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Hello and welcome! My name is Bartnitzke Johannes and I want to Show you our Loxone Showhome today and get an impression of the Experience Tour convey. First of all, I would like to give you our access solution, the Show NFC Code Touch. Here I or I can enter the house via a code use our key fob the key fob. If you ever visit get, he simply rings our intercom, where the camera image and the sound is transmitted to the tablet. Now I'll show you what it looks like inside.

Next I want them show our eat-in kitchen, the center of life for our families. Here you can experience that a Real Smart Home gives the resident up to 50,000 hand movements. Daily tasks like turning the light on and off switch off, happen automatically here, depending on the brightness. The shading regulates itself automatically based on the position of the sun, the room climate regulates itself optimally for our needs, be it the ventilation system or the heating, so that the temperature is always right. I would like to There is an intelligent operating concept to intervene in the Real Smart Home: our Loxone Touch Pure. In detail it looks like this: We liked it especially important to the fact that a real smart home is very easy for the whole Family is to use. So we have the intelligent key concept developed. The Loxone Touch Pure, with its five tactile points, offers the Operation of the lighting, the shading, up and down and the Music, louder and quieter. I can only do music with one Switch on or change or switch off again by pressing a button. A very special highlight in the Real Smart Home is the lighting the lighting can be customized to suit the needs of your family adjust, for example bright light for cooking and preparing Food, a cozy atmosphere at dinner or a very cozy one Ambience here, for example, in the living room.

The lighting can be infinitely varied from Adjust 0 to 100 percent and change the light color. So that you get exactly the perfect We recommend the recessed spotlights to generate lighting moods for your home for a pleasant basic lighting, LED strips, for an atmospheric, beautiful Light and our Pendulum Slim are perfect as a special eye-catcher. It looks similar to the lighting with the music. We have Built-in speakers installed almost invisibly in order to obtain perfect sound. The Real Smart Home is not only capable of perfect sound and perfect music play, we use the built-in speakers also for ringing the doorbell or for alarm functions, so that you always have them are perfectly informed.

In addition to functions such as alarm and The music system also offers the possibility to ring the doorbell and of course music Play back messages via "tts" – text-to-speech, that is, messages output via voice. Here in the kitchen ours Hardware developers come up with something very special and we have one The operating concept, as with the Touch Pure, is integrated here in the work surface. The whole thing is called Touch Surface and can be found under stone slabs, Mount wooden plates, glass plates or ceramics. That is the same operating concept like on the wall, only I activate this field once with a swipe and can then operate all things. Very innovative, especially when you get wet Has hands while cooking or just dirty hands. Yeah, want next I'll show you the bedroom, where you can also find all the functions in the bedroom of a real smart home again.

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The lighting adjusts itself again automatically Shading ensures a pleasant room climate, the ventilation for always fresh air. As usual in a Real Smart Home, it takes us away 50,000 hand movements per year. Here, too, we find our operating concept, Loxone Touch Pure again, with a special feature, namely when I come here Go to bed and I do a triple click The room always switches itself off, the lights go out, the music goes off goes out and the room is in night mode.

If I get up a few hours later because I'm on the I have to use the toilet or want to go to the kitchen, then I put my feet on the floor and I get a very subtle night lighting so I have to be in the No more looking for a switch at night, I won't be affected by the glaring light blinded and my partner is not woken up. The smart home wakes me up in the morning of course with all its resources, that is, the music system plays pleasant music to wake up to, the shading supports it by the fact that the slats are opened and, last but not least, the lighting also dims still gently upwards, so a perfect gentle wake-up in the Real Smart Home.

The Real Smart Home offers you all these functions. One of them is the security function and the Real Smart Home protects yours Dearest from fire, burglary, water storm and other dangers. One of these threatens Danger, the Real Smart Home reacts with flashing lights, the shading rises and thus the building becomes transparent and through the loudspeakers a loud alarm tone sounds. Yes, would you like to find out more about a Real Smart Home, visit one of our free experience tours in Austria, Germany or Switzerland.

Thanks for watching until next time! Ciao!.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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