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let's continue on the list of smart 
gadgets you can add to your home in 2021   this is part two of the ultimate 
smart home upgrade series   you can watch the previous video by clicking 
on the top right corner of your screen   see the inside of your home on your smartphone no 
matter where you are with blink mini's hd video   and built-in infrared night vision with the use 
of blink's latest chip technology blink mini   lets you customize motion detection zones so you 
are only alerted to movement that matters to you blink mini lets you see and hear 
what is happening in your home   and talk back it's like being 
home even when you're not introducing mini the new indoor smart security 
camera from blink mini is mighty but tiny which   means you can place it just about anywhere 
inside your home view listen and talk hey guys   right from the blink app on your smartphone you 
can even get alerts whenever motion is detected   so whether it's an unexpected intruder or the 
friend you forgot is coming to walk your dog   you can protect what matters most day or night 
mini makes smart home security simple and the i-kettle's elegant stainless steel 1.8 l body   holds enough water for up to seven 
cups of tea or coffee at a time   the easy four spout allows you to dispense water 
and refill with the simple one touch button lid with a smarter app on ios and android you can 
control all your smarter products in and out of   the home if you're not quite ready for your cup 
of tea you can keep it warm for up to 40 minutes   perfect for when you can't help but press 
the snooze button arrive home to a boiled   kettle with the new and improved home mode using 
formula mode night feeds are no longer a chore   schedule the i-kettle to start 
heating at any time with wake-up mode   to make sure you get your day 
off to the best start possible   the i-kettle third generation also welcomes 
you home as soon as you walk in the door select   your normal time of arrival and the i-kettle 
will ask if you would like to boil the kettle   the customizable water temperature feature 
allows you to select any temperature ideal for   connoisseurs that drink an array of different hot 
drinks this feature ensures that the water doesn't   burn the tea leaves or coffee for a perfect 
cuppa every time the water level sensor tells you   exactly how much water is in your kettle directly 
on your app so you know how many cups you can make connected right out of the box august wi-fi 
smart lock requires no additional bridge   to connect to wi-fi so you get full voice and 
remote access functionality without the fuss   requires 2.4 gigahertz wi-fi network upgrade 
your existing lock easily attaches to your   existing deadbolt on the inside of your door 
so you can continue to use your existing keys alexa lock the door don't forget grandma's coming tonight oh hey siri is the door locked 
your front door is locked the wemo wi-fi smart plug lets you control your 
electronic devices right from your phone or tablet   the smart plug uses your existing home wi-fi 
network to provide wireless control of lamps   fans and more with no subscription or hub 
required simply plug the smart plug into   an electrical outlet plug a device into the 
smart plug and control wemo with the apple   home app and siri on your iphone ipad 
and apple watch say hello to wemo mini   the smart plug that makes your life truly 
comfortable mini can help you get your day started or give power to your voice turn off the kitchen 
wemo mini can also give you peace of mind you can also schedule mini to make your life 
easier and welcome you home turn on the home sincibo sky air conditioner controller turns 
your existing air conditioner into a smart ac   reducing your cooling bills by up to 40 the 
smartphone app allows you to take any remote   controlled ac unit and have it maintain a 
comfortable home temperature from anywhere sincibo sky connects with all remote-controlled 
ac units in addition to smart home devices such   as google alexa and siri for use from your phone 
or desktop apps works with window ac mini split   ductless acs or heat pumps and portable acs 
meet sensible a unique device that makes any air   conditioner smart making your life comfortable 
sensibo turns off the ac when you leave home   and saves up to 40 on energy consumption with 
the sensibo app you can easily control the ac   from anywhere assuring the right temperature 
at the right time sensible your smart ac protect your property with the full picture arlo 
video doorbell recommended by security experts   arlo doorbell camera uses a unique viewing 
angle to capture head-to-toe detail in full   hd video allowing you to make the 
distinction between friend and foe   the battery-powered wireless video doorbell 
which calls your phone directly allowing you   to respond faster and is the only smart 
doorbell with a built-in siren deterrent the things you cherish and the people you 
love are right behind this door that's why   protection starts here and arlo has you 
covered with our first video doorbell   see the important moments outside 
your door from head to toe   receive alerts when they matter so you can 
know before they knock and clearly hear   guests like you're there with a doorbell that 
calls your phone directly so you can answer   from anywhere it's built to handle 
everything that steps up to your front door   so you can protect everyone 
who matters on the other side see your life in one view and 
get things done hands-free   google home hub helps you make 
the most of moments at home   with voice match get your calendar commute 
reminders and more right on the home screen   you can even get the news make a shopping list 
and place calls to friends family and local   businesses hey google show me my calendar voice 
control compatible lights cameras tvs and more   from a single dashboard works with nest and 200 
plus smart devices from 50 plus popular brands oh is what do you think of our 
ultimate smart home upgrade list   please comment below and don't forget to like and 
subscribe to the channel stay tuned for next video so you

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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