Turn a Cheap Doorbell Smart with a Wemos D1 Mini, ESPHome and Home Assistant – Project Tutorial

In this video I'm going to hack a cheap doorbell and integrate it into Home Assistant. Make sure you stick around, and if you like what you see, hit subscribe…

#140 IKEA Tradfri IOT Smart Lighting System Hack

Grüezi YouTubers. Here is the guy with the Swiss accent. With a new episode around sensors and microcontrollers. Lately, IKEA jumped on the IOT bandwagon and released a new line….

#354 Tasmota vs ESPhome: Who wins? (DIY Sensors, ESP32, Deep-Sleep, etc.)

I talk about Tasmota and ESPHome, along with Home Assistant, in many videos. Most of them focus on how to flash and integrate devices and sensors that are easily available….

#352 Raspberry Pi4 Home Automation Server (incl. Docker, OpenHAB, HASSIO, NextCloud)

the raspberry pi is grown up now to be a perfect home automation server today i show you why and how to set it up conveniently in the end you…