Surface Laptop 4 review (2021, 15-inch): A bigger, better ultraportable

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How to Recognize Online Fraud?

There is a collective new term in the technological arena called social engineering. This terms entails digressing users and influencing them into believing on online scams often called malware, phishing e-mails, websites that are created to mask viruses and other links that lead to malware. These are scams that are often created to delude a user into subscribing, clicking, installing or downloading and even visiting a website that is potentially harmful for the system. However, all this can be avoided once you are familiar with what exactly hackers and scammers do to trick people.

Features of the New Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has some great new features for Galaxy lovers. Avid cell phone users can compare features to make the best decision for their next cell phone purchase.

Burger King to Join Other Retailers Accepting the Rewards Mobile Payment App

The Burger King app makes it easier for customers to pay for their meals by offering options not available before. In addition, nutritional data and location maps are also provided with the app.

Get Anti-Social With Cloak, The IOS App

Cloak is the tongue-in-cheek app for those tired of being social with the world. Available in the App Store, this app lets you use your cell phone to find out where people are that you don’t want to run into in real life.

Google Keyboard App Updated With Personalized Suggestions Based on Usage

The Google Keyboard App brings several new features to the game. Learn about the variety of options that Google Keyboard App users now have.

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