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hello dear house building heroes in this house gate I will show you a solid house made of sand-lime brick with a double garage and a tried-and-tested river energy concept. This is an inhabited model house from wohnwerke gmbh, which is located here in the greater Stuttgart area on a small plot of land measuring just 400 square meters. The architect wanted it here a cost energy and space efficient architecture show that allows a lot of generosity on small plots of land and today we will look at how that was successful the plot here is only 400 square meters in size as i already said and the house has external dimensions of nine by ten meters plus the double garage which is another five meters 30 x 6 meters 12 the house has two full floors and a 30-degree pitched roof and a total of around 100 38 square meters of living space you can find the floor plan as always in the video description below but now let’s take a look at the roof let's be more precise, we don't have any roof overhangs here , the dac but nothing is draining our boxes inside, nevertheless, the outside is not integrated into the roof area that is a somewhat more cost-effective and still very nice solution and the photovoltaic system on the roof has a peak output of around nine kilowatts but is integrated into the roof area so the whole thing looks of course it looks much better and it is also a system that replaces the roof area, so that means there is more water-bearing layer and it is rear-ventilated the rear ventilation is very important so that the system does not get too hot that the efficiency remains as high as possible the whole thing is integrated the fact that you only have to finish off the first bricks here on the edge at the top of this place has the whole house basically equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows all around, which almost all with one exception have the same format about one by two meters 20 that gives clarity again the architecture and of course a lot of daylight inside and because it is always wanted so much to look into the garage let's have a look right now the double garage is now a wooden frame construction and the electric car what we see here actually belongs to this whole plus energy concept we heard we have the kiel nine kilowatt photovoltaic system that is here in south roof which brings quite a lot and this electric car is always refueled here, nevertheless, last year the residents still generated 4000 to 5000 kilowatt hours of electricity surplus that could be fed into the grid in addition to the battery storage and that corresponds to a saving of about six tons of co2 given six times from stuttgart to new york and back a little tip maybe you don’t really need a wall box for such an electric car it costs what’s here in the house now just like that and 16 ampere high-voltage connection you can ever have such an electric car after what it is for 1 then also editions and a lot easy a tip for you remember when you apply for the approval for your house with the highest possible fuse with this house actually 100 amps because it is possible that the energy suppliers will over time wrap what you can then take per unit per residential unit and that's why it's good to plan for it from the start and set it as high as possible that's the very short way back here to the private area the house still has a difficulty in accessing it the street is in the south and of course you like to have the front door in the north for that reason is this terrace which is about 30 square meters now here facing the street is now separated here with this bamboo by the way there is also a tip from the builders they are now planted in steel boxes dug up to 80 centimeters deep in front so that the bamboo not so books and from below the street destroys and this terrace in the behavior with thermo it The ones that are so dark and oiled it's a relatively expensive thing but of course they look smart the builder said she would like a gate at the front that will probably be built now to separate the whole thing a bit with it you can make good use of this very private area here in front of the house in the south without someone constantly looking in from the street if we walk around here now we can see there is a very special way here like a catwalk these are actually flies 60 x 120 that are jacked up on concrete foundations that they seem a bit floating and also under lights with leds that means in the evenings this is like an illuminated catwalk that is very very chic is of course not that practical you walk now you might get stuck there or the dogs step between them with their feet but looks very nice as well as this accompanying wall which is covered with the portuguese natu rstein, who also shows up again in the house, then I will show you a connecting element between interior and exterior design when we walk past this white wall here, I already told you, there are 15 centimeters of sand-lime masonry on the outside, 16 centimeters thermal insulation composite system based on polystyrene and we can already see the blinds and roller shutters running here completely concealed behind the facade what it looks like from the inside that's a very clever solution we'll take a look right away but now let's take a look around here at the entrance to the house I have it now no canopy yet, too, you probably told me that you want to retrofit it, so there is an l-shaped element planned so that you have a canopy later when you come into the house, the power connection is already provided here and also on the side you can see there are completely floor-to-ceiling elements here is an exception that it's a bit narrow ler and with frosted glass behind it is the bathroom but let’s take a look at everything in it right now and now let’s go in the the entrance area is really a very special room in terms of proportions we now have a width here of just under one meter 15 but no more than seven meters ceiling height that brings in an incredible amount of generosity here without wasting a lot of space is now again this portuguese natural stone with this quarry stone surface which makes it a bit narrower because that’s the facing brick but a really massive one so from 45 cm thick now not just a strap but behind it as a load-bearing sand-lime stone is very beautiful of course with such a natural stone surface such an irregular one if you then illuminated it again from below with these floor spotlights you have to provide them accordingly in the screed wiring and the sockets and now let's take a look here and there e corner because there is a very clever, very space-efficient solution.

An excavation pit this room has a total of five square meters here, by the way, we now have a clear height of 246 and this is where this built-in module from the carpenter came in with a very nice bench and also where you can really store a lot in these cupboards, for example, here is the cloakroom, there is also space for my fashion leather jacket but also for many other things and it is very nice that this space is also very narrow there is another floor-to-ceiling door, which means that a lot of light comes in here and that also creates a feeling of space, by the way, we also have it on the ceiling here and I'll tell you what it is because there is a concrete ceiling here so it will be delivered ready soon the joints are then filled and wallpapered painted and the ceiling is not suspended for these built-in lights s but there are so hans losen poured directly into the ceiling so that the interior fit-out can then simply saw open a wrap and place the lights in there exactly that saves you a lot of trouble and effort afterwards if you plan this lighting from the start purely paralyzes and we'll also look at that in the living room but now let's first have a look at the small guest toilet that i think is the most efficient toilet with shower that i've ever seen about 2.6 square meters that should also be the the minimum size you need for this the whole thing is only two meters 5 wide and 130 deep at then the pre-wall installation goes again from here is a floor-level tiled shower with a depth of 76 centimeters so it's always enough for visits and seen up there like now an exhaust air applied this is a toilet that is on the outside so you could then make windows but the architect told me no, these small square corridor windows it doesn't bother him much at all and that's what happened here so forced ventilation so obituary that always runs and I think it's very nice that it actually leads up over the roof so that you don't have such weird ventilation attachments somewhere in the outer wall or the first one has such a small detail that is also difficult here we see another small pedestal that comes out at there the washbasin can stand on it so it really is that there is just about enough space here for everything and next to it there is another small storage room now look in next to others are only a small deduction but they are only about one and a half square meters but they are also being used very well this small room where you can store everything here on the ground floor that you don't want to see as naturally as possible that the rest The ground floor is now completely open and I now have a living-dining head area here.

This free space is also openly bordered . It is 62 square meters in size. That means a lot of generosity, simply because the areas overlap here and are open and we are looking at the kitchen first the kitchen now has about 11.5 square meters of these 62 within square meters which is perhaps the first thing most people notice we have this oak parquet floor all over the floor here it is also in the kitchen hallway and beard and it is something special that is an oil leak that means it is an insured package with a matt surface and the house was used two and a half years ago the kitchen is also in regular use i don't think you can see anything here so the builders told me you have to wipe it off immediately if something drips down but it really looks great nice looking you can do that the island that might surprise some people what the hi he stands around in it and not so separated, she also told me she just wanted every flowing space and the island that you can completely bypass is one meter 16 x 220 so really had a lot of space for cooking and snipping here there is a lot of space left out like that that you can really push bar stools in here and sit here and it's really great when friends are there to cook that you can sit here and chop and cook and be very communicative this worktop on top here is probably an artificial stone who is not quite as sensitive as a natural stone slab now and here is another hob with the extractor pointing downwards and because he always asks what happens if something runs in there so i took a look at you here you can really do that easy to take out supposedly you just put it in the dishwasher and you get caught out if there's something about your daughter so probably no cleaning there nn we have these sockets again here too it is probably the case that nothing has ever leaked in there although the residents said he cooks more often, which is great of course practically only here in the worktop do these kitchens have at least two sockets The rear wall is also something special you have really deep built-in cupboards here that are 60 centimeters deep here the fridge disappears behind the same kitchen fronts so it is a very uniform picture and because you have put a gray passe-partout around it here so the room is actually pine these cupboards now seem to be floating all around and not as deep as they are then you have to operate the oven here really nicely built in and here again the counter with the washbasin if you look in here it's a dark one matte washbasin i asked right away there is very hard water here how do you keep it? well , there is such a water softening system here and then of course that is not a problem at all I think it is very nice that you now have this wall niche in here as well, you think that although solid construction might be a bit difficult here it is simply still completely in this one from the start brick partition wall then the carpenter also put in a practical wooden box for the back it is covered here we also have this portuguese natural stone again and then you have this backlit niche here which simply looks very nice from the wall surfaces we now have here on the karl sandstone wall you will be plastered in gypsum plaster it is then in quality level 3 so there is already a lot of space there is just paint flowing on it and painted and a typical architect detail is of course that there is no skirting board down here but just so nakuru you must of course know that looks chic but like that a skirting board is also a protection for the floor, so if you want to do it like that, the whole thing is of course a bit uncertain here we see these standard window elements again, wise plastic windows keyword cost-optimized triple glazed that was about one meter x 220 from the height and what you can already see up here there is no lintel over it now the fabric is practically the reinforced concrete ceiling because you wanted to integrate these slatted blinds outside, which i will also show you in a moment, so without guests placed on them, into the wall surface and thus the thermal insulation next to that you have practically this window frame element, the tag is drawn higher, the thin one is behind it, there is insulation and then this blind disappears in there if you continue here now, you can see that other elements are also used here , that's right here from the outside such a nice corner solution here is fixed glazing h Here you have the large lever sliding door, which is of course always great because you can then get out here in a barrier-free exit if it is now completely open , you have an opening here that is not uniformly wide of almost 125, so I and I really come out very well I think it's a very nice solution here too, as the oak parquet floor is running here and then the thermal one is connected here next door, you can see the normal element again, you can just open it now, then you see here, of course, you have the frame at the bottom So walking has a small exit wave is not a problem either, but then it is no longer completely barrier-free and this is where this small , protected living area connects, which I think is very nice.

Through this wall you have the stairs and the traffic, maybe it really isn’t here now the room is totally open, but thanks to this very good corner solution, it is well structured and you have the generosity t without having the feeling you are somehow sitting in an uncomfortable station hall you may have already seen different buttons on the wall here that there is an electric room air sensor for the temperature these are buttons for light the whole thing is also on no smart room has been used here , which means that you can assign any function to any button. there is another schalk panel here that i will show you in a moment, but i have this tablet in my hand for a moment because you the plus energy concept you can see here for a moment, so 77 kilowatts are coming in from the roof right now, of which 1.2 kilowatts went into the house at the moment, we now have the lights on everywhere from the basement to the attic, then the battery is being charged and share goes into the grid the builders told me that last year they fed electricity into the grid for about 1000 euros and in the winter for about 1,000 euros had to buy 200 euros of electricity for your heat pump heating system it is a brine water heat pump that operates the underfloor heating here I will tell you something about that later but there really was an energy surplus and what I find very exciting the architect landed a settlement with power to gas houses So where all this solar surplus from the summer is really stored and can then be saved in the winter so that everything tries to build houses that are really completely energy self-sufficient there is then the electricity from the photovoltaic system is used via an electrolyzer, although in hydrogen and oxygen to feed the hydrogen is then stored in tanks and can be converted back into electricity in winter with a fuel cell, which is then used again for heating the house and for hot water as a small digression on the subject of energy self-sufficiency or plus energy what really works here it was also still the electr ocar with fueled so that's all included and here we'll see the smart home history very briefly so it's of course then this heating is also integrated in the energy management here you have the surface where you can, for example, lower all the blinds but it also has scenes like going to bed, for example, then the lights go out everywhere and the blinds down from a bedroom or denner lighting you can of course also switch all the lights on the floors on and off centrally and also over the entire weather stations the energy management is everything is integrated so that you can also see very well what consumption there is and can also control it sensibly in the house so that it really works with the plus energy concept to the generous and harmonious overall impression of course makes a big contribution here that you really everywhere this continuous floor covering has no limits here, even with gille and kitchen not that that so merges and that you also have such a quiet, tidy ceiling view from below probably really don't need rome flies because the architect also said again make sure that you don't have the same color everywhere you can switch the individual ones then you also have the option point lighting to create pools of light somewhere but it's just much easier than if you later act with 1000 individual lights which then all have a different light color and that brings life here too overall character rows which is very important to preserve this overall character you have now too trying hard here on the stairs that 's always a bit difficult we have this oak parquet on the floor and now here comes a stair case in the rhine where these massive, rich steps are, so it's a bit complex to look at what exactly fits and this staircase is now also a special equipment story that is a massive concrete tr eppe which is completely filled and painted is quite an effort that it looks so nice here with such a very simple steel railing that is now here without glass that means that of course it is not the safest thing from a safety point of view but you can of course do it like that in a family house and of course it's very nice with these kept meaningful steps that then somehow go up and down into the basement where we'll also have a look afterwards but now the stairs that are turned away are already open where almost all the steps are warped so that's a very space-saving staircase and here very very well exposed via this high fixed glazing is of course also something like that fixed glazing you can’t clean it from the outside just like here but you don’t necessarily have to bring it into this small hallway which is now only a little over five square meters in size were also up here if I don't care much about generosity , the room height is also k here almost two meters fifty, which of course also makes this clamped glass railing very bright, which now makes it possible for you to look down at the front door from them here, the door opener is also there in my opening, which you can greet and which of course I can too I think these raised, flush-fitting doors that you have in here are very nice, so where actually no days are visible that is also not standard equipment I once asked the architect if you want to equip the whole house with such doors it costs about 15,000 euros more that is almost the order of magnitude that you need for this king smart home system about number that's about 17,000 euros that's where it starts if you want to control the lighting, exposure design and stuff like that then you have to think about whether it's worth it now let's take a look first the rooms on the upper floor we're looking at the bedroom first, which has an area of ​​about 18 square meters but we a bit of a surprise as far as the question is concerned we will be more than five and a half meters almost clear height to below these four cities how to do well from building roof same ceiling these galleries up there could be used differently here in the house it is not used yet at the moment you could also use a floor have the flap open then that would be upstairs in the attic you would do it here or you can also close it in the individual children's rooms what shall we look at in a moment what I would like to show you here is this huge window element these are about here now two by two meters, the roof of the double garage is to be converted into a balcony, so there will be a nice covering on it, our frosted glass railings, so that it is also a protected and somewhat private outdoor area, which I think is very nice if you don’t do much else garden or open spaces around the house has the per capita are now available in two slightly different sizes z always the first thing we'll take a look at and also a little over 18 square meters of space is currently being used as a guest room and here you can see that the gallery up here is not open, the other mostly a little smaller if it were children's rooms afterwards the smaller room would have been just fine the galleries are assigned and the larger one is closed here, nevertheless, the room has a very special atmosphere because it is very open here, you can post here in the thread, so it is definitely a dream for children, you can already see that up here, too, the parquet floor runs through it everywhere is the same high quality parquet in this oil wax surface that we have also seen below and i can tell you that the room temperature here is also very pleasant i have already said there is a brine water heat pump with a collector and automatically when the temperature rises here it is cooled with the cold air from the ground, so you really need a circulating pump it is not cooled actively but passively and i can tell you that it is a hot day on the floor and we all have blinds up there is no shade now it is totally pleasantly cool in the house in summer you can actually cool down by about three degrees before you then get condensation water problems and that's so nice now let's see right next door is a little over 50 square meters so the area is a little smaller is now being used as a dressing room and if you come in here now calories because I'm here now the gallery to the side is open again there is also a roof window and that is of course an electrically operated roof window up there that I can open and close at the push of a button or with a rain wash or is equipped so that it is then also automatic comes when it starts to rain and this light from above next to these rooms very special atmosphere the last room up here is now the bathroom but it was still in there maybe for a short time if you have something open here of course you have of course given up the sound insulation between the floors overall it is relatively reverberant here too because of course you the room acoustics here now all flaps hard surfaces have a lot of glass no textiles you can of course do that differently if the room acoustics is too sacred for you so the more textiles you put in there the more pleasant the acoustics are now always here in the bathroom and it's not huge it now has an area of ​​9.7 square meters but here too I have an incredibly spacious effect because it's open and because there's this huge skylight that's really great and of course it's not a trunk either now here dimensions of one meter by 1 meter 60 also of course electrically controllable and to create such a window it sometimes costs at least 1,000 euros more than in the standard skylight but i think it's totally worth it because it's just so nice and bright here what we see here is the bathtub, which would probably be standard, it's now set a little deeper, so in the courtyard river floor sunk into the screed that you don’t have such a living entrance a nice detail is that there is one abolished here that goes directly into the basement to the washing machine I’ll show you that in a moment and behind me there’s this somewhat narrower window we saw above the entrance to the house the architect wanted to tell me floor-to-ceiling windows are made with frosted glass here, so it's not a problem either, maybe we can just use crutches to get this glass balustrade for a moment, they're also here in the window reveals in the integrated frames are very close here, so that the slat blinds can easily slip under them, which of course ch must be clear if you have the target zone floor -to-ceiling element no longer has a parapet you need two drainage strictures downwards because behind it is the shower where he can look straight in on the floor we also have oak parquet the builders told me she likes to shower and bathe a lot and of course water splashes on it but if you wipe it off after bathing there are no stains and i think the parquet really still looks like new after two and a half years that would of course not be standard here in the bathroom but actually the tiles are 30 by 60 in here there are now some other tiles in there we have here on the wall 60 x 120 fine stoneware and here on this partition wall these very special mosaic tiles or it looks like a mosaic tile but is a large tile with its mother-of-pearl effect that also comes into its own with the backlighting of these mirrored wall people, of course, you have it here too again built-in cupboards behind it so that everyone has storage space for the things they need here at the double washbasin is very nice what here is also oak again that is by the way a real wooden board the birth that means it will be here too of course wet but this can also be tolerated quite well by these rich people and let them endure it now up there again it is inevitable that there is no controlled ventilation system with heat recovery in the power to gas house what I just mentioned would be because you use the waste heat there via the ventilation system also uses another one here it's just not like that there is actually only in the bathroom for reasons of moisture protection this exhaust air have already seen down there that there is a line downstairs the guest bathroom is attached and it goes out over the roof otherwise Can you take another look at this tiled shower? It's very nicely done.

Don't take too much distance here. That would be great Not a bit too narrow, you could certainly have placed it a bit further above it, but it definitely works. The shower is so deep that you don't have to worry about the splash guard. Let's take a quick look into the basement, you see the fact that it is so openly connected here tells us it must be a highly insulated apartment that connects down there. you can see that from the fact that the rich parquet steps down here are also 71 and a half square meters in size than on the ground floor the basement is of course very efficient in terms of space because it helps to make good use of the small plot of land in terms of costs or on a cost-efficient looks a bit different such a good sound basement concrete prefabricated basement will easily cost you another 100 to 120 thousand euros but there are also many additional options for use we now have here, for example, a large room 32 square meters tropez or gym here r is the parquet again, the beautiful thing on the floor, the clear space is about two meters 38 higher here and because I have a basement window on the right and left here with a light shaft painted white, daylight really comes in next to the usual storage and storage space die ich hier unten im keller immer habe gibt es hier aber auch noch einen hauswirtschafts und ein technikraum oder schauen wir jetzt tatsächlich auch noch kurz rein ich habe euch versprochen ich zeige euch noch den wasserabwurf schacht der kommt jetzt hier in der ecke oder direkt bei waschmaschine und trockner so dass das also ganz gut funktionieren kann und hier um die ecke geht es jetzt in den technikraum das herzstück von der heiztechnik ist es dieser große weise kasten war ist die sole wasser wärmepumpe drin inklusive am 500 liter pufferspeicher für heizung und warmwasser da kommt eben jetzt die sole aus dem erdreich im sommer ist das also vorgekühlt und im winter ist es warm und dadurch kann ich ihnen mit relativ geringen die strom auch von das haus heizen und kühlen ich habe euch ja gesagt man braucht dafür ein flächen kollektor es sind etwa sechs bis acht mal zehn laufende meter die man braucht der architekt sagte mir das kleinste grundstück auf dem sie dieses haus mit der technik gebaut haben hatte 330 quadratmeter und auch dort hat man diesen benötigten erdkollektoren noch untergebracht ansonsten gibt es hier die erwähnte wasserenthärtungsanlage in relativ großen schaltkasten dem man ihnen für diese smart home geschichte braucht und hier nochmal batterien und wechselrichter wir haben ja etwa zehn kilowattstunden speicherkapazität auf dem dach waren die neuen kilowatt leistung und man hat mir gesagt für einen zwei-personen-haushalt der jetzt hier lebt hat man im letzten jahr nach abzug des kompletten eigenverbrauchs und das elektroauto verbrauchs hier noch für etwa 1000 euro strom eingespeist ins netz im winter musste man dann etwa für 25 euro strom aus dem netz z u kaufen für die heizungsanlage dann hat man also immer noch 800 euro gewinn gemacht eine preis info zu diesem haus habe ich euch wie neuerdings immer unten in die video beschreibungen gepackt da findet ihr auch ein link unter dem er dann die grundrisse anschauen könnt um die kontaktdaten findet falls ihr euch das haus mal anschauen wollt wie gesagt es ist ein bewohntes haus aber nach voranmeldung kann es etwa einmal im monat auch besichtigt werden und wenn ihr noch mehr videos von uns sehen wollt dann abonniert doch einfach unseren kanal am besten mit glocke denn dann verpasst ihr auch alle weiteren videos nicht von und für hausbau hellen

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