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Hello and welcome to tink. My name is Kamal
and today we are going to focus on Nuki. In case you
're wondering who or what a Nuki is? It is a
smart look, i.e. an intelligent lock for the front door.
Why smart? Because you can conveniently open and close your house or apartment door with an app instead of
with a classic key
. This is especially useful if, for example, you come home with full shopping bags
and don't have a free hand.

the door opens automatically with AutoUnlock. And so that everything works
as easily as possible, Nuki fits most doors
and is very easy to attach. But one after the other. Let's take
a closer look at the castle! This is now
available in version 3 and is therefore
called Smart Lock 3.0. We will now clarify what exactly has changed and improved compared to the
. One important thing first. Of course, the Smart Look
3.0 fits into the holder of its predecessor, the Smart Lock 2.0. So if you're thinking about upgrading in the future, you
're on
the safe side. Let's first come to the
general key data of
the Smart Lock 3.0.

The range of functions
includes opening via smartphone, via AutoUnlock or by means of
intelligent extensions. A second key
for family or friends is no longer needed. Instead, you can simply share
your digital key with them via the app . You can use the app to
check whether your front door is
really locked. You can also easily
track who came and who just left. Furthermore, Nuki is also
compatible with Amazon's Alexa,
the Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Airbnb. The Nuki Bridge is also required for some features of the
Smart Lock 3.0,
such as remote access or integration into your
smart home

As briefly mentioned at the beginning
, the installation is quick and works
very easily.
One of the reasons for this is that Nuki fits all standard cylinders. If you
want to upgrade the previous model to the 3.0 version , the installation is
even easier. Just take off the old one
and put the new Nuki on. That's it. As far as security is concerned
, the Nuki 3.0 is just as secure as your
classic door lock.
Encryption mechanisms are used, as they are also used in online banking
. The communication between
your smartphone and the Smart Lock takes place via
encryption. So you don't have
to worry about insurance,
for example if someone breaks into your apartment or

And then we
come to how the Smart Lock 3.0 differs from its predecessor
, the Smart Lock 2.0. In terms of the form factor
, not that much has changed at first. So you can easily continue to use the old
mounting plate or
the Power Packeures old Nukis. What has
changed significantly, however, is the color. Because while the
Smart Lock 2.0
is black by default , the latest version is white. In addition, the mounting plate is no longer made of metal
but of plastic. This may sound like a downgrade at first,
but it has a very clear purpose. Because the plastic
reduces the volume when closing
the lock. In addition to the new color scheme
, the motor system has also been revised, which means that the lock

opens and closes a little more quietly.

In practice it
sounds like this. The Smart Lock 3.0 also supports
the new Nuki door sensor. This technology enables high reliability
with minimal battery consumption. Speaking of batteries.
Incidentally, four AA batteries are used here. If you are looking for
even more functions, you should take a look at the
Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro. The biggest and most important
difference between the 3.0 Pro and the normal Smart Lock 3.0 is
that a WLAN module is already integrated. You no longer need an additional bridge for remote access
and control via Google Assistant and Amazon
Alexa. Instead of batteries, the power comes
from the
rechargeable Power Pack, which is already included in the
scope of delivery. By the way, you can also easily buy the Bridge and Power Pak
with your normal
Smart Lock 3.0. In summary, it
can be said that the
Smart Lock 3.0 is the ideal version for
beginners who are looking for a contemporary
alternative to the classic
front door key. If you want to use even more functions later,
such as remote control, you can buy the bridge later
and upgrade it.

There is also
a very clear difference in price here, because while the RRP of
the normal version
of the smart lock is €149,
the ProVision costs
€100 more. Which, by the way, corresponds to the price of
the bridge. Um, €99.00. But okay. Of course you can also find all
Nuki products here at If you have any questions or comments
about the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0, whether the normal version
or the Pro version, please write to us
in the comments below. You can also find more information about the products
from Nuki and many others as well as
general information about Smart Home
on our blog. We've linked it below. That's it from us. Have a nice day and see you
next time..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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