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Hello guys and welcome to Til Vacuum Do Us Part. 
Today's video is all about home projects that   make a big impact in your home i'd say these are 
like small to medium projects there's nothing like   large or super crazy but i feel like it's all 
in the details details are really what make a   difference with anything especially your home 
those small details really do make a big impact   so we're going to go ahead and get started in 
today's video if you're new here i would love for   you to click that red subscribe button but as you 
can see chase has got it started on this project   already we're clearing out his desk because 
we are going to be installing him a new one my first tip is to have a furniture that fits 
the space or the area of the room so if it's too   small it's not going to look right if 
it's too big it's not going to look right   so definitely make sure you're finding a good 
balance i recently filmed an itch to switch video   if you want to check it out it's down below in my 
description box but i love switching up rooms to   make sure my house is functioning for me but in 
that process i moved my husband's desk into this   office and it was just too small for the space it 
did not look right at all and it really cheapens   the feel so we did get a brand new desk for him if 
you're working in a small space or a larger space   you don't have to buy new you can buy used 
you can buy it off someone else borrow it   loan it take it from your parents do what 
you got to do but if you are buying new   definitely make sure to do your research i found 
this desk on wayfair and it was around 800 and   that was before tax and shipping and it was 
gonna take five to six weeks i kept googling it   and i found it at our local office depot for four 
hundred dollars i could pick it up the next day   and they had a hundred dollars off coupon so 
definitely keep that in mind when you're shopping okay so i know what the next question is going 
to be and it's how do i know if i have the right   size item for the space and basically you're 
just going to have to fill that in the space so   chase had his old desk in there i knew it felt 
smaller so i had him measure his current desk   and then we took that tape measure and went as 
far out so i knew how big the desk could be so   i knew i needed it between this inch and that 
inch and i just kept searching until i found it   you can tape it off use like painters tape if 
that's easier if you have like tv trays even like   sofa cushions pillow cushions you can like map out 
in the room so you can start to get a feel like   no this is too big or no that's too small so 
i need to stay in between these measurements   and that's honestly how i do it and i find 
it's the easiest way is to like visually see it another little tip when you're measuring 
make sure you're allowing a space for like   walk-through areas you don't want it to get too 
narrow if you're working with like a desk or a bed   make sure you can walk around it like i knew chase 
needed to be able to like push his chair back to   get out and not hit the wall so just really 
think about how you're going to use the space   try to map it out as best as you can so you 
can make sure you're getting the right size also pro tip if you can buy something 
used i feel like it's so much better   because it's already put together so anytime we 
can find something on craigslist i do it i just   feel like there hasn't been a ton out lately 
but anytime you buy a new piece and you have   to put it together it can take several hours this 
piece did because it had a lot of pieces with it   so anytime we can buy used we try i searched and 
searched and searched and couldn't find anything   so i finally gave in and bought this but if you're 
not handy or your husband's not handy definitely   search to use because then all you have to 
do is like move it straight into the space i feel like this desk looks so much better in 
here he's actually going to have way more storage   which is going to be helpful because this office 
doesn't have a closet and it also has like drawer   dividers for like a filing system which for him 
is something he wanted originally but we couldn't   find it like in the budget we were needing 
so this turned out to be a major win now i'm   gonna go ahead and organize a few at the drawers 
and then i'll show you how the room turned out now we're gonna go ahead and move on to my office 
this is a space i just want to shop my house right   now and get it looking decent later on i want to 
do like a bigger makeover but i'm trying to figure   out the space i'm trying to decide if i want to 
go more scandinavian like the rest of the house   i'm trying to decide if i want to keep it more 
glam so until then i'm only using pieces that   i pretty much have so this is how it looks 
for now but i'm going to pull some pillows in   for my master bedroom to try i'm going to throw 
in some blankets you're going to see i'm going   to pull in different pieces just to kind of warm 
up this space until i decide what i want to do so my second tip is just to shop your space and 
work with what you have i know a lot of us have   spaces in our house we're not fully committed 
to yet we may not have the budget we need   we may not know what to do with it but just by 
shopping your house and tweaking a few things   you really can warm up the space and make it 
feel complete until you're ready to work on it   that way if you have someone over or even when 
you're in a space like this is my office i'm   in here every day i want it to feel put 
together so just pulling in a few extra   pieces throughout the house for free zero dollar 
budget i can make it feel so much better so much   cozier and then i can take my time deciding 
what to do with it later on in the future i am so guilty about being in a hurry 
just because i want to get a space   complete and then i decorate in a style that i'm 
not 100 sold on or i thought i'd like but i didn't   know because i rushed into it so if you're like 
that that's who this tip is for just use what you   have in your house make it work sometimes it can 
just be moving around the pieces you have in that   room just by moving around like the items on my 
desk it even felt better just from like walking   into the space and how i use it so it doesn't 
always take money and things sometimes it's just   cleaning up a space decluttering rearranging 
it a little bit and that is all free to docker palms ain't making it much better 
something about you feels so special now we're gonna be moving on to the next space 
which is my living room and the next tip which is   sometimes updating one piece can completely change 
the look and feel of a space so right now we're   gonna be working on my living room rug i'm not 
gonna lie i have a lot of tips to give for this   but you're gonna see a showdown of my dog so you 
can watch me and chase we're gonna be taking apart   the whole sectional if you don't think that's a 
home project then you've never taken a sectional   apart and try to put a rug down you'll see us 
later it takes several times to get everything   centered up but my boys started to get into a 
little fight or bickering they're like brothers i   feel like if i had two sons this is how they would 
act but as i was moving my sectional back here   i had found one of their puppuccinos now mind 
you they have like four or six of these my mom   gets them for every holiday and she always 
makes sure she gets two so they won't fight   over it but through this whole scene of me 
switching out these rugs definitely be sure   to watch them because there's a whole deeper 
storyline than just me switching out a rug okay right there if you notice when chase first 
got the puppuccino george had it tiger just   went and swiped it from them you're to see this 
whole thing go back and forth and they're always   somewhere in the camera so keep an eye on them 
but once again i want to talk about rug sizing   this is a good time to use painters tape and 
tape off the area that you want your rug to be   i get asked all the time how do i know what size 
rug to get so if it's in your living room you at   best if you haven't your budget you want all the 
front legs of your furniture to be on the rug   if you don't have your furniture on it it's going 
to tend to be too small and then it's going to   make your room feel smaller now how i've done 
that in the past absolutely there's been times i   haven't had the biggest budget to get a big enough 
rug for the space but if you have it definitely   make sure at least the front legs of everything 
is touching it if you have enough money to get   it where all your furniture is on it even better 
but you don't have to i do have a coupon code with   boutique rugs and if you use ash 55 you're gonna 
get 55 off your order so that is huge so maybe   that will get your rug within the budget you need 
um if you can just hold out for it maybe save up   i will say anytime you can get your furniture on 
the rug it is going to make your space feel larger   now chase is bringing in the rug and like 
i said earlier measured off and then i just   find the closest size rug that i can't those 
measurements sometimes it may be a little off   if you want to tend to go a little bit bigger 
that's fine sometimes i go a little bit smaller   just depending on the style when i get on boutique 
rugs you can actually search either by color   or by design or you can search by size 
sometimes i find that's easiest so i'm   not looking for a rug that i love and then 
i click on it and it's not in the size   so i tend to shop by size first 
just so it kind of narrows it down you don't want so this is the rock i chose i will 
have it linked down below in the description box   just in case you're looking for something like 
it but they have all sorts of rugs on their site   but i do want to give a few tips so 
when you buy a thinner rug like this   i tend to buy thin ones that can be like 
indoor outdoor i just feel like they hold   up best and i can clean them because i do have 
two dogs they occasionally have accidents if   we spill stuff on them i just want them super 
like family friendly at this point in my life   so when they roll them out they tend to be a 
little bit wonky if you'll go and roll it up   the opposite direction it'll help flatten it 
out even better but over the next couple days   it will start to relax on its own now i have 
bought their like thicker rugs from them and   there's zero issues like as soon as it comes out 
it's heavy it's sturdy it completely flattens out   really fast but if you're getting kind of ones 
like me that are just more like pet friendly   kid-friendly husband-friendly sometimes it 
will take a few days just for them to relax i will say just by switching this one 
piece it made the room feel fresh again   it brought more in the design that i'm going for 
i didn't realize how much glam the other one had   in its style this one brings in some of those 
blacks that i'm throwing in throughout my house   it ties them in from the kitchen just switching 
out this one rug i swear my house just smells   cleaner now and fresher so maybe it's not a rug 
that you need maybe it's just new throw pillows   maybe it's new lamps it could just be new lamp 
shades it could just be new light bulbs maybe you   have like more of the golden lights and you want 
brighter ones so just figure out what that might   be and switch one thing out and i promise you 
that small change is going to make a huge impact if you're not sure what your style is yet 
definitely get on pinterest and start saving   those or get on instagram screenshot them do what 
you have to do but then go back later and look   at those pictures and see what they all have in 
common and see if there's any way for you to bring   it in maybe it's just that they are very bright 
and airy maybe you just need new light bulbs maybe   you just need to paint your walls white typically 
it's something that can be done on a budget   but just start looking at those pictures and 
start figuring out what they all have in common   and that's going to help you start narrowing 
down your design and just your style taste okay are you guys keeping up with the boys 
i like wanted to narrate that so bad but i'm   trying to get my tips in here as well typically 
i would cut this part out because i'm coming   to like turn off the camera but if you watch 
tiger goes back at him to get that puppuccino   who knew that thing was so sacred but now we're 
gonna go ahead and put the space back together   chase is bringing in the coffee table and 
just from this angle alone you can tell   how much better this rug goes with our style   i'm gonna let my hair down now this is the next day just so you know um and 
i'm going to be getting some spackle basically   when we did that edge switch we rearranged 
a lot of furniture as well as a wall decor   and so i know it's tempting just to leave those 
holes in the wall because you can just like   tune it out act like it's not there but little 
things like that are super huge if you will just   fill them in with this stuff sand it down and 
paint it your walls are going to look brand new   again so this is good if you're going to resell it 
and this is good if you're keeping it it's kind of   like when you go to sell your car and you make it 
all clean and fresh and get it brand spanky new   and you're like oh maybe i want to keep it that 
is so good to do with your home keep your home   looking brand new and the way you love it so that 
you want to keep it longer and that's definitely   what i have to do because you guys know i love 
change so i have to keep my spaces looking fresh i also know this can be overwhelming it's 
something you put off it's hard to get like   paint out and paint brushes but honestly 
this will take like less than an hour if   even that you just go fill in all the 
holes give it a few minutes let it dry   sand it and go back to paint it and i 
promise you it's not going to take as long   as you think it will and it's going 
to make a bigger difference than you realized it is my goal when i'm doing something 
like this to find every hole possible so not   just the ones i just now created i go through my 
entire house looking for every spot that i can   feel or sand before that paint comes out i make 
chase walk through because you're gonna miss   something so have your husband walk through kids 
love doing this be like hey go look at all the   walls and see if you can find any holes i promise 
you they're gonna find some that you're missing   and then you don't have to pull all 
those supplies back out at another time   now if you have some really big holes they do 
make this like netting tape that you can put   over it because otherwise this like spackle is 
just going to keep like falling into the hole   so keep that in mind if it is a large hole 
they also have like drywall texture that you   can spray on the walls so like all your walls 
aren't textured and then you have this flat   surface in another area so just kind of know what 
you're working with typically when i'm doing this   it's just tiny little nail holes or screw holes 
so i never really have to do anything like that this spackle does start pink and then once it 
dries it's white so you know you can go back   and sand it down at that point but while that's 
drying i'm gonna head on to the next project   because i like to just keep the ball rolling if 
i have some free time and i've got the motivation   to work i'm just going to keep rolling with it 
so i'm grabbing our leftover black paint if you   want to like screenshot this right here this is 
the black we've been using and loving and when   we were doing the itch to switch again we were 
moving this dresser and it kind of got banged up   now i could just put a basket in front of this 
i also have a spot over here on the wall i'm   going to show you but i could just cover it up but 
you're still going to see it and it's never going   to look just absolutely perfect just taking like 
a minute to grab the paint and paint over this   the room's gonna feel fresh it's not 
gonna look like it's not taken care of   these are really really good tips if you're about 
to sell your house or you're staging your house   or if you just want to love your 
house i know all of these things seem   so minor but when you get them done your 
space is gonna feel just so fresh again so once again while i have the black paint out 
and the paint brush is already dirty i'm going   to go through my entire house and anywhere i have 
this black paint i'm going to make sure i don't   need any touch-ups and i'm so glad i did i forgot 
when i moved to the fireplace in here we used to   have the tv on top of it in the guest bedroom 
and the tv had kind of stuck to it and messed   up the top of it i hadn't even remembered 
because it was like full of christmas decor   but all i did was come in here sand it down and 
then give it a small thin layer of paint and it   looks brand new but if i would have put all of 
the paint up and wash the paint brush i would   have been so mad later that i forgot to do this 
so just keep that in mind whatever paint color   you're using walk through your entire house 
and make sure there's no other touch-ups needed i'm not gonna lie i got so into the black 
paint it crossed my mind to go start painting   our laundry room cabinets black but it was 
getting late and i told myself that may be   reacting a little too quickly so i didn't but 
i am going to let that soak in for a little bit   but now that i'm done with the 
black paint all of my like pink   spackle is dry so i'm just going to take a little 
sander it doesn't take much honestly you can kind   of rub your finger over it and it just gets off 
that excess but i'm just gonna walk around and   sand it down so it's nice and smooth before i 
paint over it it's such a funny way to tell me   what you're searching subscriber tip too i've 
never tried this but people say you can do this   with toothpaste so if you don't have speckle 
try that out but like i said i've never tried   it myself but now we're gonna move on to the 
next project which is this windowsill so this is   where the guest bedroom is now it's chase's old 
office you can tell george has protected us from   so many amazon men it's not even funny but 
i wanted to show you that this looks like an   overwhelming project it looks like it's going to 
take a lot of work all you have to do is clean it   off sand it down and put a new layer of paint 
on it and it's going to look very spanking new   and while i was sanding it down i noticed our 
blinds were disgusting so sometimes when it's   a home project it may just involve a deep clean 
just by deep cleaning these blinds it's going to   make it look so much cleaner and newer and that's 
always better it's better if you're staying in   your house or if you're selling it especially 
if you're selling it do some deep cleans   really think about the areas you're not cleaning 
i know from far away you guys have never noticed   this windowsill i didn't know it was that bad 
until we were rearranging furniture and i had   no idea the blinds were that dirty until 
i was sitting down and i had like an   up close look at them so just by deep cleaning 
the blinds which by deep cleaning i mean just   grab a rag and the cleaner and wipe them off and 
then sanding this window sill and then giving   it a fresh coat of paint this looks brand new 
again and it looked hideous like 30 minutes ago now i'm gonna grab my third paintbrush and my 
third paint because now we're going to touch   up all those holes in the walls that we filled 
once again while i have this paintbrush out and   the paint i'm not just going to be touching 
up the holes that i filled i'm going to see   if there's any scuffs any stains on the wall any 
dirty areas anything that needs to be painted why   it's out take the time and just walk through your 
entire home and paint any of the spaces that you   need to now i don't have to worry about this not 
matching up because this is the exact same wall   color that they painted with if you are getting a 
new can of paint even though it's the same color   definitely to make sure to feather it out 
like almost keep it more on the dry side and   feather it out into the wall so that there's 
not these like noticeable spots of paint also a pro mom tip if you're going to be doing 
this warn the humans that are inside your house   if it's your kids your husband kind of watch your 
dog's tails if you're like painting down lower so   you're not cleaning up a mess later and then my 
last tip is to wash your paint brushes immediately   if you want to save them for another project wash 
them out immediately otherwise they're going to   dry out or even if you put them in a cup of water 
and soap all night you're not going to want to   touch them the next morning and you're going 
to end up throwing them away anyways so just   push through a little bit longer and get them 
clean so that you don't have to spend more money   buying brushes for a later project i just want 
to say you're awesome and i really appreciate   you guys making it to this point of the video and 
sticking it out with me i hope you guys got some   really good useful tips for when you're working on 
your house because i truly believe small changes   make a big impact so thank you guys so much for 
watching this video my next one should be all   about organizing so make sure you're subscribed 
and i will see you guys in the next one bye

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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