Ubisoft Forward announcements at E3 2021 in 12 minutes

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Apple IMac 27 Review – Best Home Computer

Find out about my personal experience with Apple’s iMac– what I now consider to be the best home computer. Trust my opinion, because I am an average user who is very critical and maintains high expectations. You will want to read more on my blog about my first iMac’s major system failures before making a purchase from B&H…

Installing Bluetooth to Your PC

Enabling Bluetooth on a Windows 7 PC will allow the connection of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, cameras and any device that is Bluetooth capable at distances up to around 50 feet, although distance will vary according to the environment you are operating in. Once connected you will be able to transfer files, music and video without being restricted by wires.

3D Printed Meat: Vegetarians and Carnivores Rejoice

Modern Meadow, an innovative bio-tech firm, is utilizing 3D printing to create artificial, edible meat. Though in its early stages, the technology has attracted praise from scientists, investors and animal-rights activists.

Securing Your Computer In 3 Simple Steps

To secure your computer, you’re going to want to do things that are simple and easy to do. Securing your computer system isn’t hard – especially if you have a “game plan” as to how you will implement security protocols on your laptop or desktop. But fear not, because I will show you a few things that you can do to protect your computer today.

What Is New in Dropbox?

Dropbox gives you the option of storing and synchronizing that is essential for many people who are keen on cloud storage options. This service has been timely updating its features but recently a major change came at its way. The update to 2.0 version has a lot more to offer. Let us find out what you get.

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