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A modern house
with solar power panels. They make electricity from sunlight. But you see that more often. The house is a smart home. Smart means clever or clever. Home means home. A smart home is therefore
an intelligent home. A house that does many things
by itself. It controls
the lawn mower robot. It is
connected to the house via WiFi. The house
has its own weather station. It can tell the lawnmower
what weather is expected. And is it
worth mowing the lawn? If rain is forecast, that
would be nonsense. Today the sun shines. Because the robot has no eyes, it
cannot see whether clouds are approaching. The house tells him
what the weather is like. The house can tell
if Mika and Sarah are at home.

lawn mower is only allowed to mow when they are not at home. Mika is in kindergarten
and Sarah is with her mother. The house knows which of
its residents is at home.
There is a key board at the front door. It's empty at the moment. The key board has
its own contact for each key. If you unscrew the board,
you can see cables behind it. The contacts use this to report to
the house which keys are there. The information is
stored on the magnetic tag. If he hangs up his key,
the contact reports: Papa Kipfstuhl is coming home. The house plays your favorite music as a welcome
. And it turns on the
coffee maker because he likes to drink coffee. But
the monitoring function is more important. Mr. Kipfstuhl opens a window
and turns on a lamp.

If he takes away his key,
the key board reports: We have no more keys. Then the house turns off
appliances and lights. It makes an announcement: "Caution,
at least one window is still open." It says here,
the window in the kitchen is open. The window also has contacts. Mr. Kipfstuhl closes the window. Closed. I want the house to
know we're still here. So Herr Kipfstuhl hangs up
his key. Now he's showing me the technology that
controls everything. It's in the basement. All the information comes
together in building services. Also the ones from the key board. The
data can be viewed on a screen. Today is a sunny day. When the weather is nice, the
computer lets the lawn mower do the work.

The blinds are lowered
so that it does not get too warm. When it is dry,
the lawn sprinkler waters the lawn. In the basement, the information arrives
from the windows. This is how the computer knows
when a window is open. And will be notified
when it closes. The computer knows the time. Mr. Kipfstuhl can
enter the following for the vacuum robot: that it should always vacuum at 12 noon
. Then he does it too,
every day by himself. Mr. Kipfstuhl could control many things
via his app. But a house is a smart home
when it does its job. Without having to tell him. The house regulates the electricity supply. It comes from the solar system. But the sun doesn't always shine. That's why the house
doesn't turn on all the devices at the same time. The fridge is always running. The electric heating in winter
just before everyone gets home. Mr. Kipfstuhl
can set an order. First the dishwasher,
then the washing machine. Finally the dryer. The house only needs electricity
from the electricity company when there is not enough electricity coming from the roof. That's good for the environment.

Thanks for letting me take a
look. The rest of the family. I was allowed to look closely at everything. I know
you have to hang your keys on the box. That's what Mama Kipfstuhl is doing now. This time, the Smart Home plays
Mika's favorite song as a welcome. And it tells the lawn mower
to stop mowing. From now on the garden belongs to
Mika and Sarah..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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