We Toured The Most FUTURISTIC Motorhome in the World!

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– What's up everybody.
It's Enes here. This week, we're in
Wilhelmsdorf, Germany, and going to tour this
futuristic luxurious motor home built by Dembell. The interior of this
motor home is stunning. And on the back, we have
a full-sized garage, so you can take your personal car with you anywhere you travel. Now, this model starts
around 1 million euros, and the particular motor
home right behind me, with all the upgrades, goes for 1,070,000 euros,
which is around $1,250,000. And now without further
ado, let's begin our tour. (upbeat music) So we're gonna start our
tour on the exterior, walk around the entire vehicle. Then we're gonna take you guys inside.

First thing I want to mention. This motor home is built on
a Mercedes Actros chassis. You have a 12.8 liter engine V12 that gets 530 horsepower. And check this out, Mikey. This vehicle does 11 1/2 miles per gallon, even though it weighs 26 tons. – [Mikey] That's crazy. What a Hummer does? Eight or
nine miles a gallon, right? – That's right. So impressive. And it's actually 12 meters
long, four meters tall, 2 1/2 meters wide. So it's definitely a big vehicle. Now, if we go around the side, Mikey, I love the contemporary lines. It's just, the motor home
looks so modern and elegant. And we're used to seeing
a lot of motor homes that are a little bit more,
let's say, old school, but this is not the case here, and check this out. It's so elevated from the ground. Look at the passenger side
here. It's like solid. What? Like six, seven feet up there. – [Mikey] It's like
climbing a ladder to get up.

– Exactly. But another thing I want to mention. The windshield on this thing
is a little bit more shallow. It's almost like a little bit more sporty. Now that we're on this side, another detail I wanna mention, it doesn't have side
mirrors, it has side cameras. And we're gonna show
you guys how that works on the interior. Now, going this way, we have the first slide-out here that kicks out about 50 centimeters. That's your living room area. And on this side, we
have two folding chairs, custom designed for this motor home, where you can store it right here. That's your storage compartment that connects all the
way to the other side. And below here, Mikey, we
have your hydraulic pumps. And right next to that is your
split air conditioning unit for the entire motor home, super cool.

Now, right in the center, we have this lit-up staircase
that leads you to the inside. Push of a button, you can
actually close the staircase. It flushes nicely with the exterior clad. Above that you have your door that we're gonna check out in a bit. Now coming here, if you actually
look above the motor home, we have four solar panels,
each producing 320 watts. So in total you get 1,320 watts. And right here, Mikey,
you have 200 amp each, in total, 800 amp lithium batteries to store all that electricity. That way you can power all
the electronics in this car without having the need to
turn on the diesel generator. Now, Mikey, you ready? Here's another cool detail
I want to point out. When you close this panel here, there's a nice cutout for your keypad. And I cannot show you guys this code, but. (keypad beeping) – Wow.
– You can hide away your stairs, just like that. – [Mikey] That's sleek. – It is super sleek, right? There you go. Now, Mikey, two more details here. Number one, these rear tires,
they have steering as well. That way when you're turning,
the rear tires turn as well to help you with the turning radius of this long vehicle, which is super cool.

And above us, we have this motorized,
retractable awning system with LED lighting on the steel
legs, which is super unique. And above that, it's obviously
covered six meters wide, 3 1/2 meters in depth. And on top of that, you have a secondary motorized
screen here to lower down. That way, let's say, you're having your meal down below here, and you don't want to get the sun, you can actually avoid
it through the shade. – [Mikey] That's pretty cool. That thing is huge. That
really sticks out far. – Exactly. And another cool detail. I know too much about this RV now. When the wind gets up to
39 kilometers an hour, it automatically closes up since it doesn't have any supporting legs. – [Mikey] Wow. – Super unique, right?
– Yeah. – Now, speaking of
unique, this is amazing. This model has a small garage where you can park your smart
car, which is incredible.

It's also branded with
the same color theme, like the rest of the motor home. And it's amazing, the fact that you can actually
bring your own personal car wherever you travel. – [Mikey] That's always
been like my biggest problem with RVs in general. 'Cause like, usually you're
out in like national parks or something, and it's like, sometimes you want to
drive on a dirt road, but you can't take these big cars. – Or go to grocery shopping. – [Mikey] Exactly. Yeah. – And in this case, this motor home comes with
this smart car here as well. This is your garage, it's all
clad with stainless steel. You have access to some
of your panels here. And check this out, Mikey. The way you park it inside, obviously, currently, we have it on the ramp, and they have a tow hook here. And (machine buzzing) just like that, you pull the car inside and close this hydraulic door. – [Mikey] That's pretty awesome. – Amazing, right? Now, Mikey, let's wrap wrap
around and continue our tour.

I want to briefly talk
about the color palette, and kind of like the design
elements of this motor home. They went with this
nice, simple white color, and that's the signature Dembell
red and black combination right there where we
have the glass panels. Over here, we have more storage
panels and access points. In this case, this is, Mikey, right here is where you have your heating system, and access to your valves
and plumbing, and all that.

They use Uponor. Uponor is one of the best in the industry. I wanted to point that out. And if we follow this way, Mikey, we have extra storage compartments. And down below is your
408 kilowatt generator, diesel generator with a
soundproof case there. That way, when it turns on, you don't even hear it
inside of the motor home. And what's cool about
this system that they have is every time you need the generator, it turns on automatically.

So you don't have to shift the
button or turn a switch on. It's just automatically wired that way. – [Mikey] It's pretty cool.
It's an American import also. – That's right.
– Yeah. – Now, Mikey, this is the second door where it opens up to the storage unit that we showed earlier. Above that is your secondary slide-out. This one is a little bit bigger. It kicks out about 70 centimeters. And that's your kitchen right there. Now, lastly, we have
the driver's side here. Let's take a quick look. Obviously, we're gonna check
out on the inside in a bit. I mean, it's up there. – [Mikey] Yeah. It's high. It's really, really cool though. – Overall, I love the exterior design. The whole motor home looks
so contemporary and elegant. It has a young vibe to it.
You have a Mercedes chassis. You can't really go wrong with that.

And that wraps our tour on the exterior. Now, I want to open the door here. So you have eight stairs
that takes you up, Mikey, built-in handrail with LED lighting. You can see the latches,
they're heavy duty, and I'll meet you guys inside. (mellow music) And we go straight into
the living room area. (door thuds) Now, the interior of this
motor home is stunning. In fact, Dembell uses
an interior design firm that specializes in yacht design. And their eye for beautiful
finishes, wood-clad details really shows in this interior. Now the first area I want
to cover is right behind me. We have this 50 inch TV, nicely recessed into this wood-clad wall. And even the ceilings are covered with this exquisite material,
mood lighting throughout. And they also have their AC diffusers nicely tucked into these panels. That way you get a nice air distribution throughout the space. Now, I want to cover this section here. This is your living room seating area. You have a built-in seating here with mood lighting underneath. And this is your first slide-out, Mikey. You even have some upper cabinets here, of course, your built-in speakers.

It's just a cozy area for you
to sit down and watch your TV since it's on a perfect angle. Now, in front of the seating
area, we also have this table that's currently positioned
as a coffee table. And you can actually, Mikey, adjust it, turn it this way, and have
it as a dining table as well. On top of that. – [Mikey] Oh, wow.

– You can lower it and
raise it if you want. – [Mikey] A lot of interesting
features in this thing. – Correct. Now, I also forgot to mention this. We have a skylight right in the center, bringing a ton of natural
light to the space. You have built-in blackout
shades also as well. And Mikey, all the glass in
this motor home, is heated. That way when you're
heating the motor home through floor heating or
through your radiators that are on each side, even your skylights or
your windows are heated. So you have a nice, thermal envelope. – I guess they just do that so like hot air doesn't
escape out the windows, basically, right?
– Exactly. Or let's say you're
laying down on the bed, you don't have a cold
window right next to you. – [Mikey] That makes sense. – Amazing space. Now
let's continue our tour. We have these two chairs currently turned this
direction to your seating area. And obviously when you're cruising, you have turned the other way around. But more importantly, Mikey, ready? I'm gonna lower it a
tiny bit.

There you go. Normally, you would have
these chairs leaning back so you can actually lower
this queen-sized bed all the way down here. And that's your additional sleeping area. – [Mikey] That's pretty cool. So at least four people can sleep in here. – Comfortably.
– Yeah. – And this section is super cool. They have roof heating here. That way you don't compromise the comfort. Even in this space, you have some built-in reading lights, another skylight detail there, plugs, kind of everything you need.

Another cozy spot.
– Yeah. It's really nice. – And just like that, you tuck it up. Now, Mikey, let's check out the cockpit. – [Mikey] Let's do it. – All right. As we go in here, it's super spacious. And I got to say this. The cockpit of this motor
home is truly stunning. You have so much space here
and visibility is great. I'm currently sitting
in the driver's seat, and my dashboard here
with two built-in screens, it looks like I'm driving
a really nice Mercedes SUV. It doesn't feel like a motor
home. You have your GPS here. And we mentioned it on the exterior, instead of side mirrors,
you have side cameras. Obviously, your vision
is a little bit low here since we have the
slide-outs open right now.

And Mikey, look at this,
I mean, this is your gear. You have all this extra
storage, obviously. All these seats that we're
sitting on, all four seats, they are heated, cooled, and massaged. – [Mikey] And don't forget,
they're also on hydraulics. So-
– Air suspension. – [Mikey] air suspension. Yeah. So it feels like you're floating on these. – I mean, it's amazing. I'm sure it's super fun to
drive this thing around. And visibility is great. I don't know, it's like, I'm so impressed with this motor home.
– Yeah. – Now I want to take everybody back again to the living room area. And right across from the seating setup, we have the kitchen, super modern. You have glass cabinetry
throughout, glass countertops. And right here, we have the
Miele induction cooktop.

Above that you have your
tucked in kitchen vent. And here we have a nice
LED channel lighting for the entire kitchen,
upper cabinets above. And Mikey, I gotta show you this detail. Of course, these are soft close. Check this out. They have espresso cups
branded with Dembell. – [Mikey] That's pretty cool. – All their cups, dishware,
everything is actually branded. In fact, I'm gonna show more in a bit. Down below the induction cooktop, we have a Miele oven, and ready? Dishwasher drawer. – [Mikey] I feel like
that's not common to see. – You recognize the
branding? Made by Dembell. – [Mikey] We're gonna have to push Dembell to give us some souvenirs to take home. – That sounds cool. Now, Mikey, let's check out this detail. This cover plate comes
off and there you go. You have your modern sink
there with a pop-up faucet.

There you go. Nice and sleek. Let's put this cover back on. Another good detail that I
want to mention here also. They have this awning window
here that you can open up. (window creaks) Get some fresh air, right? I love those aluminum
handles, and check this out. You either have bug screen automatic or your blackouts. – [Mikey] And that's every opening window on the whole unit, right? – Exactly. Throughout the entire motor home, everything is motorized.
– Yeah. – All the curtains and everything. Now let's check out more cabinets. Down below the sink, we have
additional cabinetry here. Everything is nicely compartmentalized. And they even utilize spaces like this one to create extra storage. Now, the last part of this
kitchen is right here.

This paneled door opens up your fridge. Down below, we have the freezer. And that wraps our tour for the kitchen. We're back at the entry
now. This is your main door. And right next to that, we have an additional door opening up to a small closet space, where you have your control
for your AC, generator. And this screen right here
controls the entire motor home. You can use this for your
slide-outs, awning system, doors, exteriors. You can control anything from here. Now, following this hallway,
we have a coat closet here. And the first door on my right-hand side goes into your bathroom.

Now, like the rest of the
motor home, this bathroom here has some of those yacht
finishes with the curved walls. LED-lit mirror, chrome
details here with your faucet. Nice bowl sink. This toilet right here,
Mikey, is also heated. It's motorized. I mean,
this is incredible. You have a LED-lit mirror
here for your makeup or when you get ready.
– Mm-hmm. Heated towel racks with
this Corian stone back wall.

And even the towel has
the Dembell branding. Super cool.
– It has to. – It has to, right? Mood lighting here, the amount of details. And of course, right behind me, we have the vent on right now, is your walk-in shower with
a massive rainhead above. Even your showerhead is
actually a good size. – [Mikey] And it's not
small in there either. Go inside. – Check it out. You have chrome fixtures here.
I mean, it's a good size. And on the back, you actually
have shampoo niche here with LED lighting.
– Yeah. – I mean, they thought
about it, everything. And last part, Mikey, this door right here
opens up to your closet for your bathroom. And down below you have
a washer and dryer, which is something you gotta have. Now, at the end of this hallway, we gotta show this detail, Rimadesio mirrored, pocketing door. I said mirrored because you
can actually see yourself. It's like a nice, full-sized mirror that closes off your bedroom. Mikey, come on inside. Now, this space is just as cozy as the rest of the motor home. I love the mood lighting
that they have throughout around the bed setup.

You have two massive windows on each side, bring in natural light,
again, they're heated. And of course, you have your bug screen, automatic shades, blackouts,
everything you need. Mikey, just like the
outside, we've been seeing they have the same stainless
steel reveal detail around this window opening
that looks exquisite. Behind that, we have the
grille for the radiator, nicely hidden behind this wood
paneling throughout the room. – [Mikey] Yeah, it's really nice. And you mentioned it was,
it looked like a yacht, but it reminds me of
Bintador, a Tankoa Yacht, we put on the channel a while back. – Exactly. Same detail. – [Mikey] Italian yachts. But if you haven't seen it,
go check out that video. – Make sure to check it out.
– Yeah. – I mean, Mikey, overall great space. I love the bed setup here, so cozy. And behind the bed setup, you actually have all these doors that serves as your cabinetry
and your closet space. In fact, the one right in
the center is actually deep that goes down a little bit. So you can hang your
dresses, pants, clothes, all that good stuff. Wall sconces on each side,
we have the nightstand here.

Overall, beautiful bedroom
setup, nice and cozy. Now, so far we saw the
exterior and the interior of this motor home, and there's actually one more thing left. I think we should take it out on the road and see how it drives. – [Mikey] Let's do it. (mellow music) – So we just took this
motor home for a ride, and I gotta say, it drove so smoothly. It's incredibly quiet. And something about being really high, it just makes it really fun. Overall, you guys saw the interiors, and it drives amazing as well. (mellow music) All right, everyone,
that's it for the tour. What an amazing vehicle.

Throughout the day we saw all
the design elements, finishes, and the amenities that
this motor home offers. On top of that, seeing how smooth this
vehicle drove on the road was really impressive. It was really quiet inside. I gotta say, I'm a big fan. As always, you can find more
information about the vehicle and Dembell down in the
description of this video. So make sure to check them out. And lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, just to make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel, and
we'll see you guys next week. (mellow music).

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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