TOP5 Smart Home Items in AliExpress during 11.11 SALE

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Do you know that on 11th of November is the 
Chinese Black Friday and there will be a   big global shopping festival in AliExpress 
website? That means you can get some smart   sensors and items a lot cheaper than usual. 
11th of November is also known as Singles’   Day for understandable reasons. As far as 
I know this is the best time of the year   to purchase something from AliExpress 
and to make your home even smarter. In this video I will make a list of 
discounted items and I will rank them   for you so you don’t have to bother 
searching smart home items. On top,   I will not just list you some random stuff, 
but I will also try to point you to some   good tutorials that you can use immediately 
to get the max value of your purchases.

All   the links to the products that you are about 
to see can be found in the video description. One more important thing, before 
we begin. In order not to miss   the AliExpress Biggest Sale of the year, 
please, mind the exact end date and time   as everything will stop on twelve of Nov , 
11:59 PM PT so you have to act before that   deadline if you want to get the discount.
With that being said let’s start this video: The item number 5 of my TOP 5 Smart Home gadgets 
ranking during AliExpress Singles’ day is a robot   vacuum cleaner. And I’m talking about the brand 
new model from this year called Roborock S7 Pro   Ultra. Which have double the suction power of the 
previous model and it cleans everything including   itself as it have self-emptying base, auto 
water tank refiling and auto mop washer. You   can integrate the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra with 
Home Assistant using two different methods,   simple and advanced one.

I’m describing both of 
them in details in this video of mine where I’m   using the previous model the regular Roborock S7, 
but the principle and steps are exactly the same. Going to the next item of my TOP 5 Smart Home 
gadgets ranking during AliExpress Singles’ day.   The items on spot number 4 are actually two, but 
they are pretty similar and they are perfect match   for every Smart Home enthusiast out there. I’m 
talking about one of the most popular IoT Boards   that can be used as the brain of many Smart Home 
Projects. The exact models of these boards are D1   Mini ESP8266 which is the older and cheaper model 
and D1 Mini ESP32 which is little more expensive,   but more modern, more faster and with Bluetooth 
support. Both boards can be easily flashed with   a custom firmware like Tasmota or ESPHome and 
numerous smart sensors can be attached to them   so you can DIY smart Temperature & Humidity, 
Motion, Gas, PH and many more sensors for very   cheap.

Check this YouTube playlist of 
mine where I’m using these exact boards   to do exactly that – cheap and useful Smart 
Sensors that are working with Home Assistant. And as I’m often talking about Home Assistant 
it might be the case that you still don’t   know what is that animal exactly. To 
help you further here I created a free   Home Assistant webinar where I’m explaining 
the most important things about this topic.   You can register for the 
Webinar right now on my website The item number 3 from my TOP 5 Smart Home gadgets 
ranking during AliExpress Singles’ day is a big   one it is a Creality 3D printer Ender v2.


this printer you can 3D print all kind of stuff,   some of them useful and some of them totally 
useless. If you have kids, this printer will   become kind of best toy that produce new toys 
on demand. Setting up this printer is tricky,   but I have a video where you can see all 
the glitches that I faced and avoid them   beautifully. If you always wanted a 3D printer, 
now is the best time to buy one. On top,   Creality 3D printer Ender v2 is probably the best 
3D printer that you can get under $300. The price   during the AliExpress Global Shipping Festival 
should be probably the best during the whole year.

Small and cheap, but useful and durable 
the item number 2 from my TOP 5 Smart   Home gadgets ranking during AliExpress 
Singles’ day is a Xiaomi T&H Sensor.   This sensor can last around a year with one 
cheap battery. It uses a Bluetooth for a   wireless communication and can be easily added 
in Home Assistant as I’m describing here. When   you add that T&H sensor in Home Assistant you 
can make ton of automations. As example when   the temperature drops below a certain threshold 
start the heating or vice versa if it goes to the   roof and gets too hot start the AC. The Xiaomi 
T&H Sensor usually cost around 6-7 US dollars,   but now you can find it under 5 especially 
if you buy a set of 4 or 5 pieces. The item number 1 from my TOP 5 Smart Home gadgets 
ranking during AliExpress Singles’ is a smart   camera board called ESP32-CAM. This board can 
be found for around $5 and can be used to easily   DIY a wireless live streaming camera for Home 
Assistant. I’m showing every step of that process   and I share everything in this video of mine. 
Following the instructions from the video you can   make one or dozen of such cameras for yourself. 
Of course, the image quality of the camera cannot   compete the one in the latest iPhone, but 
it is decent enough for many, many purposes.

If some of the Smart Home Acronyms & words 
that I’m using are not so clear for you,   I have a cure for that in a form of one PDF 
document called the Smart Home Glossary.   Download that PDF for free from my 
website and use it whenever you need it. Thank you for watching I’m 
Kiril & I’m done speaking. Bye..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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