The best laptops for back-to-school 2021

The best laptops for back-to-school 2021

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Should I Use Optical or HDMI Cables for Sound?

A common question from a number of our customers recently has been whether to use Optical or HDMI when connecting equipment such as DVD Players, Blu-Ray players and Digital Televisions to their receivers. Most customers have their Blu-Ray players, Media Players and Consoles linked to their TV via HDMI, but it is also very common for us to see a single Optical Cable running back from the TV to the Receiver.

Why Have Computers Become Such A Big Deal?

Learn why computers have become so important in today’s world. The reasons may be different than what you think. Jobs related to computer and information technology expanding. Explore why.

Is Apple Launching the New IOS?

The market is abuzz with the news that Apple developers are working to developing the latest iOS version. It is being said that work on iOS 7 has already begun. Although it is not clear about the specific features that it might incorporate. The official announcement about this new version is still on hold, it will only be available around June 2013. Until then one can only guess and hope that this new version is what one wants because it accommodates the iOS 6 features as well as several other new features.

The Digital Future

The digital future is upon us – right now! The future is here in the present. Make sure your future doesn’t turn out to be future imperfect.

3 Easy Ways to Retrieve Deleted Pictures From Your Apple Device

You may end up accidentally deleting photographs while using the iPhone or iPad. At times you face a situation where your picture or entire albums get wiped off from your device. The only option left is to go back to iTunes for that backup hoping that you might be able to retrieve some pictures from there.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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