Origami Bag Tutorial with Lining – Easy DIY Market Tote Bag Sewing Project

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Hi, I'm Wanda from Alanda Craft and today 
I'm going to show you how to make these   really quick and easy origami bags They make 
great market bags and they make great gifts,   and you can make them just about anything. I've 
made this one here out of quilting material and   this is out of a canvas or furnishing fabric. 
So let's get on and show you how to do this So what you need are two pieces of fabric that 
measure exactly the same. So what I've done for   my bag that I'm going to make for you today is cut 
two pieces that measure 19 inches across and 56   inches in length. Now you take your two pieces of 
fabric once you've cut them and you lay them right   sides together and what we're going to do is we're 
going to sew all the way around and we're going   to leave a four inch about a four inch opening 
at this end here to turn this fabric through.

So now I've sewn around the outside of my bag 
with a quarter inch seam and you can see that   here. You see the I've used cream thread on one 
side and I've used the black on the other. Now   I've sewn all the way around and I've left 
the opening at the top here so that's to the   turn the bag through.You can see that there. 
Alright, let's get started turning it through. Okay so once I've turned it through I'll push the 
corners out, don't have to worry too much about   them and then I'll give it all a nice press. So 
I've given it a good press and I've top stitched   all the way around with about an eighth of an inch 
and that's going to catch in their opening at the   end and it's also going to give it a handles a 
nice finished look when we put this bag together.  Now it's time to fold our bag now this can 
be a little bit tricky so if you get lost   don't worry about it we'll have photos and 
step-by-step instructions over on the website   and the link will be in the description below.
Alright, so what we want to do is we want to   have the piece of fabric that we want on 
the outside of our bag facing upwards.

Now I'm just going to pick up this corner with my 
thumb and forefinger and bring this corner here   over so this end forms a triangle. alright 
so let's make sure that those edges meet up   nicely. Okay so we have one triangle at one end 
of our fabric so now we go down to the other end   and we're going to fold the next triangle in 
the opposite direction. So this time I'm going   to bring the bottom piece up and lay that along 
here. So there we are so we have two triangles. Now what you need to do, you can see 
here now that you have a square in   the middle. I'm just going to eyeball it 
along here along the diagonal line and   we're going to bring our first triangle up 
and we're just going to take it right over,   I'll just twist it round it so that it lies along 
the edge of this end here, the smaller triangle.  So you can see I have a large triangle 
now and I have a small triangle. Now what I'm going to do is take the edges, 
let's see that's got a little bit of a fold   there but that's okay because we're going 
to be sewing that down, and I'm going to   pin all the way along here just to where 
those two pieces meet.

So I'll do that now. Alright, so you can see now that I've 
pinned those two pieces together and   now I'm going to turn the bag over 
and do it the same thing again. Now, flip it over and don't worry too much about   where things are at the stage as long 
as you have these two edges matching. And then what we're going to do it is we're going   to start pinning this one. So take 
your two edges and pop in a pin.  We're going to come all the way down, now just be 
careful when you're pinning that you don't grab   part of the bag that's lying underneath.

very easy to do. Okay so I'm just going to pin   all the way along matching those edges up.
Alright so now that we've got everything   pinned we're ready to go and sew these 
together with a quarter inch seam. So I've sewn my seams with a quarter 
inch seam and you can see here that   I've actually back stitched both 
at the beginning and the end and   I've done that on both sides. So 
here's the other side as well. So you can skip the next step if you wish 
but what I'm going to do is I'm going to   box the corners. Now to do that we're going 
to work with our seams. So I take my seam   here and what I just want to do is lay it 
flat on the cutting board, but I also want   to make sure that the bag sits flat and so 
that forms a nice right angle on the table. Okay, so just flatten it all out. So we lay 
our seam down and we've got this sort of an   imaginary fold at the end here.

Now I'm going 
to measure up four inches, so one, two, three,   four and I'm going to put a line there I'm coming 
across here, one, two, three, four and I'll put   a line there and I'm going to draw a diagonal 
line and this is going to be my stitching line. So what I'll do is I'll sew along here 
and I'll back stitch at either end. Now   I'll do exactly the same on the other seam 
line. Lay it flat and lay the material,   there we go, and do the same thing again. Lay it 
flat on the table form it up and draw my lines.

So I've sewn my box corner and there's 
the flap there and what I've done   is I've back stitched at either end of 
that line and now I'm going to trim it.  I'm just going to just a little over a quarter 
of an inch from that seam line so I'm gonna   line my ruler up just over that mark it's not 
critical and I'm going to trim that piece off. Now you can serge along that seam line, you can 
zigzag across, which is what I'll probably do,   or you can just leave it as it is.It's on the 
inside of the bag so it doesn't really matter. So now that the corners are done I can turn 
my bag through. It's simple enough to do   because there's plenty of open space. 
Let's give the corners a bit of a push   through. Okay so it's coming together nicely.
There we go, and the next thing we want to   do is our handles.

Now what we're going to do 
first is take a piece of material, a piece of   contrasting material is nice. This piece measures 
7 inches by 4 inches and I've just ironed over a   quarter of an inch on either end, you can see 
that there, and I'm going to top stitch that   at about an eighth of an inch. Once I've done 
that I will fold it in right sides together and   I'll sew along here with a quarter inch seam.
So as you can see I've stitched down the two   ends and I've stitched along here at a quarter of 
an inch and I'm just going to turn that through,   because it's made a tube and I'm 
going to turn that tube through.

Alright, so we've got the tube turned through 
and now what we're going to do is we're going   to place it onto one of our handles. So we 
just take one handle and we just pop it,   gather it up, and you just pop it 
through. I hope you can see that. At this stage it doesn't matter how far down 
that goes because we need a bit of space here,   because what we're going to do now is we're 
going to take both our handles and we're   going to overlap them like that. This is 
a big bag so I want to go over about an   inch and a half even an inch and three 
quarters. I'm going to sew a square on   here so I'll come up here around down and 
back and I might even go around twice,   and then I'll just do a diagonal line 
so there's a bit cross in that square.

So I'll go and do that and then I'll come back and 
show you exactly what I meant. Now I've sewn the   handles together with the square and the cross all 
I need to do is bring this piece of fabric back   over. Now just turn it so that that seam line is 
on the underneath part because you don't want that   showing on the top, and that's just going to cover 
that nicely.

And there we are our bag is finished. So if you've enjoyed this tutorial give us 
a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe   to our channel. Now you can find the 
written instructions with photos over   on alandacraft.com and don't forget to 
check us out on Facebook and Pinterest.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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