OAEBLLE Kids Camera Toddler Camera for Girls Review

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Product Features

New Design with Unicorn Silicone Soft Case

The OAEBLLE Kids Camera has a unique and adorable unicorn silicone soft case, which is designed to make the camera look cute while also protecting it from bumps and drops. The soft case also helps to improve children’s grasping ability while using the camera. Plus, the included lanyard of matching color gives children the freedom to enjoy photography without worrying about losing their camera when out and about.

Multifunctional Kids Camera

This camera is a perfect gift for young, aspiring photographers, as it offers several features to keep them entertained. Your child can take interesting photos, record videos, play small games, and even listen to music whenever they want. Additionally, the camera allows for setting time stamps and timed shooting, so your child can easily capture unforgettable memories on their own. Simply use the included USB data cable to connect the camera to a computer, and you’ll be able to share your child’s cherished moments with family and friends.

Retro Pixel and Easy-to-Use Interface

The OAEBLLE Kids Camera has a user-friendly interface that focuses on retro pixels, making it fun and simple for young ones to use. With a variety of modes to choose from, your little photographer will have endless fun exploring different filters, photo frames, and shooting options. The camera comes with 28 types of photo frames and six types of filters to spark your child’s creativity and allow for various entertaining photo outcomes.

USB Charging and Large Memory Card

The OAEBLLE Kids Camera can be conveniently charged using the USB data cable included in the package. A single full charge provides up to 3 hours of camera use, so your child can go on photography adventures without worrying about running out of battery. What’s more, this camera comes with a 32GB memory card that can store thousands of photos, so your child can capture as many meaningful moments as they please.

In addition to its adorable design and impressive features, the OAEBLLE Kids Camera makes a fantastic gift for kids aged 3 to 12. The camera package includes a USB charging cable, a 32GB memory card, a lanyard, a user manual, and a cartoon protective case. Just keep in mind, it’s best to charge the camera with either an adapter lower than 5.2V or a laptop socket, as fast charging adapters may damage the camera’s charging port. Overall, this kids camera is sure to provide endless joy and creativity for your child and even their friends. So, give the gift of photography and let your child unleash their inner artist today!

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Camera Functions

Taking Photos

The OAEBLLE Kids Camera is designed to capture beautiful moments with family and friends, and it does so with ease. With 28 types of photo frames and 6 types of filters, your little one’s creativity will have no bounds. The simple up and down buttons switch between filters and photo frames, allowing the young photographer to change and customize their shots seamlessly. The camera’s lightweight size and fun case make it perfect for tiny hands and an excellent gift for girls ages 3-12.

Recording Videos

Not only can the OAEBLLE Kids Camera take photos, but it can also record videos! The camera’s easy-to-use buttons and settings make it simple for your child to switch from photo mode to video mode and back again. With a 32GB memory card included, there’ll be plenty of storage space for all of their recorded memories. Now your child can have their own little library of captured moments to look back at and share with family and friends.

Playing Games

This toddler camera isn’t just for capturing valuable moments but also for providing entertainment and relaxation. Equipped with a few fun games, your child can enjoy taking a break from being a photographer by playing directly on the camera’s screen. It’s a great way to keep them engaged and entertained, especially during long trips or while waiting for appointments.

Listening to Music

In addition to the camera functions, the OAEBLLE Kids Camera can also play music! This multi-functional camera is perfect for keeping your little one intrigued and entertained while on the go. Simply connect the camera to a computer using the USB cable to access the music function.

To sum up, the OAEBLLE Kids Camera for Girls is a fantastic option for young photographers looking to explore their creativity. With its simple yet functional design, fun features, and accessories, it makes an excellent birthday or holiday present. Your child will have endless fun capturing memories, playing games, and listening to music, all on a single device made just for them. Give the gift of creativity and entertainment, and you’ll quickly become their favorite grown-up!

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OAEBLLE Kids Camera Toddler Camera for Girls Review

As parents, we understand how much our little ones love to imitate us. When they see us taking pictures with our cameras or phones, they can’t help but want to join in on the fun. Fortunately, the OAEBLLE Kids Camera is a fantastic solution that allows your child to feel like a real photographer while also protecting your valuable devices! So let’s dive into the features and benefits of this delightful camera designed specifically for young kids.

Kids Camera

The OAEBLLE Kids Camera is perfect for children ages 3 to 12. It’s small enough to fit comfortably in their hands and easy for them to navigate. This camera comes with a variety of features, including 28 photo frames, six filters, and even some preloaded games. The result is an engaging and creative activity that your child can be proud to participate in.

USB Charging Cable

The camera comes with a USB charging cable, so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing batteries. Just plug it into an adapter with a voltage lower than 5.2V or your laptop socket to charge. Keep in mind not to use a fast charging adapter, as this can damage the camera’s charging port.

Cartoon Protective Case

The adorable unicorn silicone case that comes with the camera is not only cute but functional too. The case helps improve your child’s grasping ability and protects the camera from bumps and falls. The case can be easily removed and put back on, and the included lanyard of the same color ensures that your child won’t lose their new favorite toy.

32GB Memory Card

Worried about your child running out of space for their photos? No problem! The OAEBLLE Kids Camera includes a 32GB memory card, capable of storing thousands of pictures. They can snap away without any memory-related concerns.


The camera comes with a matching lanyard that your child can wear around their neck. This not only keeps the camera secure but also allows for hands-free play. The lanyard is a great addition, as it prevents the camera from being misplaced or lost.

User Manual

Even though this camera is designed to be user-friendly for young children, it’s still helpful to have a user manual to guide you through its various features and functionality. The manual provides easy-to-understand instructions, so you and your child can enjoy the camera to its fullest potential.


The OAEBLLE Kids Camera Toddler Camera for Girls is an excellent choice for introducing your child to the world of photography. With its simple design, included memory card, and adorable protective case, this camera makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Happy snapping!

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User Reviews

Overall Satisfaction

Parents and users have highly praised the OAEBLLE Kids Camera Toddler Camera for Girls for its affordability, features, and ability to keep their children entertained. As stated by parents in their reviews, children love playing with their cameras and taking photographs, making it a perfect gift that encourages creativity and curiosity. The camera is also packed with extra features, such as games, filters, and a built-in music player, which provide loads of fun for kids.

Ease of Use

The camera’s simple interface, designed specifically for children, is a big selling point. It’s easy for little fingers to navigate with its colorful buttons, and the menu features intuitive icons that simplify exploring the various modes and settings. As a result, even young kids can quickly learn to use the camera and focus on snapping great photos. The camera has plenty of options, including different filters and photo frames, allowing children to experiment and have fun with their pictures. Plus, the strap and silicone cover make it easy for kids to carry their cameras around while keeping them protected.

Quality and Durability

Despite its low price point, the OAEBLLE Kids Camera is well-built and durable, capable of withstanding rough handling from young children. The silicone cover, designed to look like a unicorn, provides additional protection from bumps, falls, and scratches. This feature ensures that the product continues to function even after accidental drops and knocks, which is especially important when it’s in the hands of a young child. Users have also expressed satisfaction with the camera’s battery life and picture quality, considering it’s a product designed for kids.

Great Gift Choice

Customers have highlighted the OAEBLLE Kids Camera as a fantastic gift choice for children aged 3-12, be it for birthdays, Christmas, or other special occasions. The camera comes with all necessary accessories, including a USB charging cable, 32GB memory card, lanyard, and user manual – making it a complete package straight out of the box. Moreover, reviews suggest that this camera has been a hit with both young children and older kids, thanks to its fun design and age-appropriate features.

Overall, the OAEBLLE Kids Camera Toddler Camera for Girls earns high marks in user reviews for its affordability, ease of use, and durability. With its fun design, built-in features, and complete accessory kit, it’s a highly recommended gift for children who love taking pictures and exploring their creativity. So go ahead, let your kids unleash their inner photographer and watch them enjoy capturing memories to cherish forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What age range is this camera suitable for?

The OAEBLLE Kids Camera Toddler Camera for Girls is designed for children aged 3-12. With its adorable unicorn silicone case, user-friendly design, and fun features, it’s perfect for budding young photographers to explore their creativity.

How long does the battery last?

The battery in this kids camera lasts for about 3 hours when fully charged. You can easily charge the camera using the included USB data cable, making it convenient for kids to keep snapping away and capturing their favorite moments.

Are the filters and overlays easy to change?

Absolutely! The camera offers 28 types of photo frames and 6 types of filters to choose from. Your little one will have a blast switching between various filters and overlays using the simple up and down buttons on the camera. This feature allows your child to experiment with different creative effects and helps to make photography even more fun and engaging.

How do I transfer photos to a computer?

Transferring photos from the camera to a computer is a breeze. Simply use the provided USB data cable to connect the camera to your computer. Once connected, you can easily upload and cherish those precious memories, as well as share them with family and friends.

What type of adapter should I use for charging?

To ensure the longevity of the camera, it is recommended to use an adapter with an output lower than 5.2V or charge it using a laptop socket. Avoid using fast charging adapters, as they can potentially damage the charging port of the camera.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.