Smart Home Hurensohn – 101 ASSIstentenbande feat. Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (Siri Alexa Google Home Rap)

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Hey Siri, dim the light to 37%. – With pleasure, Klaas. Change the lighting mood to red. – Of course. Hey Siri, rap for me! – Understood. Charge, unlock and activate,
Siri listens to you, nobody tells you, Baller not coca but block batteries,
With two thousand five hundred milliamps, You say that you clear up [ __ ],
I have video of you crying o-na-kid Use yourself as a docking station (full charge)
display protective film best condom (safe) Siri unlocks you with code 69
one night standby, 10-finger technology You follow Opfa in the Benz SLK,
hack on-board computer, crash your car (like Tesla), hang yourself on the charging bar and
hide the corpse on memory, manage Forget Abou-Chaker here comes Siri-Clan,
data packets on each arm. Me and my Assi Gang
We'll break your life Tape off your webcam
before you talk to me. You're doing one on Scarface,
but you're secretly binging Gilmore Girls, We know everything about you
Smart Home – Stupid Alexa, please play my after-work playlist. – Smart Home son of a son of 101 ASSIstentenbande Alexa, please turn the music down 80%! – OK.

Party light activated. Alexa, 90% less light. Alexa, the [ __ ] is back
plugged directly into the power via USB You will be [ __ ]. Break your neck Send your mother your dick pic for a picnic. I connect
my fist to your face via bluetooth. (Blood)
Visages Update Until Face Recognition Hart failed. Black and loud, like Rihanna,
receive the data via WiFi antenna. Shave like men, transfer yourself like
gender, get rid of cables, like Caitlyn Jenner Create a new column
like Excel Doc We're 20 million right
[ __ ] Black block Ok Google, start Fly mode! Google Homie Knows Babe (Search)
And I hear and I hear and I hear Everything you say, Babe
Take it up and blackmail you with this [ __ ] It's Thursday, I'll make you an appointment,
11 o'clock sharp, pour you gasoline . I break your knees, it says in the terms and conditions
You are internet, I am inter-wicked. What you tell me, you won't tell anyone
else Take me your cache – buy me from it Suprime You have the police, I have them too,
But on the balls, with YouPorn search history Me and my Assi Gang
We'll break your life First stick your webcam off
before you talk to me You do one on Scarface,
but you are secretly binging Gilmore Girls, We know everything about you
Smart Home – Stupid person Ok, we can break off for a moment.

Who are you? I am Cortana, Microsoft's assistance system. (Laughter) I know Alexa, Siri, Google Home
and all that, but I've never heard of Cortana. How did you get here? – TomTom took me away. – Turn right, then, turn
left. Drive straight ahead. After 300 meters, go to the roundabout
and take the 2nd exit. Yes, as far as I'm concerned, you can
piss off again now. We're shooting a video right now. Siri hits you with hooks like Twitter
Weather forecast: Bell storm Alexa orders your child a Glock
Your own blood shoots you in the head Google Home, trades data instead of crack
Pulls you off like a USB stick from the Mac Siri breaks your skull with a
selfie stick Knocks you out with a roundhouse click Do it Boxers from Boss on your shopping list
Then you're off jobs like Apple Google Home is looking for the route to the hospital
Shazamt your screams, turns into a playlist Siri separates vocal cords, voice quality chopped off
If you want to save number, there is full contact Alexa boxes you, like Amazon
Smart Home Son of a [ __ ]

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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