnuts, walnuts
or even dried fruit. Place it in the air proof box and you have a delicious granola always
on hand.

After breakfast I wash the dishes and I always
wear protective gloves. This is super important if you want to keep your nails and hands healthy
and pretty. Detergents are usually very harsh, causing weak, broken nails and premature ageing
of the skin. I don't paint my nails every weekend morning,
but if I will be filming later that day and I happen not to have anything on my nails
yet, I would probably need to. So I just like to chill on my bed, listen to some music and
paint my nails. Today I went for this purple shade on all the nails except my ring finger.
For that one I applied two coats of white as a base. Next I am dipping a q-tip into
nail polish, and making big colorful dots all over the nail. When the dots dry, I like
to go in with white and make slightly smaller dots inside the bigger colored ones. Lastly
I am making small colored dots in the center of these rings.

My mani too just ten minutes
to make and it is looking suppa cute (Yasss..slay those nails Sara). By now my hair is all dry and I am ready to
get rid of the funny swirls and get myself some nice beachy waves. For some texture I
like to spray on some beach hair spray and scrunch the hair up so that the waves get
more pronounced. Oh and if you want to make your own beach hair spray, that's how you
do it. Take a spray bottle and fill it half way with water, add about a tea spoon of sea
salt, a bit of strong hold gel, some oil – I am using almond oil, but you can also use
coconut, olive oil whatever you prefer. If you want you can also add some scent, I added
peppermint extract and finally I dripped in some vitamin E drops. We know that packaging
counts so I wanted to make my bottle a little bit prettier by sticking on a bunch of colorful

Now that's what we are talking about 🙂 While this hairspray gives your hair a
lot of texture it also nourishes your hair with oils and vitamins. I am almost ready for the day. The only thing
missing is to apply my makeup. I don't wear makeup everyday, because I'm too lazy for
that, but I do use products with a bit more coverage when I film. First is Mrs. foundation
which I like to apply with a beauty sponge. Then some concealer in the inner corner of
my eyes, which I just apply using my ring finger.

For the eyeshadow I apply a medium
brown shade in the crease and blend it upwards using a fluffy brush. Then I pop some lighter
champagne shade all over the lid. I find that applying with the finger helps a lot with
the pigmentation. Dipping my angled brush in dark brown, almost black color and I put
it on my lash line as a liner. Curl the lashes, apply some mascara, and sometimes I like to
smudge a bit of blue liner on my bottom lash line. This makes blue eyes pop so much more
and I love how it looks especially for the summer. Final touch for the eyes is a bit
of that same champagne color in the inner corner and below the eyebrows.

And talking
about them, I usually leave my eyebrows all natural. But I do like to give my cheeks some
peachy flush so here's that and lastly I put on my favorite tinted lip balm, which surprise
surprise, I made myself. All I did is melt together a piece of old
lipstick and some vaseline. My lips are always chapped and I have to apply some sort of lip
balm all the time. Also, most of the lipsticks dry my lips out, so this tinted lip balm is
perfect for me. Give the balm a little stir and then pour it in a container. I had to
decorate mine with a little heart and that's it. Lips are no longer dry and chapped, but
soft and rosy instead. Here's my makeup all done, so I just have to put my shoes on and
I am ready to conquer the world. But seriously, how cute are these sneakers?! And guess what,
you can make them too! Take a piece of denim fabric and a pair of sneakers, that you want
to pimp up.

I love making such easy DIY projects outside, although the weather here in Norway
has been absolutely terrible so far this spring, rain and cold all the way. Cut a bunch of
hearts out of the denim fabric. I am not using any stencil, because that's much faster and
I really like how the hearts are all a bit different. Of course you can be very creative
here and cut out other shapes, like circles and stars. Here are my pretty little jeans
hearts that we are now going to stick to the shoes using a fabric glue.

Apply some fabric
glue and place them all over your sneakers. My hearts are quite big, so the sticking goes
very quickly. Here comes the last one and I'm done. How gorgeous are they? Love, love,
love! Now I am ready for the day! Most of my weekends
I work on my videos, because I don't really have much time during the week. I like to
film outside as much as I can, when the weather permits. Me and my boyfriend would explore
different beautiful locations, which Norway surely has a lot to offer. On rainy days I
would normally stay inside, maybe film a nail art, edit and chat with you in the comments,
which is my favorite thing to do. But whatever I'm up to, having a nice relaxed morning like
today's always makes my day so much better. And this is how my typical weekend morning
looks like, I really hope you like the video and maybe got some inspiration for yourself.
Please give the video some love if you want more of such lifestyle tutorials and let me
know in the comments, which DIY was your favorite.

I honestly read all of your comments and you
guys make me so happy. I have hands down the sweetest and loveliest viewers ever. You guys
mean the world to me. But yeah, that's it for today. Thank you so much for watching
and I'll see you soon. Bye! Everyday is a treasure, let's see what this
one has to offer.

Bye my loves!.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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