13 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

13 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

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Oh Squash It

Squash that is not fully ripened will not store well over the winter – the ends will begin to shrivel and soften and then the stinky rot will set in. However, when you are in the possession of an unripe winter squash, you can still use it in the kitchen and turn it into another delicious, super easy dish.

Top 10 Tips For CBSE Board Exams That Will Give You the Desired Success

Less than two months left in the commencement of the CBSE board exams. These days, the students can be seen worrying and searching everywhere to get CBSE Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions and other related practice material so that their hard work excellently pays off in the exams.

Goal Setting – “To Thine Own Self Be True”

Imagine a life that gives you the freedom of choice! Freedom of choice allows you to be able to pursue the social, recreational and travel activities of your choice and, to be able to give your children the very best in education. Ambition makes many things become possible. Goals are the first step to turning dreams into reality. A vivid vision of your ideal future, regardless of where you are now, opens your eyes to what is possible and helps to guide the direction and the choices you make to reach a desired goal.

Reclaiming Your Power to Discern

Since the beginning of time the Power to Discern has guided humankind along the path of life’s challenges. It gave individuals the ability to obtain sharp perceptions of current situations, and to judge well the best possible outcome. But some questions are more valid today than ever before. What is the nature of Discernment? Have we lost it? How do we get it back? Discernment is something we were all born with. It may well be a talent, or a trait of our personality given to us even before birth. Something which may not be in full use as much to help us make the right choices anymore. This article explores a part of us which now could be dormant, but that may also be waiting for you to be rediscovered, and revived.

Save Your Money! Why Writing Your Own ERP Is a Terrible Idea!

Occasionally I talk to businesses that decide to write their own ERP system. They sometimes want to save money (which I will explain does not work). Also they might feel no ERP system that exists will meet their needs (which could be the case). In this article we explore why this is a bad idea, what the real cost-breakdown would be, and some better choices (like Dynamics Business Central) for businesses with these concerns. This is a modernized version of an article I wrote many years ago.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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