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Smart Home stands for intelligent networking from internet-enabled devices in your own home – Televisions that share files from other devices in the network or from streaming services can be played, or heaters and shutters, that can be regulated on the go, are some examples. If you want to use smart devices securely, should note the following. Before buying, it must be clarified how the smart home devices are protected. This includes the question whether the manufacturer updates provides over a longer period of time, with which security gaps are closed. The communication of the devices should always be encrypted. Another decision criterion is how the manufacturer deals with the resulting usage data of the device. When setting up a home network, which also connects smart devices, play router security and password protection an important role: The router is the gateway between the Internet and Home network. A central firewall, Password protection, as well as regular import of updates for the router secure the network. On individual smart home devices should be the preset standard password must be replaced by an individual password. A connection between the smart home devices using the internet only makes sense if external access for the function is absolutely necessary.

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Often it is enough if there is any access to the devices is only possible within the home network. To do this, the smartphone must or the computer with which the devices can also be controlled with connected to the home network. Through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) mobile devices can use the Internet a secure connection to the home network – what the safe control of the smart home enabled on the go..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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