Smart Home im Wohnmobil – mit IPad und Alexa das Wohnmobil steuern

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Hello campers, nice that
you tuned in again. I would like to show you today that Smart
Home is not only available at home, but sometimes also in the mobile home. I have upgraded a Pössl here and
show you what is possible there. Unfortunately, it's a bit
dark outside, but we can still see it. If I now press extend step, the step extends
. Exactly the same with retract step
retracts the step again.

But of course we have many more options. You can see that here now. In terms of app technology, a little something has been
installed here. For example, we can switch off the ceiling light
here and switch it on again. Of course, the exact one is distributed over the entire
car. Anything with 12 volts, mind you. Here, of course, you can also
turn the light on and off in the bedroom. The whole thing works not only with the tablet but
also with Alexa. Alexa turn off the light in the bedroom
! Alexa Turn on the light in the bathroom!
Alexa turn off the light in the bathroom. Of course, the whole thing works with all lamps. Alexa turn off the reading light! Alexa
turn on the reading light! Of course that's a really cool thing.

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Of course, we also have the option of connecting
all the consumers that we have there. Inverter, or whatever else
you have. Below we now see the refrigerator temperature. The fridge is just turned off. There are thermometers installed. Once the outside temperature and once the
refrigerator temperature. Now you can of course also program the whole thing in
such a way that if the outside temperature rises in an absorber and the inside temperature
also rises in the refrigerator, for example a fan will still come on. If you would like to find out more about this, please subscribe to
the channel or have a look at That was just a short video taken from
my cell phone. With this in mind…. Alexa, good night…. have a
nice dream.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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