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Maybe this smart home is something for me after all. Whether connected lighting, automatic heating or voice assistants – there is always more smart home applications that are slowly but surely making their way into our four walls. According to statista, there are now 6.1 million households in Germany that have at least one Smart Home application in use. And by 2023 there should be a total of 13.5 million households and as rapid as this development there are so many myths around the topic of smart homes – and they go let's get to the bottom today.

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Why should I control the lighting with a smartphone? That's why I have the light switch. Systems for heating control are also criticized in a very similar way, with the central one The advantage is not necessarily that you can control individual devices via the app, but that the whole system is automated. So I can come home after work and my apartment is warm and bright. Well, I live in an old building, smart home is not for me! Of course, it makes sense to think about the topic of smart homes directly in new construction projects.

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But the intelligent tools can also be installed very easily afterwards. You don't have to pry open any walls, you can use WLAN technology even retrofit rental apartments. But then all devices have to be from one brand, right ?! Many smart home providers, such as Telekom, have recognized that the topic of smart home can only establish itself if the devices are compatible with each other are independent of the brand. But this does not apply to all manufacturers. I'm on the road so often, it's not worth it … The term "smart home" suggests that there is intelligent technology in a house or located in an apartment. But that is only half correct, because there are, for example, robotic lawn mowers or Irrigation systems for the garden and, in the best case, I can do all of this from my networked Steer the car off.

Well, sometimes it's very different from what you think. We're on the trail of other myths down here and otherwise, as always, subscribe to the channel don't forget and then we'll see you again next week – with the network stories..

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